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  1. Any of you out clapping tonight? Not me.

    a few about the capture. a few about the march to poland. not much else.
  2. Peanut butter

    it blends up better in your home made protein shake obvs
  3. hang on...if you're one of the ones whose partner doesn't know...where are you pinning ? pretending to have a big s**t are we whilst sneaking in your works kit ??
  4. Need nike airs today NOW!!!!

    Air Max 90 all day long.
  5. Can't install Windows 10. Errors

    Yep it's gonna die get a new one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.
  6. And a brain scan. How the f**k could you even consider posting this up without including a brain scan ? Just plain irresponsible...
  7. Tempted to invest in something but no idea how

    yeah f**k all that...just go old school...
  8. fair play...but give me injection over carbs any day !! carbs...fecking dark art those things.
  9. Cooper pharma and hygene gear pics

    But do they do one called anabolic ??
  10. Tempted to invest in something but no idea how

    https://www.share.com/ take a cheeky punt on the AIM: https://www.londonstockexchange.com/companies-and-advisors/aim/aim/aim.htm
  11. Would you like to do this as a job

    Those 8am starts in winter though...I'd rather deal with the office w**kers in the warm office I think ;-)
  12. sorry but you didn't answer the question about the prostate...they checked for any form of enlargement or raised PSA levels did they ? I'm not suggesting they didn't...I'm just interested in those particular issues with relation to AAS usage. thanks.
  13. Would you like to do this as a job

    Men in offices can be machiavellian point-scoring snarky cu**s aswell to be honest.
  14. LGBT Community 'Suffering' in Lockdown

    but we're not sexist anymore are we...or at least anyone born post 70s most probably isn't...because the feminist revolution took care of that, right ? but they had to shout from the rooftops to get there. same with racism...mainly due to the civil rights movement...I doubt there are many young people today who would even consider someone who is black and female as being inferior to themselves. but prior to those movements...prior to them shouting about it and marching about it...that's exactly how it was. so if a load of queer people want to have a big parade every year and kiss and hold hands and make a load of big strong heterosexual men feel all annoyed about it then I'm all for it.