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  1. Hold up for a second mate, Training for 10 YEARS and still cant lift 200kg off the floor for one rep? I feel sorry for your clients. I know 65kg women who deadlift more than that. You have zero excuse.
  2. F##k the NHS off!!

    fu**ing t**t, What happens when you break your leg in the gym, cant work, cant afford insurance, and need an emergency op? Who pays for it? You dont have a clue about how it works over there.
  3. Injectable halo

    The actual drug itself is the same. Generally injectables are used to save some damage to the liver compared to orals.
  4. F##k the NHS off!!

    f**k right off with your crap. The NHS isn't perfect but you would be in tears paying for private healthcare, especially all this crying over a fu**ing blood test. Go private, no one's stopping you.
  5. Eddie Hall reputation obliterated

    The man's just making a living, anyone with half a clue knows that he's talking a bit of bollocks there. Undoubtabley he'll be under pressure from his sponsors to put something like this up to. I think a lot of his advice is great, his YouTube channel is getting more clickbait than genuine training now but he's basically retired and I understand, no one's going to pull heavy weight all they're life. Think about how much stuff Arnold etc.. has plugged throughout his life, no one's saying his reputation is "ruined" and he's talked some amount of bollocks through the years and continues to do so.
  6. Instead of constantly pulling singles, work up in sets of 5 reps. More volume = more strength. Singles are more for peaking your current strength prior to a comp than gaining more. From my understanding anyway.
  7. The biggest guy in the world

    If he thinks he's big he should see some of the 30-something year old single mums cutting bulking about glasgow. Now that's real mass.
  8. Sounds like a half decent pip. Rest, ibuprofen, time. It'll go away in about a week.
  9. He knows how to overdose for sure.
  10. You need to try proper hashbrowns for breakfast, proper all day meal there.
  11. You know that the protein in milk IS whey right? Well a mix of whey and casin. Protein powders are essentially separated milk that's dried and flavoured. They certainly don't digest "too fast" Actually protein from chicken etc.. is harder for the body to adsorb, but you already knew that i'm sure and were just kidding.
  12. Microwave Rice nutrition.

    The info on the packet it for the cooked product, its not like your going to dry it out before you eat it...... Dont overthink this. Have you looked into the boxes of boil in the bag quick rice? Can get 8 portions in aldi or lidl for a quid, much cheaper than the micro rice. I used to use them all the time before i bought a rice cooker.
  13. Britain's Strongest Man 2020

    It was a cracking watch, i used the livestream myself. All the best to Adam Bishop for winning, really happy for it to be him. As much as i like Luke and Tom, Adam is a bit of an underdog really and definitely isn't as well known. Hopefully that'll change after this win.
  14. Never tried it, Dbol has a short half life, hence why it's spread through the day on orals. Wouldn't want to pin every day either.