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  1. Metabolism and Food Breakdown

    If he keeps decreasing calories won’t he just starve? 1.5k is already quite low. He said decreasing calories doesn’t decrease width linearly either. 1900 calories and 0 weight lost. 1500 calories and 1kg lost.
  2. Asking for a friend who is trying to loose weight prior to surgery. He eats high quality clean foods only (and fish/meat) around 1500 calories yet doesn’t loose much weight. He is 5’7. Age 35. He can’t exercise much because he is going through therapy and physio. He won’t take steroids but happy to take natural supplements. 1) How can he test his metaolbic rate to see if that is what is slow? If it is, what can he do to boost this? 2) Is there a way to test his ability to digest and breakdown food? 1500 calories seems low and if he can’t loose weight on that there must be something wrong with the type of food he eats?
  3. Which one is the best tasting? Can you link me?
  4. Are the greens / reds linked tasty? Have been looking for superfood drinks tbh and tried one through bulkpowder but it was puke.
  5. Stuff Fingers and Arthritis

    Is a standing desk useful?
  6. Food wise I don’t have meat. But happy to take supps if it helps.
  7. Any tips on things to take to build up a strong immune system and reduce inflammation overall? I am prone to these 2 issues causing other issues. I take multivitamins and omega 3 fish oil daily. I eat very clean in general and exercise but I think it’s not enough. I am tempted to go on HGH a small dose long term. And swim. And gym 2x a week but move from strength to more fitness type workouts. Is this a good idea? Something else is better? Greens powder helps? Willing to drink or take any supplement at this point. Health is key for me. I am vegetarian but tried beef bone broth protein powder one scoop in my shakes for a few months and noticed better hair and nails so maybe I continue this?
  8. Stuff Fingers and Arthritis

    The gloves work? It’s not severe and I don’t wake in pain or anything. But I can tell it’s but stiffer than before. Will look at the gel rest. Yeah diet wise I stick to good food and add tumeric in my food. I take 3 capsules of this daily: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Solgar-Triple-Strength-Omega-3-Softgels/dp/B000NI6WHY/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-p13n1_0?cv_ct_cx=solgar+omega+3&dchild=1&keywords=solgar+omega+3&pd_rd_i=B000NI6WHY&pd_rd_r=52c96c09-be1b-4bf2-b968-792c29d814ac&pd_rd_w=NvfDH&pd_rd_wg=FBKEa&pf_rd_p=0eadc388-625c-458b-847c-19936c4fce6e&pf_rd_r=XY7BJY62B4FWFMMSQJXV&psc=1&qid=1593211024&sprefix=solgar+omega+3&sr=1-1-e4abe256-0722-424e-a8a3-6caa9bba7df8
  9. I’m genetically prone to rheumatoid arthritis. I have a desk computer job which I love but I am getting early signs of arthritis in my fingers. It just gets slightly stiff after a long work day and I feel a bit of tightness around my neck and knee. I purchased a standing desk and mat. Also an ergonomic chair and keyboard. Anything else I can do? I am vegetarian but I brought omega 3 capsules and have this daily for years. Shall I have more? Should I lift less (ie 2/day a week weights) and pick up swimming? Not looking to be huge anyway just lean and mean lol. Im scared about this. I’m only 30.
  10. UK Contest Prep Coaches

    What are these places?
  11. UK Contest Prep Coaches

    Anyone knows anyone?
  12. UK Contest Prep Coaches

    Hmm maybe google is showing me the wrong gym? I’m calculating from Marlyebone station.
  13. UK Contest Prep Coaches

    About 15 mins.
  14. UK Contest Prep Coaches

    Yeah that’s quite far