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  1. Cruise amount

    TRT doses are arbitrary as well. Plenty of quacks willing to write prescriptions for 200-300mg test a week at least here in the U.S. Most doctors even endocrinologist are retards. They'll put anyone over 30 on TRT without making them try lifestyle/diet changes first. So the only distinction is pharma grade and its easy enough to get that in a lot of countries without a script. So cruise=trt. Lol.
  2. Anyone who cruises on less than 200 is a pussy imho.
  3. A personal anecdote isn't research. There's not 1 study showing systemic absorption of nizoral. Pretty doubtful its causing your gyno.
  4. Those who have tired

    X2. Will never touch a 19nor for this reason. I thought the whole reason for using AAS was getting more poon. Pointless if it breaks your dong.
  5. It didn't go to phase 2 trials for a reason. Either it wasn't that effective, wasn't safe or wasn't profitable. Anyone taking it is a guinea pig. How much is your hair is worth to you? I swear some of these guys don't mind dying young as long as they have a Norwood 0 in their funeral gasket.
  6. Sources? Systemic absorption of Nizoral is trivial to non existent, literally undetectable in the blood in studies with 2% ketoconazole shampoo.
  7. Dangers of cruising

    Because youre looking at 3-6 months for the HPTA axis to fully recover each time (if it even does). So running 2 cycles a year with PCT means you feel/look like s**t the other half of the year.
  8. Dangers of cruising

    ^How does ones muscularity shield you from the sides of larger doses lol? 200mg is a standard, modest cruise dose. Its a common TRT dose in the U.S actually. There's guys who can take 200mg or higher year round with zero negative effects or anything out of range in the bloods. Its entirely genetic. This forum seems to error on the side of caution which is good. But I mean there's studies out there with guys taking 600mg test a year+ and not much health effects to show for it. Considering most gear users have the other aspects of healthy life dialed in (diet, exercise,etc) having somewhat elevated test is probably a minor consideration in the grand scheme of things.
  9. Test cyp was actually developed with biweekly injections in mind. 200mg every 2 weeks is a common trt protocol. I prefer once a week injections myself but goes to show even with test e you can get away with 1x a week. The guys saying otherwise simply don't understand half lives. If you want to jab yourself everyday like a masochist at least use a short esther like prop where it sort of makes sense lol.
  10. There's a lot of broscience spergs that think that anything less than daily injections makes their levels spike and crash at the end ot the week but they never provide any bloodwork to back up their paranoia.
  11. Whats wrong with pinning cyp once a week?
  12. Not true. https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/morning-wood#takeaway Morning wood is a good indicator of healthy penile function. No coincidence that it happens less as men get older when ED issues arise.
  13. Bloods don't tell the whole story. Quacks have no idea how to deal with the effects of AAS which weren't meant for human use, and have no significant medical studies available. They're just shooting in the dark. I'd agree with OP that it's probably a receptor issue. Steroids f**k with neurotransmitters as well so who knows. Readup on "post finasteride syndrome" for another case of a drug that messes with androgens and doctors have no idea why it causes long term libido issues in a percentage of men.
  14. This seems to be a reoccurring issue around here. Can't imagine why guys want to f**k with 19ors considering. What is the point of the gainz if you can't even get a boner? On the flipside, my boners are out of control running a test only cycle. Can definitely be too much of a good thing lol.
  15. OP, Did you inject Sub-Q or IM? Should try the former for better results. Did a 4 gram tren cycle subq in the calves last time. They blew up nicely. Misses thought I got implants.