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  1. What’s everyone training today?

    Good idea I could do these at home with body weight cheers.
  2. What’s everyone training today?

    How are you doing legs ? I've got an ez-curl olympic bar and some plates but my shoulders are so tight I can barely put the thing on my back. Tad worrying to be honest...
  3. Do I have gyno?

    OK so let me say this because no one else talks about this either on forums on the net or whatever but... I've got a bit of gyno on both sides and just thought "that's it nothing I can do about it" and they are definite lumps and they hurt a bit when you touch them. Then I went right down to sub 200 test and within a few weeks they got smaller, softer and didn't hurt to touch. To be honest they seemed totally benign and you could barely tell they were there. Then when I took the test back up ( I didn't feel great to be honest ) they got harder and a bit more painful again. So....in my experience if you lower test your gyno will get better. As with all these things YMMV.
  4. What’s everyone training today?

    Yeah I heard you like BJ's
  5. What’s everyone training today?

    You can actually do pistols ?? Don't they totally f**k your knees ?? CrossFitter.
  6. keep a horse syringe with a fat dose of test ready made up by the phone so just after dialling 999 you can stick it in your bum and you'll be fine for months. thank me later.
  7. Anyone else work is finances/banking?

    Yeah I had to draw some cash over my ATM amount the other day so went in. NatWest had a queue and distancing in place so seemed OK to me. Why not try investment as opposed to retail then you can work from home and not put up with muppets :-)
  8. olympic plates

    f**k me I would've bitten your hand off. Love a bit of old skool iron.
  9. Anyone travelled on a budget solo?

    Yeah it's like a gravel track with passing points - barely a road. But if you just want to get out in the mornings it's a much quicker route. Good shot of the pass below...
  10. olympic plates

    OK those 10kg in the bottom right - what are they going for ?? EDIT: Just seen them in stock for 50 each on fitness superstore so make me an offer...
  11. Anyone travelled on a budget solo?

    Yeah I did it on bikes. We arrived a night too and couldn't see a thing. Quite a scary ride. But yeah to walk it would take some time. There actually is a back road now to Applecross but that takes all the fun out it. You need to earn that burger at the Applecross Inn :-)
  12. Anyone travelled on a budget solo?

    Yep did it on bikes a few years ago now. Not sure I'd want to be right up the top of Scotland on me tod though. But the west coast would be stunning...Bealach na Bà...applecross etc.
  13. olympic plates

    Yeah gizza look then.
  14. olympic plates

    What type are they - the York ones ? Got any pics ?