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  1. Reputable labs needed !

    Nexus Southern ghost Dark ghost Dunning Rohm Plenty of other reputable labs out there also.
  2. Your go to Carbs?

    A few alternatives are: Quinoa Couscous Cream of rice
  3. Nolva and hcg

    Using hcg during pct will hinder your recovery as it mimics lh and will therefore suppress your natural lh shutting you down even more. There isn't a one size fits all during pct and recovery,as we are all individual,but going with 20mg for 4 weeks you should be fine.
  4. What is a reputable and trusted vitamin brand?

    Orange triad by controlled labs is one of,if not the best all round multi vitamins and minerals. If you want quality omega 3 you will probably need to pay a bit extra.nordic and carlsons are 2 good ones.
  5. Keifei Pharma

    I used a few of their products about a year or so ago .prior to this I used them quite regularly. Always been an excellent lab in my experience.but as above very difficult to get hold of now.
  6. United pharmacies

    I used them about 2 months ago,and it was gtg.
  7. David paul has died

    Sorry you feel that way mate. I was just trying to pay my respects Sorry you feel that way mate. I was just trying to pay my respects.
  8. Are any sarms worth trying

    Rippedlabz is another good one.
  9. David paul has died

    Just heard the sad news that David paul,one of the original barbarian brothers has died.he died in his sleep,apparently. David and his brother Peter were stalwarts at golds gym in the 80's and 90's.insane strength in his prime.he and his brother were known for their crazy antics and workouts back in the day. David and his brother were a real inspiration to me growing up. A true legend that will be sadly missed. R.I.P. David Paul 1957-2020.
  10. What pins and size to use?

    Green 21g 1.5" for drawing Blue 23g 1.25" for injecting
  11. Are any sarms worth trying

  12. Anything to make my dick grow?

  13. Who thinks this dudes natty 😂

    As natural as Mike o'hearn.
  14. What’s your credit score guys

    No idea.never checked it.I wouldn't know how to.I've never had a loan or credit card. If I can't afford something I don't go into debt and borrow money to get it.I just wait and save up until I can afford it. Growing up as a kid in remember my parents having loans with provident,shopacheck and paying for a tv through buy as you view. The interest they had to pay back was astronomical,and they could have bought about 4 or 5 items for the price they paid for one. Anyway,needs and musts I suppose.each to their own.they couldn't realistically save up and buy things when they had 4 kids to bring up and support.
  15. Micro dosing MK-677

    Yes it does.although it affects some individuals more than others,as do the other side effects such as water retention,lethargy,appetite stimulation etc. If you decide to run it you could run metformin alongside it or a small dose of insulin.whilst monitoring your fasting blood glucose levels throughout your cycle.