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  1. pumped by spotify

    yeah fair enough I've gone back and tried a few options but the tracks seem to switch pretty quick...and I have dani dyer telling me to "work it"...maybe it'll work better in my headphones down the gym...
  2. pumped by spotify

    https://pumped.byspotify.com/ no I don't quite get it either...
  3. Spotify

    this is brilliant...I thought the opening post was comedy gold...until I checked the date.
  4. Curry

    rogan josh ( lamb or chicken ) make sure they use tomatoes...truly delightful.
  5. Test400

  6. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    upgrade... https://www.netflix.com/title/80240085
  7. Cineworld goes pop!

    really ? not doubting but I'm in london also and was pretty sure leicester square cinemas were like 15 quid plus at least...odeon / vue / empire ( oh no not empire because that's now cineworld which is a shame because the auditorium used to be amazing...until they split that in two a few years ago...and of course now shut it ) EDIT: just checked...and you're right !! might have to pay or visit...if I can put up with the s**t shops / two competing religious factions / dance troupes / comedy portrait artists / tourists...leicester square, eh ?? !!
  8. Stocks

    I've had a dabble with penny stocks on the AIM...most of them go bust but you might get a winner...hardly breaks the bank...
  9. Cineworld goes pop!

    All tickets 6.99 at my local Vue cinema...but yeah sod paying anything over a tenner unless you get recliners and IMAX...
  10. Stocks

    I believe there are some toilet traders... You could open a simple account on share.com and look at the AIM market... Or use an app like Trading212 and look at FOREX... Or keep it simple and ( relatively safe ) and just open an investment account with one of the major high street banks... Good luck !! ( Warning : The value of your investments can do down aswell as up. This means that you may get back less than you invest )
  11. Results from MRI (brain)

    I guess he means "now we have a proper diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy we can make better informed decisions as per the treatment and prognosis" so probably a good step.
  12. Larry says "just use two fingers"...

    guess not too many w**kers on here then... actually a good discussion on libido and PED's at the 6m mark...though nothing groundbreaking...tren / deca / prolactin etc...
  13. Magic mushrooms

    be careful...they should be small with little brown caps ( see below ) and about now is the perfect time of year and weather...look for a farmer's field preferably with a bit of a slope so it gets the rain but doesn't get soaked...start with 20 or 30 you'll be fine...very gentle introduction to psychedelics...no where near as powerful or long lasting as LSD...have fun !!
  14. First time going on anavar

    my first was anavar only ( though at 50 per day ) and it was fu**ing great...pop a pill...no need to start pinning yet...feel good...feel strong...seems like a good introduction to me...but each to their own.
  15. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    mindhunter is slow...but series 1 is good...and as @PSevens2017 says ed kemper is one sick f**k...series 2 mind you is even slower and pretty boring...I'd give it a miss.