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  1. Up to date source for melanotan

    Think it was on here, read it then went to check their site and it had disappeared. Just checked it again now and you're right it's up as usual. I've used them before with no issues.
  2. 5x5 is a lot of volume for strength training. What he was doing before obviously didn't work because he didn't even bench 100kg, which most average sized men following a 5x5 style program can achieve within six months.
  3. Oats....

    I just use the cheapest rolled oats at the shop. 75p a kilo is about right. I don't cook them, I just pour on hot water from the kettle and eat them ten minutes later.
  4. Eddie Hall Backflip

    Good for him to be making money while he can, no doubt he's made more in the last couple years than the his entire previous strongman career. But all this social media and YouTube crap, clickbait videos and overpriced supplements is tedious and seems like everyone is doing it now. Surely the bubble will burst soon.
  5. Benching without gloves

    How much are you benching?
  6. Starter steroid

    That's quite fat heavy, that would be quite satiating. Have you tried lowering the fat and just eating mostly fast digesting carbs like white rice with protein? I'm eating meals like 400g of skyr (45g protein) with 150g oats (90g carbs) and even though its filling, I'm hungry about an hour later due to how fast it digests.
  7. Up to date source for melanotan

    Yes, but can't mention as they also sell steroids. They're closed to new customers also, unfortunately. Only other place I used was goldenglo, but think they closed up.
  8. Slin pins seem much better

    27g and 30g both come in different lengths. The smaller the gauge the shorter the needle is just a general trend not a rule. So you can get 27g needles shorter than some 30g needles for instance. You'd be very off just specifying the length you mean.
  9. Slin pins seem much better

    Is there any truth to what someone told me that the 21g to draw, 23g to pin recommendation was based on back when oils were generally thicker - usually pharma and from amps - and now ugl oil is thin enough to use much smaller needles? Also, aren't true slin pins more like 29g to 31g, with 25g and 27g being more an inbetween?
  10. I don't think you were interpreted very well but also what you said was slightly wrong technically, but the jist of it is correct. Protein doesn't contain amino acids, it literally is amino acids. So you can't store the protein as fat whilst simultaneously pissing out all the amino acids, they're the same thing. But you are right that protein/amino acids can be used by the body to either repair/build muscle tissue, used for other tissues like hair, etc, excreted in urine, converted to glucose and burned as energy, or converted to fat and stored in adipose tissue. As least that's my understanding.
  11. Guy in the shop has no idea what he's on about, and most "prohormones" are just esoteric oral steroids.
  12. Which sites for slin pins?

    So do most compounds/labs go through a slin pin no problem then? I was under the impression most oil was too thick for that. Is there a reason such big pins are recommended for newbies, if you can just use gauges like 25, 27, 29? Seems a lot easier and less daunting for a first timer to stick a little slin pins in your shoulder compared to a 23g in the glute.
  13. Olive Oil Measurement Confusion

    Yes, this sums it up except water is actually denser than olive oil.
  14. Olive Oil Measurement Confusion

    Oil is lighter than water so 15ml of water will weigh 15mg but olive oil will be less. Surprised it's as low as 6mg though, unless you were using a random cutlery spoon instead of a proper measurement one?
  15. Microwave Rice nutrition.

    Boil in the bag rice is best of both worlds. Easy and don't need a rice cooker but just as cheap almost as normal bags of rice.