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  1. I used to eat 3-4 times per week on average

    Great comeback, comrade. Sometimes it’s best to just shut the f**k up, honestly.
  2. I used to eat 3-4 times per week on average

    Who said anything about liking nazis? Was only talking about their hair. They were stylish people, can’t deny that. The undercut haircut they were sporting is very popular and has got lots of variations. Work on your comprehension skills, you moron. Btw, no apostrophe in nazis. Its just a plural of nazi, not possessive. You know you’re a dumb c**t when a foreigner teaches you English.
  3. I assume it’s not the Golds Gym Venice or Ronnies Metroflex that you train at. Can you name some of the gyms you’ve trained at so I could visit. I’d rather be small amongst giants than huge amongst regular people. Shut the f**k up, Danny.
  4. That was during the lockdown. I was on a gram of tren, test, mast and popping valiums like m&ms hoping it’d help me sleep. Then I lost the plot for a bit and decided to see how far I can take it with tren since I was self-isolating and didn’t have to worry about attacking colleagues at work or being sweaty in public etc, so I injected 2 extra grams all at once. I repeat, I was not clear minded at the time of injecting that much gear. Even I’m not that stupid. I discontinued benzos since then. The gear is real, I’m on 300mg of same tren now and getting night sweats.
  5. dnp plus tren plus ketogenic diet

    I’m just going to stick with what I know and up the tren plus clen, thanks
  6. Anyone done this? I’ve got dnp laying in my drawer since 6 months ago and that is one thing I’ve been hesitant to mess with. I can suffer, that’s fine. I’d really hate to die though. How dangerous is this stack if done correctly? I heard it’s safer than it sounds as long as you eat no carbs and stay hydrated. Is it even worth doing for someone who’s already relatively lean? Abdominals visible when not flexed and hairy: PS. You really shouldn’t take the piss out of me on this one, comrades. Who’d make England fit again if I cook my insides with dnp? The nation needs me, you see.
  7. I’m done, actually. I don’t have bigorexia or aspirations to compete. I just wanted to look awesome and now I do. Yeah, I know, everyone here disagrees, that’s okay. On steroid.com I was told that I look better than 99.9% of the population which sounds about right. Since Americans are even fatter than the English on average, let’s say I look better than... 99.5% of the UK population? And that’s being extremely generous to the population. 1 in 200 is still good. Starting November I’ll just be injecting 250mg of testosterone per week hoping to maintain my physique as much as possible.
  8. I used to eat 3-4 times per week on average

    My tan pisses you off, seriously? Ever since I started injecting M2 I discovered how much a good tan affects the way a person looks. My eyes look bluer, teeth look whiter, muscles more defined. There are reasons everyone is tanned as f**k on that Olympia stage. Pale people look much less attractive. My hair has been getting quite a few compliments lately and I think it’s nice, I was going for a Nazi haircut. I’d guess this is a case of you hating my cool hair because you’ve got none. Why else anyone would hate the Nazi haircut, they were stylish people.
  9. I knew that would come up. I was heavily sedated and remember nothing. I’m not reading any of that s**t either, I’ve got enough memories I’d rather not have...
  10. Any personal trainers here?

    I was never into them, they just used to sell well. They’re also all crackers too, very hard to deal with. Them I don’t miss at all.
  11. Any personal trainers here?

    Great replies as usual btw, dickheads. I sure will update this thread once I prove you all wrong.
  12. Any personal trainers here?

    Transsexual porn, actually. Thai ladyboys mostly. But that’s not the point.
  13. Any personal trainers here?

    Not anymore unfortunately...
  14. Pullovers

    Arnold started that I believe, he certainly did claim that pullovers expand ribcage in his encyclopaedia. That is bro science.
  15. Any personal trainers here?

    I’ve been getting asked by people to train them in exchange for money lately(okay, 1 person asked me but he’s well connected I’m sure he’d refer more people if I helped him become less fat). Also I get asked questions on social media from past acquaintances and more often than not I know the answer and I enjoy explaining things. Bodybuilding has been my life 24/7 pretty much for the past year after all. So I thought the idea of me teaching people how to get fit and eat healthy for a living sounds so absurd I just have to do it. And so I got the certificates and moving to a bigger town this week to make a start. I shall endeavour to become the Pavel Tsatsouline of England - me and him have similar origins, same Russian accent, and an obsession with fitness. I’ll specialise in muscle hypertrophy instead of strength though. I believe I have a good shot at this. Not sure if I’ll become a famous figure in the fitness industry like Pavel but I sure am going to make a living out of this. Physique wise I blow all other personal trainers that I see in gyms out of the water. Few are bigger but they’re not nearly as shredded as I am so they appear smaller. Obviously knowledge and experience are more important than the looks, but the way I see it: if I was going to get a personal trainer, what would make me choose some geeky dude with a funny accent over all other trainers with better people skills and credentials? He’d have to be the largest most shredded mother fucker around, and I’m capable of being that. All else will come with practice. And since I sold porn on the Internet full time for over 10 years of my life I’ve got the skills to build a good presence online. What do you think? I enquired about this on reddit back when I was in contemplating stage and got positive and encouraging replies. I don’t expect as much positivity from ukm, but in case someone with experience cares to give me advice I’m all ears. Thanks! PS. I will not consider suggestions to not do it or to f**k off all the way back to Russia or any of the sort. I am fully committed to making England fit again!