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  1. Is organon deca still being produced?

    Yes.it is still widely available but is now distributed by a new parent company merck/msd.it still retains the original organon brand name,though. You are right in your statement that there are a lot of copies about.it is widely counterfeited and for that reason most people stay away from it. If you can get the real stuff and it's guaranteed to be definitely legit,I would use it.however for most people it's too much of a risk,and so they stick with a solid,reputable ugl that has good reputation.
  2. Out of those labs I'd go with r.o.h.m,dimensions or pharmacom.
  3. Dimension one rip 200?

    I've used a lot of dimensions products and they've all been spot on.I've never had a problem with them.
  4. Galenika test E serbia

    The ones I used had blue dots and a hologram on the back of the box.I know mine are definitely legit. I got mine from a known site also. The op's look fake to me.
  5. Injectable dbol

    The hormone in the vial is suspended.when it's chemically unstable it separates from the chemicals used to suspend the hormone within its carrier oil.
  6. How to gain mass

    There's no one special drug or magic stack that will that will give you a body like that. To look like that takes years and years of dedication to all aspects of training,nutrition,supplementation as well as the mental side of things.training the mind is just as important as training the body;probably more,so. P.e.d' s are then used to assist and speed up the whole process. Drugs won't give you a body like that,or make you a champion. It takes hard work,grit,will,determination and sheer bloody mindedness.
  7. Samson pharma

    Yeah mate. I heard the same.I.e that triumph is coming back.apparently the old owner is taking back control of the reins.after he parted ways with the old triumph it went totally downhill.it's no guarantee that the new gear will be gtg,though,but hopefully going by his past reputation it should be good stuff.only time will tell. Completely agree with you mate with regards to another good lab coming back that has good feedback.it's always good to have other options.the more 1st class top labs out there;the better.it's good to have competition.it keeps everyone on their toes and raises the bar,so to speak. Less chance then of labs putting out bunk products. I'm also using nexus at the moment and i am very happy with the products and service.
  8. Samson pharma

    A good friend of mine has been using samson products for the past year and he rates them highly. Myself I just stick to the labs that have been around a while and have a good reputation as @Diesel86 has pointed out. I wouldn't hesitate to use Samson products though if my source disappeared(i trust my friend).every lab has to start from somewhere.the well known labs were unknown at one time and built their reputation up by consistently putting out good products and a good service. If you've already bought it pin it.if you haven't research some of the other labs with good feedback on here.
  9. Human growth hormone

    I was using 4-5 I.u. Mon-Fri with weekends off.I'm 47,also @Sasnak.the differences I noticed were: An increase in sense of well being Improved focus and concentration probably due to the above Improved appetite Improved sleep Increase in body composition More roundness and fullness to the muscles I agree with what @Bensif said that the differences were subtle and over the long term.once you stop using it any improvements you experienced fall away. I didn't notice any difference with my joints,and hair,skin and nails were subtle improvements at best. I've been off it for 6 months now and the only real difference' s I've noticed are I'm a bit more tired on times and a decrease in sense of well being.

    I've never used it personally,mate.a friend of mine used it about a year or so ago,and he reckons it was gtg.I don't know what it's like these days though.I don't know anybody who's currently using it,or has used it recently in the last couple of months. I don't know if that helps,mate. I think you would be better off using one of the better known labs that has been around a while and has a decent reputation. If you've already bought it though,you might as well pin it.let us know how you get on with it ,if you do.
  11. Anavar

    Nexus with Rohm a close second.
  12. T3 - do you split dose ?

    As above. Take it all at once upon rising.
  13. Anavar

    ^^^this. Also Nexus do a 20mg tab Androchem 10mg Sphinx 10mg
  14. How does this look for a first cycle?

    Clomid is far stronger than nolvadex and does the bulk of the work.nolvadex is good for estrogen rebound gyno.they both compliment each other.
  15. How does this look for a first cycle?

    I would run anastrazole 0.5mg ed,rather than aromasin.as its your first cycle you don't know how your body will react to a foreign compound and you don't want to run your e2 too low which could be the case with aromasin.if your e2 does drop too low it's easier to rectify the problem with anastrazole rather than aromasin.as its your first cycle,a lot will be trial and error on your part.if you do start getting symptoms of too high estrogen such as itchy sore nipples adjust your dose up to 1g ed of anastrazole.if it still persists you could add in some nolvadex . As for hcg use it twice per week,maybe Monday and thursday at 500I.u.stop it 3 days before you start your pct Pct should be 3 weeks after your last injection. Clomid-100/100,50/50/50/50 Nolvadex-40/20/20/20/20/20