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  1. Do a good deed.

    I always try to do a good deed for someone everyday it costs nothing and gives you a lift,as well as the person you do the good deed for. I remember years ago giving a homeless person £20,a women saw me doing it and looked at me with disgust.I sat down with the guy for an hour or so,and learned about his life and how he ended up on the street. After sitting with him,I then went and bought him a load of food that would last him a few days.I then went on my way shopping.on the way back I passed the guy again,and I was touched by what I saw.he had been joined by a couple of other homeless people and had shared the food I gave to him with them. What a beautiful thing to do! Anyway.fast forward a few months later I was walking through the town again and was surprised to bump into the homeless guy again. He thanked me for what I'd done for him and said that by the kindness and love I'd shown towards him he had managed to clean himself up,get a job and a place to live. I have to say it brought a teat to my eye. I never saw him again after that. You never know the effects that one kind act can have on a person, yourself and the whole world. All the good you do comes back to you,maybe not in the form you give it,but it will come back to you in some form. You have to give with a loving heart though,with no thought of return.
  2. Feel like watching a movie. Help

    The wizard of oz.
  3. Anadrol strength alternative

  4. Who should die first!

    Yeah I know what you mean mate. I've got 4 of them living next door to me.shouting and screaming all day long! The parents are just as bad,if not worse.
  5. Who should die first!

    Number 2 mate.
  6. Social dilemma HELP!

    We can only hope mate! Fingers crossed !
  7. Social dilemma HELP!

    You'll have t find out where the party is, first,though! I suggest you go back to the toilets and wait for him,then when you catch him find out where the party is.when you find out where it is.go to the party and give him and his whole crew a good bumming. That'll sort them all out.
  8. Social dilemma HELP!

    I think you should go back to the same toilets and wait for him,and when you catch him give him a good bumming! That'll sort him out,and teach him not to make promises he can't keep.
  9. Advar pharma 10ml

    I've used their amps,specifically test e,deca and eq.out of their vials I've only used their test e. Both the amps and the test e vial have all been spot on. As @js77 has already pointed out, @anna1 has used their anavar and rates it highly.while @Frandeman and @js77 himself have used quite a few of their oils and orals between them which have also been gtg. Based on the quality of their AAS I have no reason to believe they their GH won't be of a similar quality. It'll be interesting to see how you get on with it @topdog Keep us informed mate.
  10. Dbol lovers...

    I get great strength and muscle gains on dbol,even at just 25mg a day.trouble is it kills my appetite,so I rarely use it now. I never had any trouble keeping my gains,once I came off dbol,the highest I've ever gone though is 40mg,and then only for 4-6 weeks.
  11. Best anavar on the market ?

    Yeah mate.I've used their test e,deca and eq and they've all been spot on also. Very decent lab imo.
  12. Best anavar on the market ?

    I haven't used the anavar,myself but i have a few mates who have used it and they say it's decent.I know @anna1 has used it also and she rates it highly. As for my self I've used a few of their oils and their dbol and winny and they've all been spot on. Hope this helps.
  13. Best anavar on the market ?

    Dragon Pharma Androchem Both of these do a very good anavar. Pharmacom,also very good.
  14. Hygetropin black tops

    It's legit mate. I've been using hygetropin for the last 8 weeks and it's very good.I was using ansomone prior to that,and I haven't noticed any difference between the two.only difference is the price,with hyge being a lot cheaper.
  15. Any decent labs making Trest/Ment?

    Yes mate.they're a decent lab. I haven't used their trest/ment,I've used a few of their other products though and they've all been spot on. They do a very decent hgh,also.