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  1. Is bulk powders decent any flavour recommendations?

    Chocolate and chocolate mint is fine, chocolate orange is a bit weak. Never buy chocolate banana from myprotien. Smells like banana bread, tastes like juicy fruit chewing gum. That was a hard 5kg to get down
  2. I wouldn't consider 400mg of test low, especially on top of 600mg of mast. I don't see any reason to take both NAC and tudca, may be a saving there dropping one of them. What ester are you using with the mast? If it's ethinate there isn't much of a need to split it over 3 days, just more pinning and chance of pip. I don't see the need to run both an AI and a SERM, personally I run 12.5mg of aromasin either every day or every 2 days on a cycle depending on how much test I'm running, but my body seems to aromatise it more than most, but this is entirely depending on how you react to it, in theory if the AI is keeping your estogen within normal levels the SERM won't have much to do. You would probably be better dropping the dose of proviron and running it the full length of the cycle, I usually use 25mg per day.
  3. Where can I buy weights?

    The Ram bar looks a great bar for general training, I thought you wanted a bar specifically for squatting though and I like to use a squat bar when I could in the gym. Thicker bar and no whip is great on the heavy sets and walking it out, knurling all along it for grip on the delts
  4. Where can I buy weights?

    Have you looked into a proper squat bar? Don't bother if your using it for anything other than squatting.
  5. Unemployment has nearly doubled since the start of this. Amazing isn't it, doubled in less than 20 weeks. It shows you how fragile the economy can be, and how crap the decision to keep fit and healthy people out of work was.
  6. Where can I buy weights?

    Definitely. The gym revolution have stock of some ATX bars due to come in about a month and are taking pre orders. I've ordered one of their competition powerlifting bars, £300 including postage isn't bad really for a quality piece that'll last.
  7. Where can I buy weights?

    True but I'm meaning new brand name bars. You could get a cheap eBay bar for pennies
  8. Where can I buy weights?

    £150 for a bar is cheap, Decent ones start at around the £250 range from what i'm seeing.
  9. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    The original Hulk;
  10. Multi gym

    £3 A kilo is pretty standard for Olympic bumpers mate so it's a good price considering the shortages.
  11. So basically the lockdown didn't magically make the virus disappear and when we decide to open more stuff up it'll still be here? People are dreaming if they think we can just hide until this goes away.
  12. Overhead Press Struggles

    Pressing overhead is by far the hardest lift to do. For the weight to travel up almost every muscle had to play a part, since it needs to transfer the load through your feet into the ground. Bench and OHP don't exactly relate. Usually someone with a higher OHP will have a strong bench, but I've found the opposite isn't usually true. Can you post how you programme it into your week?
  13. Multi gym

    What weights are you looking for? Personally i only have a pair of 25kg rented from the gym atm, the rest is all a bar and plates. But with those i can do shoulder press, flys, incline dumbell press , tricep extensions etc... and its a middle ground weight for most of them. Try and pick 1 or 2 sets you can do multiple exercises with.
  14. Will covid 19 go away

    Interesting read here; https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/society/2020/may/08/more-people-dying-at-home-during-covid-19-pandemic-uk-analysis About 8k more people have died in home than the usual, likely because of how many NHS services are reduced due to covid. Referrals and treatment for cancer is still far lower than before this, I wonder how many have it now, aren't being diagnosed, and won't be until it's too late to treat it. Disgusting really.
  15. Barbell rows

    Pendley rows are a favourite of mine. I'll normally start a back session with either those or a deadlift variation.