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  1. Who is the GOAT of boxing?

    yeah tyson gave an older holmes a beating due to the younger holmes doing the same to an older ali at the end of his career...all in front of a watching retired ali. all rather unpleasant really looking back on it.
  2. Who is the GOAT of boxing?

    hmm I think you're doing lewis a disservice but I take your point...when we were kings was on again the other night...you just cannot help but admire ali on so may levels let alone the fight...foreman coming off the back of beating ken norton who at the time had just beaten ali...in fact arguably beat ali in all three fights...anyone mention him yet ?
  3. Who is the GOAT of boxing?

    I haven't see the fight card but from the highlights I saw BJS seemed to be doing a pretty good job until he ducked into an uppercut.
  4. Who is the GOAT of boxing?

    finally we agree !!
  5. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    cheers for replies / info...maybe not the best idea then...certainly don't want to risk infection in any way...so will give this a miss.
  6. Who is the GOAT of boxing?

    @Substandard I hear what you're saying...but as noted he was a mess by this stage...a shadow of his former self. However that doesn't take away from your argument so...who is the GOAT then ?
  7. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    thanks for the responses about being clean / oil residue / infection etc as this was what I was after...it just came into my head last night after pinning as I was ( obviously ) putting the needles into a works bin and thought "is there anything wrong with this barrel ?" that's all...it's not an economics question.
  8. Who is the GOAT of boxing?

    yeah looking at his record I kinda see what you mean but he was 30 by then and prior to that everyone else was running scared...look at the faces of some of them as they touched gloves...they had lost already.
  9. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    I know but that's not the question...though I do appreciate what you're saying. just tell me if it's safe or not thanks :-)
  10. Who is the GOAT of boxing?

    people liked tyson because he was an absolute aggressive I'm gonna beat the f**k out of you in the first round fighter and some people want to see that as opposed to a "pugilist specialist" because a lot of heavyweight fights can be boring as f**k...there you go that's why...people like seeing a big knock out and you knew that's what you were gonna get.
  11. is it safe ? like just a couple of times...say the same barrel mon / thu ? or is it a big no-no. thanks.
  12. your site is totally the wrong place practically on your bum cheek you need to go higher and further round almost on your hip...it will feel a lot more muscley than flabby.
  13. What is the best city to live in?

    damn yeah I need to visit munich for sure...guess it's not quite how it was during the bowie period though...which sounds completely debauched. EDIT: I mean berlin.
  14. Any ex-smokers on here?

    dude I get what you're saying but at the end of the day it's a psychedelic and could just result in a mad trippy experience with not much gained. depends on set and setting and what you go in with I guess. reminds me I did 2C-B the other day which I thought was gonna be like a pill but was _way way_ more like acid. still...kinda fun nonetheless.
  15. Who is the GOAT of boxing?

    Honest I think Lennox Lewis is underrated...he just never inspired much from the fans...but look at his record...he fought a lot of big names...and though there was a couple of losses to fighers he probably didn't take that seriously he beat them soundly in the rematches : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lennox_Lewis#Professional_boxing_record EDIT: In fact look at the Bruno fight and watch Frank show just how he could actually box...for the first half of the fight he gave a bloody good account of himself.