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  1. Who else is missing the gym?

    Missing it a bit, i'm missing my usual diet more though. Craving a thai red curry but just cant get the stuff for it. Also missing being able to drive to the hills near us and go for a walk without some cockwobble screaming YOU SHOULD BE IN THE HOUSE. f**k off you shower of cu**s.
  2. Day 6

    Plenty of rice here, try the foreign section they sometimes have big bags of it.
  3. If there's grass on the field play ball.....
  4. For everyone annoyed about the fact gyms are shut, watch this; Man takes 7 weeks off as a norm, funnily enough he doesn't seem to shrink to a beanpole.
  5. Coronavirus scam people knocking on your door

    Answer the door in a mankini holding a bright pink strap on. If they still burgle you they deserve it more than you do.
  6. So who else has decided to stop working?

    I'm happily still working away. Although we have a few older people who work for us that rightly have been told to stay off. Only takes me 10 mins to get to work now rather than the usual 30-ish, happy days.
  7. Its completely ruined their economy however. We'll have to get back to some kind of normal soon-ish.
  8. The good thing about the lack of testing is that the mortality rate will be substantially less than the figure you see in the news. Still however, its a killer and we do need to be cautious. I agree that these social measures are a bit over the top though.
  9. Bojo announces the lockdown

    Thousands will shut, loads will be unemployed. I wish them all the best but its inevitable. Yes, and no. They have agreed to do it, however the actual tools to do it aren't in place and there's been no guidance on when they will be ready. It could be months before employers could claim for this. Even then you might find that instead of cash in the bank its given as a form of tax relief, wouldn't surprise me in the least. Personally i wouldn't pay it, its a shame but you need to make hard choices at the moment when it comes to it.
  10. Bojo announces the lockdown

    You'll be fine driving home, the police have better things to do now than stop random cars with only 1 person in it.
  11. I can smell the corona from here........
  12. Bojo announces the lockdown

    No, i really doubt we can afford this lockdown in the long run. I think in the end we'll lose more to the coming severe austerity than we'll save by taking this step. I think we should ask the vulnerable to isolate, and have the rest continue.
  13. Shut the f**k up, no one cares about how much of a fat ill-disciplined waste of space bastard you are. You could always eat less, but you'd need brain cells in double figures to realise that. Best of luck.
  14. Say goodbye to meals like this

    I'm sure the shelves will be fine soon, theres plenty of "meat" on the shelves in my local shops. No plain chicken breasts or mince, but pork joints, packs of ribs, ham etc... Plus some milk, and finally some eggs. Its a non-issue.
  15. What size bar do I need?

    Right thought you meant any bar in general. Strengthshop bars are decent for the money. Even a cheap amazon bar will be fine for a while.