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  1. 20 hour fasting

    I am keen to run intermittent fasting but my goal is to add muscle and get leaner. Is it possible? I was trying to see if I can drink water in the other hours? Is there anything else I can drink to keep myself hydrated while eating? I prefer to train in the evening then eat big in the evening. I only had eggs in the morning and fruit/avocado with protein etc for lunch as I assumed I would loose muscle.
  2. Mental Performance

    Diet, training and sleep are all good. Physically I have no issues. Just mentally I work on a computer/desk job and am drained by the EOD mentally so I don't wanna go back and then code more for a 'future' job. Need some stimulus.
  3. Mental Performance

    I am doing short workouts at home and investing in my career but my normal job is taxing so I’m tired. Just need a bit of a buzz so I can remind myself of the interview stuff.
  4. Anyone here used nootropics on cycle? Do any work well? Im on some test and anavar and need to prepare for interviews in the coming months. Need to learn a bunch of stuff but am always exhausted after work so have no time. By the time I get to the weekend I’m wiped out so little energy to sit in front of a computer and code. Need some suggestions on what I can do for a few months to move forward in this department.
  5. Push Up Board?

    Out of stock I got this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08GLSPXNQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Will return it and buy the one you said as I found it on eBay
  6. Oats + Pea/Non Milk Protein

    Basically grounded oats + whey but trying to make the grounded oats + pea. Probably need to grind it myself and make it. I mix a scoop with eggs.
  7. Push Up Board?

    I saw this product on Amazon: Locisne Portable 14-in-1 Ultra Push Up Board Bracket Board Multifunctional Arm Abdominal Muscle Training System with Stand Fitness Training Equipment Indoor Outdoor I am doing pushups etc at home but sometimes I'm still pushing too much from my shoulders. I'm wondering if this kind of device can help improve form or if anyone has other recommendations of what I can try? Thanks in advance
  8. I really enjoy this product: Applied Nutrition Critical Oats Protein Porridge Wholegrain Oats High Protein Including ISO-XP Protein Isolate Breakfast Snack Food Supplement 3kg - 50 Servings But I'm trying to have vegan/pea protein or whey isolate only to ensure no milk intolerance. Anyone know a good alternative, or the above is ok?
  9. Vaser Liposuction For Flanks

    I can do. Also doing a DEXA scan before/after to make sure I actually progressed haha. I have been off cycle most of this year and dieting a lot and did manage to shift some fat but again my mid section is stubborn and has been for years. If he surgery can help improve my aesthetics it would really be nice and I don't see why not. Not like I plan to eat McDonalds after anyway, will stick to diet and training.
  10. Vaser Liposuction For Flanks

    I researched vaser a few years ago but flat like I should try naturally for some more time by eliminating intolerant foods and dieting down. It did help lean me out everywhere except my mid section again. Even when I have cycled previously (tren etc) my mid section / flanks /lower don't shift but the rest looks good. I showed the Doctor this also. He said its stubborn fat / genetic shape. Lifting / dieting helps to a certain point but I'm unable to shift this part.
  11. I was reading this: https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/ultra-processed-foods#Avoiding-processed-foods-is-already-something-we-know As I am baking my own bread and making my own pizza as a cheat meal all from scratch instead of buying anything. Is it still processed? Or processed would be buying it from the store? Was a bit confused by the table.
  12. Vaser Liposuction For Flanks

    I went for a few more consults, now that I have the money to comfortably spend thanks to good investments, and one Harley street surgeon explained that I have a genetically prone shape to having fat in the mid section vs upper body (hence my upper body leans out nicely especially on cycle, but mid section doesn't shift). His exact words were "genetically pre determined slightly gynoid shape". I showed him my pics while on cycle also and he says the flank and lower back fat is stubborn for me, so I'm getting it done in January. I did an intolerance test also and was bloating due to some foods which I have cut out and the bloat has gone down severely. So what remains is the shape that needs to be fixed and then I am good to go. I will keep you all posted on how it goes. I know this may be 'cheating' but I am sticking to a clean diet, cardio, and training at home while gyms are closed, so I don't feel guilty doing this given I am genuinely putting in the effort otherwise and doing what I can naturally.
  13. Sexual Euphoria

    With my hand.
  14. Depends. A lot of people in real life are already dating someone else / taken.
  15. Nice No Milk Protein

    I was just doing whey before and having the issues. When I have fruit (mixed berries) and avocado I was fine until I added the whey back. But I will try this. Many thanks!