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  1. My journey to 5% body fat

    It’s a shame that this place is not moderated for s**t. Someone inexperienced wanting to learn gets bullied by the usual pisstakers, and nobody gives a s**t. I chose to join this forum because an old friend used to posts here years ago(he’s not around anymore). That was a mistake. Ive been doing businesss, studying, and communicating on forums for as long as I can remember myself, and this one is the shittiest I’ve ever been apart of. f**k this website.
  2. My journey to 5% body fat

    Actually I may take a break a then see. Don't think it's fair for a productive member of community not being able to participate because of some bullies. A knock on the door is all would it take I'm sure.
  3. My journey to 5% body fat

    Thank you, Sasnak. But I've decided against pct long ago, I'm doing trt already.
  4. My journey to 5% body fat

    I've taken some meds and am resisting the urge to eat, so half-awake accidentally opened this page again. Thought I'd entertain replaying, but it's just not worth it. I see blind hate, it's pathetic. Is it because I drive a nice car? Build a physique in six month from scratch most of you will never have? Because I'm a foreigner? Most comments are just not worth considering. Like that whatever his nickname is calling me a knobhead. I'm a trained physicist. I would bet cash money that you are less. What can you possibly imbeciles can know about my diet? And please tell us what are those magic compounds that if injected will make a man look like me now? Seriously, I'm highly sedated and this is the only reason I'm typing this. Arguing with idiots is never good. Actual bodybuilders here do have an idea of what it took me to transform myself like that in six months. Those guys won't talk s**t. I'm meeting several world-famous bodybuilding champions this week too, can't wait to hear what they say.... What the f**k am I doing wasting time with some anon nobodys again? Too much hunger and insomnia... Rest assured it's the last time. PS. How about we meet? Would love to have a face to face discussion with one of the shittalkers. Maybe in the mma ring? Especially that degenerate that was following ne from thread to thread some numbers 7 or 9 in his nickname? Please get in touch I'd like nothing better than to meet sex you miserable c**t. Over and out. f**k this s**t forum with it;s low-life english scum.
  5. My journey to 5% body fat

    three, two, one... counting down til some imbecile tells me I know nothing and must stop everything and worse. Don't give a s**t, I'm off this place. Just wanted to say thank you to the few guys who have helped me with good advice here - swole troll and sasnak especially. There are better bodybuilding communities that don't attract as many low-life pricks as ukm. kthxbye.
  6. My journey to 5% body fat

    Six months transformation. Then: Now:
  7. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    Easier to call me stupid than to actually answer my questions, isn't it? You wouldn't last one day in academia with such attitude, but you must feel very important attacking inexperienced people on a meathead forum. Let me guess: dead-end back-breaking job, council apartment, fat English c**t for a wife, couple kids you know will never go to oxford, is that it? f**k you and your mother.
  8. Finally an actually useful, somewhat informative comment from you. Thanks. Here we go again lol. I am not even on 1000 mg of test anymore, I lowered the dose over a month ago.
  9. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    Cardiovascular activity is an activity that increases heart rate so that the heart muscle gets trained. Following this logic wouldn't getting coked up be considered cardio and actually be good for you? I must be missing something here...
  10. I've been spending a lot of time on the road lately. Got a fridge in the car but no microwave and cold food only take me so far. What would you do to keep eating healthy? I wish KFC didn't have that much fat in it, I could eat KFC all day every day :/
  11. My journey to 5% body fat

    I stopped doing deficit ~2 months ago.
  12. There is a technique that Bostin Loyd and some other heavy aas users used to get their wives pregnant. It involves injecting a lot of hcg if I remember right.
  13. Getting myself to inject

    I spent hours staring at the syringe before I finally injected for the first time. You'll get there, don't worry
  14. That only applies to tren acetate though, right? I’ve had blood more than once when injecting tren enanthate and nothing happened.
  15. I did google and searched ukm as well. Only could find info about the coughing fits during injection. Hence this thread... I’m considering driving myself to the ER again :/