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  1. I'd reckon your best primed to bulk/blast right after a cut. Provided you cut on a sensible dose and your bloodwork, etc isn't in the shitter.
  2. Test E or cyp

    Test prop. And have the wife jab right before she straps on the dildo each night.
  3. Platinum Biotech anavar?

    Anyone tried this lab? I've got a choice between this, Euro-Med and AlphaPharma.
  4. Genetics

    Who's JP? I'd agree though. No one is not putting on slabs of muscle on 500mg test + training and caloric surplus. The genetics bragging amongst bodybuilders gets a bit obnoxious honestly, always downplaying their gear use. I think anyone taking what they're taking is going to be monstrous. Just very few people are willing to shave decades off their lives to become a bloated buffoon pouncing around in a speedo for a few bucks.
  5. Went to another pharmacy near Soi 4. They have 20 amp boxes of rotex testosterone for 1500 baht. Good deal. They also showed me a full catalog of AlphaPharma products, including primo. How do you guys rate them?
  6. My bad. UKIP was it? And what's wrong with ladyboys? Sounds like you got buggered by one after a few too many Changs. ?
  7. He's probably BNP. I got flack for talking about American TRT protocols. As if the backwards NHS ones somehow set the gold standard lol.
  8. Is there other pharma grade test that's cheaper? If you could PM me the Line for that pharmacist, I'd appreciate it.
  9. I'm a millenial. We avoid doing things in person, especially if it's quasi-illegal purchases lol.
  10. I brought some UG amps, and syringes/needles with me. Never had a problem doing this anywhere in the world. Getting the right size syringes/needles in pharmacies can be a pain. Its usually a 3ml with a pigsticker. And they're weary about selling them due to drug addicts,etc
  11. Anyone had luck getting pharma primobolan here? I heard Scherring/Bayer primo was available. Not sure if it still is.
  12. Yea I must have been hallucinating lol..its 100% test E.
  13. Don't be jelly lol
  14. It's Bayer. Thailand sourced Paki made. The directions mentioned it being a test e/p blend but perhaps they're outdated.