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  1. Injectable Dbol thoughts?

    Yes.I used it 3-4 Times a week.I just used it to help me to break through a plateau I was experiencing in size and strength.I only used it for a month as I didn't want to be to become too reliant on it. It worked really well for me in this respect. I know some guys who take a full ml pre-workout,but I just feel that's overkill,personally.½ml was enough for me. Each to their own though.
  2. Injectable Dbol thoughts?

    Nexus dbol is awesome.0.5ml pre-workout.amazing pumps,great focus.all adds up to a great workout. Much better than the orals which just makes me feel like crap and kills my appetite. I rate it highly.
  3. 22 Y/o Steroid Advice help please

    Best advice I can give you is: Don't take steroids! Get a good solid training and nutrition plan,and get a good,solid 8 hours sleep every night. Get all these on point,and dedicate yourself to your plan in the best way you can with regards to your lifestyle.you don't need steroids to achieve what you want.
  4. Modafinil Shortage?

    Unitedpharmaciesuk have it in stock.
  5. Good yk11 source with third party testing

    Sarms4you.com is third party tested and they stock it. Predator nutrition.com also stock it,but I don't know if it's Third party tested. Hope this helps.
  6. Advar Pharma oils

    Mine were amps,mate.there were no scratch codes on mine,either and they were fine.
  7. Nexus Tbol

    I've used a few of their products,and spoken to other people who have used some of the products that I haven't used,as well as researching the forums.so when I said all their other products it was just a figure of speech.although I doubt it,that any of their products are bunk,or not what they say they are.
  8. BPC 157 for tendon injury

    Of the people I've spoken with,some say it's helpful,others say it didn't do anything for them. Some use it together with tb 500,as part of their recovery program.just trial and error,mate. Pure peptides or uk peptides are people's usual go too' s. Have you seen a physio about your tendon problem?
  9. Anabolic Steroids for beginner!

    So,you're 36 and out of shape. I take it you mean sustaton and deca(3ml),each per week.as the advice you've been given. It's terrible advice for a first cycle. How long have you been training?,have you actually trained before?you don't mention it in your post. How about your diet,what's it like? Are you in good health generally?,even if you are out of shape. I applaud you for wanting to turn your life around,but taking steroids won't help you to achieve that.even if you trained naturally and got into great shape it still wouldn't turn your life around.it would help,but unless you address the deeper issues that need addressing,the turn around wouldn't last long. I suggest you get yourself sorted out from a mental perspective first,as you sound confused and unsure about things. Do some research on training,diet,supplements etc.,and leave the steroids alone for now.get a few years of solid training and eating under your belt before you even consider using steroids. I wish you luck,whatever your decision.I hope you turn your life around. Good luck.
  10. meldonium labs?

    Southern ghost have it in stock 250mg x30 capsules.
  11. Insulin syringe for AAS

    Traps,delts,triceps,biceps,lats,chest,quads. You can use a slin pin for most muscle groups,really as long as you're not carrying too much bodyfat.
  12. dimensions deca

    I've used their test e,deca,eq and anavar and winstrol.they've all been spot on.dimensions are an excellent lab. Never had any problems with any of their gear.
  13. New british dragon

    ^^^this. All but one of the original british Dragon guys are dead.so this definitely is not British Dragon. I used the original bd years ago,and it was very good.this new lab though is very hit and miss,going by the guys I've spoken too. Lots of better labs out there with a decent rep,mate.
  14. Norditropin simplex

    Every mg is 3I.u.,so 15mg gives you 45I.u.