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  1. Another lockdown?

    Gyms and shops are still open at the moment.how long for though,I don't know. We can't leave the county,which is roughly a 10-12 mile area. We can't go to other family members' house's.we can only meet outside,and we must keep 2m apart. Our local surgery has been shut since the start of the original lockdown! All hospital appointments have been cancelled unless they're urgent We have to follow these rules for 2 weeks,and they will then re-assess the situation to see if the number of cases of covid have come down.
  2. Another lockdown?

    I'm from south Wales(r.c.t) area We went into lockdown last Thursday.
  3. Side effect

    Hi mate, It could be due to a different carrier oil then mate,if you used a different lab.
  4. Side effect

    It could possibly be a side effect from the steroids as @Endomorph84 has pointed out. Did you use the same lab with your current cycle,as you did with your previous? You would probably be better off going to your gp though to get an accurate diagnosis.
  5. Saizen Somatropin 12mg (8mg/ml)

    Yes mate.you can get slin pins from a needle exchange. Although I get mine from:www.medisupplies.co.uk
  6. Saizen Somatropin 12mg (8mg/ml)

    GenXtropin is spot on mate. I've been using it for the last 6 weeks. It's powerful stuff. @Pscarbrates it also,and he's the hgh guru on this forum.
  7. What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in

    If a virus is deadly to everyone(as the government are saying)then why are there 1,000's who have no symptoms? I know people die from the flu and covid and that's a sad fact. I just don't like the way the government are lying to the people to serve their own agenda.
  8. What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in

    You make a fair point and I agree with you.no one wants to unknowingly pass something on to someone else that could prove fatal to that person. The point I was trying to make is :IF A VIRUS IS A DEADLY ONE,THEN ITS DEADLY TO EVERYONE AND NOT JUST THE VULNERABLE. the way the government by way of the media is promoting it though saying it's deadly(implying everyone) is causing people to panic unnecessarily.couple this with forced isolation and constant bombardment day in day out with fear messages at every opportunity and you have a deadly combination. People are deteriorating fast,mentally and physically.covid isn't the biggest killer,stress is.there are thousands off different diagnoses and diseases out there.they're all the result of stress.if you put enough stress on the chain,or in this case the system,then one of the links breaks. The death won't go down as stress though,or a heart attack caused by stress.it will go down as covid.why?,due to the fact that virtually all people carry pathogens and when they test the person's blood,and it shows up as having covid in It,the cause of death will go down as covid. The majority of people will test positive for covid,and the statistics will bear this out.case in point-caerphilly in south wales.they've started testing people for it and the positive cases have sky rocketed and they are now in lockdown. The government's agenda is to keep people in fear,because they are then easier to control.
  9. Is my anavar legitimate?

    Hi mate I've heard of optimum biotech and I know a few sources who stock it.I've never used them personally though,and so I can't help you there.I know a few guys who have used some of their oils and they say they are okay.I don't know what their orals are like though. It's not a lab I would use personally,as I feel there are a lot of better labs out there,which are easy enough to source and they have a good reputation. That doesn't mean that optimum biotech are bad though.it's just that I don't know that much about them. If you've already got them you may as well use them though,and let us know how you get on with them. Good luck.
  10. Taught me more than any REPs Course

    The new encyclopedia of modern bodybuilng: the bible of bodybuilding-Arnold Schwarzenegger. The poliquin principles:Charles poliquin Blood and guts:dorian yates Never let go:a philosophy of lifting,living and learning:Dan John Keys to progress:John mccallum The purposeful primitive:Marty Gallagher High intensity training(the Mike mentzer way):Mike mentzer The wisdom of Mike mentzer:Mike mentzer Convict conditioning:Paul wade Any book by pavel tsatsouline Countless others of books.I could go,on and on.
  11. I completely agree with this.they've already destryed the economy,and have most of the people,especially the o.a.p' s fearing for their lives. It's unfortunate,but a sad fact people die.we all will one day.you can't put life on hold because of this though. They're messing with people's basic human rights,and that's totally unacceptable.
  12. What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in

    I completely agree with you mate. Definitely more local lockdown.a small part of me hopes there will be another lockdown.maybe then the sheep will finally wake up and see how they've been lied to and brain washed. Another nationwide lockdown and then we'll have people clapping on their doorsteps again! Don't they get tired of telling us the same old drivel day after day,oh I forgot they've got to keep on reinforcing it into our brains,in order to program us to act like zombies. It's such a DEADLY virus that you have to get tested to know you have it lol.
  13. Is gentech good

    Hi mate, I've never used Genentech personally but of the people I know who have used it.they tend to say it's very hit and miss.inconsistent,at best. Some say its great,others say it's useless.so make of that what you will. My advice to you would be to try and source one of the more well known labs mentioned on this forum.
  14. Soy

    Soy in small amounts is fine.you just don't want to replace your regular protein sources with it as its an inferior protein source compared to whey,eggs,meat etc.as @faipdeooiad and @OptimumPTave pointed out. The main issue with soy protein is in the manufacturing process.one of the cheaper manufacturing processes uses a solvent called hexane which isn't the best option.by consuming soy in large amounts you also consume the associated phyates, trypsin inhibitors and phytoestrogens the are contained in a lot of all in one protein powder and protein bars. Manufacturers use soy as its a cheaper protein source,which obviously increases their profit margins.soy can also help to extend the shelf life of protein bars,also.
  15. What Lab for Anavar ?

    Here are a few for you to choose from mate: Nexus Inone Southern ghost Dark ghost(when he comes back) Dimensions Dunning Pharmacom Advar Plenty of labs do decent anavar mate.