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  1. Thoughts on HGH from China? Seems ridiculously cheap and people seem happy with blood work.
  2. I’ve messed up need help

    What did you expect to happen if you are not eating enough? Clearly the gear is not the problem. Don't see the logic in switching to test e either. Why not stay on prop? What a waste not to eat on your first cycle and using tren so early is a waste as well. You should fix your diet and push the calories. Might as well keep going with your current cycle since you've been on for 6 weeks already.
  3. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    Sounds like me on tren. Cocky smartass. Did letro get rid of your gyno? 4 weeks on letro. I couldn't imagine
  4. Cutting isnt easy

    Who cares about the weight when your body composition is improving? Sounds like you are burning fat and building muscle at the same time. It's totally doable on PEDs and I put on muscle during every cut. I only care about what I see in the mirror.
  5. testing testosterone w bloodwork

    It should show up fairly quickly like the roidcalculator shows. I've seen medical studies done on test e and blood concentrations are highest 8-24 hours after jabbing. Kick in time doesn't have much to do with blood concentration which is why I have really never benefitted from front loading. That said, I always see wildly different blood levels that doesn't make much sense to me. My levels are usually much lower compared to everyone else on the same dosages. I don't have that much more blood as it measures blood concentration. Some guy here said he has 170 nmol on 500mg test e while I almost have the same amount on 1.5g. Doesn't seem to be UG lab related either.
  6. High Prolactin

    The amount of times I've thought it was prolactin...it almost never was. Estrogen issues can cause loss of sensitivity, girth etc. In my case both low and high estrogen cause it. Hard to tell which one it is as well usually. Mast masks high estro symptoms extremely well. Probably high estrogen in your case. I don't see how it can be low on 500 test and dbol. I assume you don't use an AI. 12.5mg aromasin would either make me feel much better by the next morning or the opposite if its low e2. Could be bunk test too.
  7. Extreme caber sides

    I took caber yesterday and my ears have been ringing the whole day like a bomb went off. When I woke up my head was spinning like I was hungover.
  8. TRT or course of steroids first?

    He is about to run a steroid cycle and he is 50 years old. Sounds like he already suspects low test and if he doesn't have low test he surely will after running his cycle. Wouldn't you agree? It's probably the healthier approach.
  9. TRT or course of steroids first?

    When I got prescribed trt I actually used it to run a cycle at 500mg per week and it was amazing. I suggest you hop on testosterone straight away and combine with orals or run testosterone only. Then after your cycle lower the dosage for trt/cruise.
  10. Wife has a long face during sex

    She's just not attracted to you anymore. Run. It will never change once it gets to that point.
  11. Extreme caber sides

    I took 0.25 today and I don't feel like sleeping anymore. I've crashed my prolactin several times and caused weird effects such as light sensitivity and manic thoughts. Sometimes it makes me feel like crap for days. It has never lasted more than 4-5 days though.
  12. Extreme caber sides

    Should get better within a week. Sometimes it messes you up if you take it when you don't need it.
  13. Thanks. I'm on 350mg tren a and 500mg mast prop too... By the way, read the background of the photo Pure tren
  14. I sticked to same dosages for years and never really got much bigger. This time I jumped to 1.5g test (never even tried a gram before that) and broke all plateaus pretty much. Didn't even have to force feed since I got this kind of appetite on this cycle that you know you are growing and need the extra kcals (averaged about 5000 kcal daily but went to 6k often because I could not stop eating. No junk either. Oats, rice meat etc). I WISH I had pushed dosages earlier. I could've been much bigger by now. https://imgur.com/a/cWltMDp