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  1. Good documentaries lads?

    shall we have a side discussion on milgram and zimbardo ? everyone loves those ones... ;-)
  2. Good documentaries lads?

    a good attempt...but you can't beat the double-pun of "cloth" and "shite" from the post above.
  3. Good documentaries lads?

    I know it's been mentioned before but not in the thread yet...so Touching the Void is my recommendation... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touching_the_Void_(film)
  4. Good documentaries lads?

    Yeah I haven't actually watched it. Apologies for seeming like a sociopath. So...the attachment test ( stay with me)...mother and baby in a room...third person comes in and distracts the baby whilst the mother leaves the room...baby eventually notices and shows visible signs of distress...mother comes back in...baby full of joy. This test has been repeated on dogs...and they show similar behaviour. When this test is performed on cats...they don't give a f**k when the owner leaves or comes back. I rest my case m'lud.
  5. s**t anavar

    I can assure you if you're on 100 a day for three weeks and you don't feel a _significant_ increase in strength by now then it's bunk.
  6. s**t anavar

    I can feel var within a week at 50. Regardless...if it does take longer for you...strength gains should absolutely be noticed at that dose within a few weeks. If you choose to run at 100 you'll be hitting PB's all over the place and won't want to leave the gym...it's a great oral on cycle when you really want to be upping your poundages.
  7. Good documentaries lads?

    I hate cats...I loved it.
  8. Yeah just checked mine working too...up to 70% capacity...whatever I did a home workout anyway...
  9. Rod Hull - The Real G

    Dani Behr right at the end there...
  10. Python projects to look at?

    Come up with something simple you would like to do...then go to the tutorial...learn the syntax for the language...then just play around... https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/ The key really is being able to include modules and use their methods...most of what you do will be using libraries that others have written already and just wrapping it in code... ( The above assumes you are comfortable with the fundamentals such as variables / conditionals / logic etc ) Have fun !
  11. Aliens

    Great film...even better than Alien.
  12. Roids known for mental issues ...

    no I have never noticed this...even at 100....what dose are you running ? EDIT: if this is a concern to you...and you believe it is the var...then just lower the dose and find out.
  13. Motorbike chain and locks

    interesting...but could be a few years before we see it commercially... https://www.newscientist.com/article/2249275-material-that-cannot-be-cut-would-make-the-ultimate-bike-lock/
  14. This is like a GCSE maths question... "Fezz888 is going to start his first test E cycle for 12 weeks. He is going to start 400 mg every week. If the vial is a 10 mL bottle and it is 300 mg/ml how many bottles does Fezz888 need?"