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  1. Because for a first cycle you don't need 100mg. Anavar 50mg was my first cycle - you're going to love it.
  2. Anyone suffered mental health problems

    Money and fame lead to cocaine.
  3. Proviron solo suppression

    OK fair enough - if you'd said 5'7 at 230lb we may have found the culprit : https://www.forhims.com/blog/weight-and-ed-how-being-overweight-can-affect-your-erection
  4. Proviron solo suppression

    How tall are you if you don't mind me asking ?
  5. McGregor /cowboy fight

    I guess no-one will be making that mistake again though.
  6. That's not a cruise

    With the greatest of respect to the posters of the latter section of this thread - I think we all know we're injecting cooked up gear into our arses. But doesn't asking others for lab recommendations help with this ? If numerous other people say they use lab X and have no issues and it's g2g that's surely a good thing, right ? (As for blast vs cruise yeah choosing to use steroids and getting all big and muscle'y is a bit weird and can't on any level be considered a normal and safe thing to do agreed).
  7. McGregor /cowboy fight

    So you go in for a clinch and get a shoulder to the nose. So you go in for the clinch again and get a shoulder to the nose. So you go in for the clinch again... What a fu**ing idiot. No wonder he lost in 40 seconds.
  8. Proviron solo suppression

    Well you seem to have covered every avenue and you did come here for a reason so as a starter for ten shall we say.....high dose test plus mast ?? Don't forget the AI so you don't grow breasts.
  9. Proviron solo suppression

    OK fair enough it does sound like it's not mental but I'm far from an expert and I doubt many people are on this forum. I understand you may be here to consider is AAS will be some kind of help but I'd really recommend searching out a forum for your specific problem or getting a second opinion from another doctor. I guess you've tried something like viagra or cialis? I do wish you all the best.
  10. Proviron solo suppression

    Good question. To be blunt can you wank over porn but struggle with a woman ? Do you still have a strong erection when you wake up ? Or is it a half-hearted softie at the best of times ? There's a difference between impotence and performance anxiety.
  11. I know this is total bait but I'm in the mood for a bite so here goes... If you genuinely haven't tried anavar then go for 100mg per day and within 1 week you won't fecking believe your strength down the gym.
  13. Rohm 10mg var Possibly fake?

    Eh? I was talking about vitamin pills. Fake var / 100% vitamin pills. You can usually smell them though. I hope that clarifies it :-)
  14. I can't say any injectibles really make me feel "strong". Perhaps because I don't use big doses. But 100mg anavar _will_ make you feel strong and your weights _will_ go up - even when pressing. Why not try that.