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  1. Best & Worst Protein Shakes Ever?

    Best - Chocolate milk flavour stuff from Musclefoods, tasted like it was from an expensive cafe and mixed very well. Worst - If any of you are old enough to remember the classic protein powders that came out, usually they came in a tin or cardboard like tube. Mixed like talcum powder and tasted of chalk.
  2. Global Warming

    I seen a documentary not that long ago on national geographic about some of the large lithium mines that operate around the world. The conditions were atrocious in some of them, not to mentioned all of the by-products used to refine the lithium from rocks into batteries. Stuff like acid baths etc.. produce a lot of waste. Not to mention that unlike petrol that burns quick and fast, lithium likes to both burn and can be explosive in the presence of water and heat. Personally I'm a fan of nuclear power, which i think is very under-invested in across the UK because people associate it with both weapons and places such as Chernobyl etc..
  3. Global Warming

    If global warming was such an issue then it's China and India that need to be stopped. The earth isnt going to implode because Joe Bloggs in the UK drives a fiat panda diesel.
  4. Orals

    What would your complete cycle be? Just an oral or with a test base? I would look into just running a test only cycle and forget about any orals imo. However at 6ft and 75kg you still have plenty of space left to gain well naturally with enough calories.