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  1. Anyone used

    Yes. I've used a few of their orals: Anadrol Winstrol Dbol All were gtg mate.
  2. back on hgh. which lab?

    Genotropin is excellent, but highly faked and very expensive. Humatrope my personal favourite. Excellent, but again highly faked and expensive. One of my sources has stopped stocking these due to them being highly faked. Hygetropin is generally very good, but the last batch I had(a few months, ago) were very poor and I haven't used them since for this reason. Hejotropin is very good Genxtropin is also very good. A few pals of mine have also been using genatropin and atomic pharma and rate it highly, also. I'm currently using ansomone and its excellent.
  3. Who is the GOAT of boxing?

    I completely agree with you here @wylde99. The young, hungry tyson was a beast. An absolute machine that destroyed everything put in front of him. Unfortunately he didn't have a good team of advisors around him and once cus Di mateo died he totally went off the rails like you mentioned. Abusing drink, drugs, women, not eating and training properly (if at all). He then signed with Don King who just ruined him, and was only interested in making money off the back of Mike. He seems to have found peace now and is in a happy place. I'm glad of that, also,mate.
  4. Clenbuterol

    ^^^ I completely agree with this. Malay tiger clenbutetrol is rocket fuel! I wouldn't touch the rest of their product's though as @swole troll has pointed out. I've never used clenex so I can't help you out there I'm afraid. As @swole troll. And @Sasnak have pointed out though. Once you take it, you'll. Soon find out if its real or bunk.
  5. Krill Oil Recommendation

    www.Lovelifesupplements.co.uk They do a Good one mate. Superba They sell a lot of good quality supplements.i've been using their curcumin 95 for my joints-knees specifically and it's excellent.
  6. Who is the GOAT of boxing?

    Joe Louis. He held the title for 12 years and defended it 25 times. Sugar ray Leonard pound for pound one of the greatest boxers ever.
  7. Hcg test?

    Sorry mate. Yes I normally mix up all the hcg just before I use it, then squirt it into a cup and dip the test strip in. I then suck it all back up into the syringe and use what I need.,and store the rest. Just squirting a small amount onto a test strip will suffice though. 500 I. U.
  8. Hcg test?

    Mix the hcg.squirt it into a cup,then dip the test strip in.
  9. Tell me your go 2 brands for test E

    Dark ghost! I hear it's rebranded sis!
  10. AstraZeneca and blood clots

    My brothers boss had the jab and he had a massive heart attack, caused by a blood clot. He's now in hospital recovering. Hopefully he'll make a full recovery.
  11. Raising Serotonin Naturally

    As @[email protected] has pointed out 5-HTP may help. Also the following supplements have proved helpful for some people: St John's wort Tryptophan SAMe It's pretty normal to feel a bit low after finishing a cycle. You've gone from super physiological levels of T down to your natural level, maybe lower. E2, prolactin and progesterone maybe out of range, also. Have you had bloods done? Did you have bloods done before you started your cycle? Knowing where your blood levels are would be a big help.
  12. Yamamoto Query

    I got my products from www.dolphinfitness.co.uk Same price as what I normally pay.
  13. samson pharma

    A mate of mine uses them. He says they are a decent lab mate.
  14. Peptides site

    www.purepeptidesuk.com They have tb500 in stock. Top quality mate.