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  1. 1st proper cycle planning

    Thats a small fraction of trt patients in the U.S. but in any case, I didnt say it was the MOST common dose I just said it was commonly prescribed. Thats simply a fact.
  2. 1st proper cycle planning

    No need to get territorial. This is the internet bruv. Most U.S aas forums are pretty dead actually.
  3. 1st proper cycle planning

    Uh yea it is. Many many docs here will start you on 200mg a week or increase it to that if you ask and theres no negative blood markers.
  4. 1st proper cycle planning

    200mg per week is a common TRT protocol in the U.S. Seems like it quite a bit less elsewhere though. Yea - I'm not keen to pin every day. But I've heard people say a lot of good things about test prop so I'm kind of curious to test a shorter esther. The reason why I was thinking about keeping test low and using other compounds is I really dont like AIs. There's not a lot of clinical data about men using them long term and arimidex made me feel like s**t. Also I dont think I aromatize much. Forgot to mention I did a 3 week DBOL jumpstart when I started this TRT and had no estrogen sides without using an AI.
  5. 1st proper cycle planning

    Well a lot of the conventional steroid advice on the internet is plain terrible. Telling newbies to run 500mg test when they could gain just fine on 300. Using 18-20g needles instead of slin pins. Etc. DBOL is probably one of the most side effect heavy drugs out there and aesthetically is s**t. I dont know why that would be encouraged over Deca (which doesnt aromatize nearly as much and isnt hard the liver).
  6. 1st proper cycle planning

    Well I've already been running test without any issues. Masteron is a pretty well tolerated compound so if I have issue it would be the Deca. I feel like the bloodwork would show the cause and then I can adjust with caber or adex if sides show up. You're making it sound like I'm running a gram of tren or something lol. I feel like it's a pretty modest cycle that potentially could have less sides than high dose test.
  7. 1st proper cycle planning

    Why? Deca seems like a superior compound for mass and strength. And the master would negate much of the potential sides from what I've read. I'd also rather not use an AI which 500mg test would most likely require.
  8. 1st proper cycle planning

    Fair point. I could most definitely slow bulk on the 200mg test cyp per week. It feels like I'm on a very light cycle so kind of boggles my mind that doctors prescribe this dose as a TRT regimen. My strength gains on this dose have yet to stall. It just seems like if I wanted to pack on 8kg with minimal fat, I'd be better off running a blast.
  9. 1st proper cycle planning

    100kg would be the beginning of what I consider "big" at my height ( 1.87). I dont see why I shouldnt be able to gain 8kg of mostly muscle in a properly planned cycle. I put on more weight than that as a natty before and it was mainly muscle.
  10. So I've been on self prescribed trt for the last 4 months with 200mg test cyp/w. Weight hasnt changed much but physique is notably better so I supposed I recomped. All in all I feel good though I should get some bloodwork to see where everything is at. For my 1st cycle, I'd like to bulk up to 100kg. (Currently 92). I was thinking 350mg test prop(50mg/day), 200 deca, and 200 masteron e. I've got adex and caber on hand in case of sides. All the above is from pharmacom. Does that seem like a reasonable cycle?
  11. Its available OTC in VN. Not all pharmacies and they can run out of stock for months at a time. Its also only test sust which is the worst ester imho.
  12. Pharmacom 1ml amps

    Im looking at the amount once I push the air out. Sometimes a drop will come out when im doing that but doesnt explain missing .3 or .4 ml. I'll make a vid my next injection and send it to pharmacom.
  13. Pharmacom 1ml amps

    I've actually just realized some of my pharmacom test c 200 1ml vials are short on oil as well. I'm getting around .6 ml when I backload a slin pin. Ordered these straight from pharmacom so not bunk.
  14. I did this recently and I dont recommend it. Was very awkward running into the girl every workout and having a convo. I'm pretty anti social in the gym anyhow. Just like to get my workout in and leave. She ended up joining the boxing class I'm in just so she could spend more time with me lol.