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  1. What look are you aiming for.

    I'd say I've done alright, I was bullied alot as a kid, this then stemmed into teenage life and young adulthood. It wasn't till I gained success and created my own business that its these same people who once thought they were better than me now come to me asking for a favour. Sometimes I say yes sometimes I say no. What goes around eventually comes back around
  2. What look are you aiming for.

    You never tried the sweet taste of success Aka... the enemies younger sisters/girlfriends pussy A battle worth conquering in my opinion, its always good to have the last laugh
  3. Greenday

    I hope you have the time of your life...
  4. I think I have a tape worm?

    Bum thrush is not nice nor is it pretty to look at, waste of a good bumhole imo
  5. Garmin watch

    I've got the garmin 245 and its done me wonders, was 229£ when I got it
  6. What look are you aiming for.

    Thats how its end with most the men I know..
  7. Hot lady’s of the world!

    Prime Kelly brook... Big breakfast days.. nothing better than starting a day walking to primary school with young semi Nowadays probably say Kathryn Winnick.. filth
  8. What look are you aiming for.

    Between 1 and 2, potentially a 1.7 or a 1.8.. Just enough so I can beat up the people who gave me s**t when I was younger, then f**k their girlfriends and eat their bumrings
  9. Guess the film from one line

    I....? Don't understand....? Listen kid... you try having 4 dicks in ya at the same time!
  10. Seriously hench woman

    If hench women get gyno... does that mean they titties come back?
  11. Eiffel tower... ill go in the middle
  12. Theyve not got it at my work yet, you just have to scan a qr code which does a track and trace. I spent pretty much all this week eating out and didn't have to track and trace anywhere (getaway with missus in brighton for the week) some places aren't as fuckin anal about it where as some f**kers power trip over it. Seen one of my friends wasn't allowed into a pub locally without having this app downloaded, what a load of s**t, I hope we have a second lockdown so I can sit around and get paid to do f**k all and live in my garage smoking dbol spliffs and deadlifting simultaneously
  13. Magic mushrooms

    Micro-dosing and the actual science behind is interesting, certain mushrooms can help rewire broken pathways between braincells, its been proven to work, not on everyone but f**k it its worth a try if life sucks... They do the same with microdosing ketamine, which again has proven to work aswell in many cases. Its not as simple as you eat mushrooms and now you're suddenly happy, fuckin hell everyone would be on them if that was the case. I'm more interested in fly agarics, the red and white toadstool mushrooms, always see them when I go out foraging in the woods (I'm a chef so like looking out for porcini/cep/boletes) I did liberty caps back in the day but not interested in doing them again... no harm in trying them, just dont go out and try pick them yourself or you will more than likely die...
  14. Home gym pissing contest

    Thats a thing of beauty... how much for a membership?
  15. Road Warrior Animal

    I had the legion of doom toys as a nipper... spent alot of my younger days looking at big strong men in little tight pants