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  1. Too much?

    Thats only what, 4 slices of bread? About 50g of carbs before the spread? I'd be having oats or a few bagels myself, with jam or honey.
  2. Any cyclists?

    Save up for a car and stop messing about with a child's toy.
  3. Zma / fish oil ext

  4. Favourite Post Workout Meal

    Ground rice with blueberries & honey and a protein shake.
  5. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    Would it not be better the other way around? Sack loading plates on the LHS of that bar a few inches from the wall.
  6. My gift to the starving!

    Medium sized? How many do they feed each?

    Shoot her.
  8. I would never support that shower of shite.
  9. There's always money when there "needs" to be. Want to invade Iraq and Afghanistan twice to support NATO? Money. Want to build HS2 at massive expense to link only a very small part of central England. Money Want to furlough a massive portion of the population because of a chest infection doing the rounds? Here's a few billion. Want to feed some poor kids over Christmas? Not a chance in hell.
  10. Tren gyno?

    Do you have an AI on hand? If so you should start taking it immediately.
  11. Peanut butter....

    I buy the lidl own brand natural stuff. Noting but peanuts and salt.
  12. Garage Gym Power Building

    Your shifting the weight on your feet in the squat, moving it from the heel to the ball of your foot. Try to keep both firmly planted on the ground. You also seem to be breathing in your air to the chest rather than the stomach, which is causing the bar to rise on the shoulders before you start the squat, this will make the lift feel much more difficult especially as the weight gets heavier. Try to get everything tight and braced before lifting the bar from the rack, step back staying tight, then have a quick 'top up' of air before the squat. Relaxing then trying to get tight again makes the lift much more difficult than it needs to be. Looking good overall though keep it up.
  13. Weight Belt??

    A belt is used to help brace the core. I cant see it being needed since a goblet squat is done holding a dumbbell i'm sure, and most standard gyms only have them up to about 50kg if I remember right. You would have to have a very weak core to see any real benefits.
  14. Children should be fed by the state while in school. That's one hot meal per child per day they attend. Hardly breaking the bank. I'm willing to bet if they binned all this nonsense healthy eating crap and private catering companies they could it for pennies a day with some whole meals, milk & fruit. How much is wasted each year on environmental schemes, diversity training, backhand contracts etc.. feeding kids is pocket change in the world of public spending.
  15. Pure gym petition for gym to remain opened

    Hopefully people wont take this one lying down and we'll see plenty of protests and court proceedings by industries if they try it.