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  1. Anyone tried this stuff??

    Don't bother
  2. National Lockdown

    Sex sells, Fear sells, Panic sells The media are experts at getting us to see things their way, bias is nothing new to them.
  3. I've been doing facilities management for the NHS going on 23 years now, but if you think everyone is lying to you then j won't convince you otherwise.
  4. Casein protein leaves lots of froth on top?

    Beef isolate does the same, i just leave it to settle for about 10 mins before drinking.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55260338 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55581006 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-55584820 And that's just from the BBC. Working in a hospital, i can tell you that it's dead compared to what it was like before covid. There's no way people aren't having appointments cancelled.
  6. So nothing else matters except those suffering from covid? Everyone else can just suck it up and wait?
  7. You just don't get it, We need to give up our livelihoods, jobs, civil liberties and own quality of life so that some 80 year old might get another year or 2. 4.7 million on the waiting lists now, just in England. You'll be lucky to get anything by next year.
  8. Sieg Heil to that, who do we have to occupy to get one?
  9. Really missing the fu**ing gym now!!

    This is your real issue here. Try to find something else that you enjoy, plenty of hobbies out there.
  10. National Lockdown

    Covid is endemic in the UK, Its never going away. Life must go on.
  11. TRUMPS fate

    Agree with his policies or not, he's certainly broken the mould of politicians that we've seen over the years. His right wing agenda went against the narrative being pushed by the media, so of course they're going to label him as the bad guy no mater what he does, personally i think he's made some great decisions and arrsed up some others. Just like any politician really. What this election has shown however is just how divided the US is as a country, almost as if it's on the brink of widespread civil unrest, i bet the worst is yet to come.
  12. Either a matt wenning belt squat or a good morning machine.
  13. Beware of the OWLMAN !

    Imagine they tried that in the good old USA, Mr owl would be riddled like swiss cheese with the amount of 9mm in him.
  14. National Lockdown

    Herr Sturgeon has announced a change to the rules for Scotland (again), It's nice to see the comments on social media, well over half of what I see is people basically saying f**k off, a beautiful sight. It's about time we stopped hiding away and got on with life.