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  1. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    cheers something to watch whilst I'm relaxing working from home this week...
  2. quickest / cheapest bloodwork test

    1. Correct. 2. No it's been consistent at 300mg 3. Yes the test was always 300mg 4. Lack of desire and difficulty to reach climax. To put it bluntly...I'm not not in the mood. I could just be getting old...oh well.
  3. Pct

    nolva and tamoxifen are the same...with respect if you are unaware of this I would stop asking questions now and do a tad more research before embarking on any AAS related shenanigans.
  4. End of the USD!

    if I may be so bold you are effectively referring to liquidity....with BTC being fairly illiquid in comparison to the rest of the (traditional) forex market.
  5. quickest / cheapest bloodwork test

    Nah I'm (usually) good at this ratio...I don't get deca dick. And the deca has only been running for a couple of weeks...it was tren before that. I don't take an AI...only ever got issues with my nips at 600 / 600 plus dbol. Of course I could still have test / e2 issues...which is why I'm asking about getting bloods. We could discuss compounds / dosages all day long but probs won't get far. No offence.
  6. End of the USD!

    I think with the latest GPU's from AMD / NVIDIA you could probably BitCoin mine at least one every year....maybe. Actually f**k knows.
  7. Pct

    This is pharma...so NOT just some tub with tabs mixed from powder made in China...
  8. quickest / cheapest bloodwork test

    OK so maybe not medichecks....I'll have a search on the other you mention too then. Libido ? I'd say it's been a few months now...the ( perhaps co-incidental ) change has been dropping anavar altogether and running tren...I recently switched tren for deca but only a couple of weeks ago...I'm hoping that may help ? So I'm running... Test Enan 300 / Deca 400 / Mast Enan 300 EDIT: I guess one of these should do the trick... https://www.youth-revisited.co.uk/individual-test/testosterone/ https://www.youth-revisited.co.uk/hormone-test/testosterone-advanced/ https://www.youth-revisited.co.uk/hormone-test/male-hormone-profile/
  9. Pct

    honest I'd go pharma...getting real tamoxifen should _not_ be difficult...I wouldn't go UGL pills for PCT....
  10. End of the USD!

    what's BTC at now ? about 20K right ? I fu**ing well had a load of them a few years back...spent them all on The Silk Road.....f**k it.
  11. Pct

    PCT is for girls mate Bad Boys 4 Life bro !!
  12. End of the USD!

    everthing is quoted in USD...I don't see the markets changing that any time soon. I mean printed money will be dead...
  13. hey I realise people mention it all the time but from a quick search I can't seem to find the info so... what's the quickest / cheapest bloodwork test you can get ? my libido is tanked and I know the part of my brain telling me to just up the test is the bad part...I need to know what's really going on. cheers !!
  14. Anyway one tried this lab

    well london town is about to enter tier 3 although thankfully gyms will stay open but I see your point maybe wait until you're sure you can smash it.