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    Not in my view. Best thing I have ever done.
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    3.5 Months Update Hi all, it's been about three and a half months since I first started this thread asking for advice. I was in turmoil before I asked these questions, and sadly the responses on here only made it harder for me to decide if I should proceed or not. After a LOTS more research, a few sleepless nights and heart-to-hearts with my better half I decided to poceed. I am and have been taking from the beginning 125mg p/w Sustanon 250 + HCG 250iu 2 x p/w. The first week or so was a little bit of a rollercoaster, but not as bad as I had expected whatsoever. I actually delayed starting HCG for a few weeks, but after a couple of very low days, I started it. I have been steady since. So I guess the question in a few of your minds is "Well, how do you feel? Was it worth it?": I want to be very clear here; this has been the single biggest and best lifestyle change I have ever made in my life. I can concentrate again I have energy (No more seeping after work, mostly) I'm motivated I'm seeing results in the gym again I can sleep a whole night without having to pee (mostly) I'm interested in sex again! I have sexual thoughts again I get erections in the morning and during the day again I feel "connected" down there I feel more confident and walk with my head held high (literally, I used to stare at the floor) And: I have not needed an AI, just a few spots My bloods are coming back great (I'm doing my own as well as and on top of the clinics) I have not had anger/aggression issues (one thing I was worried about) I want to say that, although the many contributors on this forum clearly care and are trying to give the best advice they can; I urge you to do your own research and make up your own mind. Ask yourself honestly if this is the course of treatment you should go on. Get a doctor's advice, realize that the TRT clinics will treat symptoms not numbers, so if you go in there telling them what they want to hear, you will get a script (EDIT: That's a word of caution, not my recommendation!). Understand what you are getting into, do your research and when you are decided, go get it.
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    Quick update on latest results That free T is the lowest yet...
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    I can, but out and about atm. I know the LH was elevated by 20%
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    Thank you, I have looked at these now. A couple of things struck me. For context here are my historical test results: 2 May 2019 T:22.2 Free: 0.264 SHBG: 76.5 30 May 2019 T:15.9 Free:0.253 SHBG: 52.1 9 July 2019 T:20 Free:0.305 SHBG: 57 LH:9.5 In the referenced article it states: “Increased LH levels in men with normal T levels but symptoms of TD should be considered as having TD” and it references: http://refhub.elsevier.com/S1743-6095(17)31538-2/sref26 which states a couple of interesting points, including the above: Re. SHBG: “Others have proposed a more generous threshold of 347 pmol/L (100 pg/mL or 10.0 ng/dL) as a lower threshold for free T level based on clinical experience” Given my ridiculous SHBG numbers, low free levels and elevated LH, there is defo something going on... Any thoughts?
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    Thanks, I might do that. All the stuff arrived today and I have a chat with them on Monday (probably to explain why I did not start, at this rate...) Not at all! I’m 39. I had 4 tests, 2 medicheck style and 2 veinous. The 0.3 free above is actually the best (by a tiny amount) looking back. I lift 4/5 times a week I’m 5’11 and I weigh 81 kg. I eat clean, currently to a small deficit as I have been finding it harder and harder to stay lean. I am fairly lean atm, but not body builder lean. I’m pretty sure my first test was off the back of my GF’s suggestion. She had noticed my huge lack of libido. I’m constantly tired, never get morning wood, have little interest in sex most of the time and have completely halted any sort of progress in the gym. I feel like I’m dragging myself from A-B. “See a specialist” I mostly always eat cleanish (Apart from cheat weekends etc), but I don’t think my diet has had an effect. I don’t really drink, maybe once a month (admittedly then about 5 beers binge style...)? I drink 1 coffee in the morning but I must admit I drink a lot of Diet Coke, maybe 1ltr a day? I have not noticed an effect, but I have been supplementing heavily vit D because I was deficient, I actually just sent off another medicheck style test to see if this has helped lower my SHBG. Bottom line, don’t start just yet (or at all)? Thanks guys, appreciate all the help.
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    Thanks for your reply, Any comment on my SHBG/Free T Levels?
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    Hi, thanks for replying. Defo not a wind-up. It was the free T level we were worried about. Yes though, you are right. It’s BMH.
  9. Hi all, I have recently been prescribed Sustanon 250 125mg per week due to high SHBG leading to low free T. This was obtained via a well know hormone balancing company. I should be getting it today. I am nervous about starting and have so many questions. I hope someone can offer some good advice I have been prescribed HCG to take as well if I want to, should I? Will I get many side effects with 125mg p/w? Will I need an AI? I have a son I see once every 2 weeks. If I ever snapped or shouted at him because of side effects I would never forgive myself. Is this likely? Can I store the remaining 125mg from an ampule for next time? My prescription says to discard it, but that seems wasteful... How do I dispose of it if I cannot keep it for next time. I would be worried about throwing away an open ampule? Should I take at morning or night? Does it make any difference? Bloods: Oestradiol:83 Testosterone: 20.00 SHBG: 57 Free-Testosterone(Calculated): 0.305 Prolactin: 230 Thanks, guys & sorry for the noob questions T