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  1. Creating a home gym app

    Thank you for telling me about this, I wasn’t aware that they had this on their website but it doesn’t provide the user with a workout routine to follow, which I’ll be incorporating within my idea.
  2. Creating a home gym app

    That was my thinking. I’m all for researching exercises and spending lots of time doing it but the amount of times I found a good routine it was either for going to a commercial gym or it required equipment I didn’t have at my house. It would be a lot easier to have all you need in one place and being able to actually do the exercises
  3. Creating a home gym app

    Hello everyone, I have an idea and was wanting some feedback on the idea. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. My idea is a home gym app where you can input into the app all the equipment you have at your home gym and the app will suggest exercises you can do with the equipment you have. Whilst looking for routines for myself, I tend to find exercises or workout plans that require equipment that I don't have and this could be a possible solution. Thank you for reading and any feedback on what you think will be very useful. Let me know if you would if you would use the app and would like something like this to be part of your gym life.