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  1. they are both normsl unflavored cottage cheese one is full fat one is fatfree jeez are you on the pipe or what mate
  2. lolol they are both 100 grams the low fat one has 11.1 grams of sugar the full fat one has 2.3 grams cmon its not rocket science is it the food industry always does that low fat = high sugar and vice versa in most cases
  3. thats what i said low fat has more sugar thats the one on the right
  4. 6 week body fat

    we’re all different always works for me especially when i am under 12 bodyfat percentages
  5. full fat cottage cheese always contain less sugar than lowfat its the same with all food because they add sugar when they remove fat to improve taste full fat cc only contains 1% sugar so its basically nothing
  6. 6 week body fat

    All of the above is very very good advise also when you stall for two or more days have a couple of cheat meals so the body kickstarts your metabolism back out of starvation mode good luck
  7. Can IF cause low BP?

    I supplement with sodium and potassium to bring it back up when i do a fast i think its the sudden drop of water potas and sod that causes it imo
  8. Mass gainer ?

    Most mass gainers (not all) are basically crap theyre full of sugar just make your own with whey or cassien protein peanut butter and a bannana or whole foods along them lines (oats carbs almonds fats ) things like that calorie dense foods buy a blender bin the weight gainer hope this helps
  9. Help with diet plan fussy eater

    list what foods you like your goals and your stats i might be able to help you
  10. cardine GW 501516

  11. cardine GW 501516

    get the liquid if you can thats the real deal the capsules can be bunk i love it its grrrrrreat
  12. Going to amsterdam in 10 days

    you can buy it in the weed shops and smoke it in the coffee shops no cigarettes in it tho they dont allow you to smoke joints made with fags just buy a pipe you cant smoke it outside either things to do hmm theres the redlight district next to the canal sukifu##i 30 euros up to 90 euros also there is the sex museum and regular arty museum but i doubt you will see any of that once you smoke the stardog lolol
  13. Total Mass Construction

    Hi good luck for the next one its been an interesting read your phisique is there or thereabouts i would now concentrate on weak points ( not that i can see many) maybe hams outer sweep quad . Overall looking awsome though keep it up
  14. You vs the family

    I had the same problem for years with the wife and kids eating awful unhealthy processed meals back when i was competing i had tunnel vision and ate clean no matter what they thought or said (selfish i know) but over the years i ate a little less clean and they now eat a little more healthy meals . I think its just a matter of give and take even when i do a summer cut i still eat anything i want once aweek and still get low bf i think it would be beneficial for them to make small changes to their meal for their wellbeing if nothing else....