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  1. Funny as fu##

    Nasty way to go....
  2. Impatient wiping

    Sometimes it's like wiping a marker pen, just doesn't stop.
  3. Bath or shower?

    Excellent post rugby recovery bath that. Mainly a shower guy though, feel guilty for over indulging in a bath for too long.
  4. Need a new series to watch

    Rate the "Santa Clarita Diet" atm, very amusing.
  5. I'd say Luton as well, place fills me with dread.
  6. The Lost Boys - F*** just realised

    If it's any consolation I only realised the lost boys in Peter Pan were called that because they'll never grow up 4 years ago.
  7. Hi guys, I am currently recruiting participants for some research I am conducting as part of my PhD at the University of Birmingham. I am investigating factors influencing training and anabolic steroid use with strength-training communities, including COVID-19. This research is part of the work of our research group looking to arrange educational workshops for – and inform the practice of – harm reduction services. We held a harm reduction workshop last summer and got some great feedback, so hoping to make this a regular event with up-to-date information from our current research. This anonymous study involves completing two daily surveys across a 12-day period on three separate occasions using an anonymous smartphone application. If you are male, have used anabolic steroids during the last 12 months, at least 18 years old, and would like to participate, please contact me directly either via my email address or DM me so I can provide you with some more information about the study and identify convenient times for you to complete each survey. By completing this study with a response rate over 80% you will be entered into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher. My email address for those that wish to contact me directly for more information about the study is: [email protected] Cheers.
  8. Thank you to everyone who kindly took part in this study. If anyone wishes to take a look please find the link and PDF to the study. Frontiers | The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Male Strength Athletes Who Use Non-prescribed Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids | Psychiatry (frontiersin.org) If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact me. Zoob Carter et al., 2021 - The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Male Strength Athletes Who Use Non-prescribed Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids.pdf
  9. Census

    Literally just done mine. Most pointless exercise I've ever had to do. Half the stats they'll pump out of it will be inaccurate... waste of time.
  10. Shin splints pain while running

    Try rolling your calves out on a foam roller or hockey ball. There are a number of different causes of shin splints but more often than not it can be due to tight myofascia on your shins due to tight claves/surrounding muscle tissue. If you can brave it, targeting the direct area with your thumbs and tiger balm works for me. Stretching and compression leggings also seem to work too. If it persist in a few weeks stop running as it'll only get worse. Also anti-inflammatories like ibrupophen can help.
  11. Music as we old f**ks new it

    Just blows my mind seeing clips of him on YouTube playing or hearing him on Spotify. Man is just so talented.
  12. Music as we old f**ks new it

    Hendrix and Vaughan were insane musicians. Have you heard of Jeff Healey? The dude may be blind but he can shred up a guitar good and proper.
  13. Egypt - Pyramids etc

    Hahaha that's class, good effort. Like that a lot
  14. Egypt - Pyramids etc

    Would love to go to visit them and the temple in Petra, think they used it in India Jones and the Last Crusade? The myths surrounding the pyramids is mad. Not massively into conspiracy theories, but do you guys have any about the great pyramids?
  15. Love making bread, been doing it for a year now rather than buying from the supermarket. That oven looks class, wouldn't mind one day having a pizza oven in my garden.
  16. Need a new series to watch

    Awesome, thanks man
  17. Need a new series to watch

    I'll have a crack over the weekend. Was blown away by the first episode. Alfred is a bad ass.
  18. Need a new series to watch

    Would you say it's worth signing up to that other site?
  19. Need a new series to watch

    Felt the same about DareDevil too. Started the Pennyworth series on Prime but after episode 1 you need to pay and subscribe to another server to watch the rest of the series. Shame, it looked pretty good.
  20. Need a new series to watch

    It's a shame that the TV series adaptations of Marvel seem to be a lot of slow talking scenes.
  21. Working from home

    Having to work from home for over a year now as my office was turned into a Zoom conference room. Initially it was a challenge to stay focused on work, now with a decent routine it really isn't that bad. Although I do miss grabbing a coffee with mates at lunch time.
  22. Not much bend in that bar either... Brad Castleberry is that you?
  23. Dementia

    It would be incredible to see something like that happen. It is heart-breaking to see someone you care about and have known for such a long time to regress into an empty shell.
  24. Dementia

    Unfortunately no. I asked this question while doing a MSc in Neuroscience as my Grandmother had vascular dementia at the time (passed away 5 years back) and the professor explained there would be no interest in doing it, despite out current understandings within neuroscience and the money that could be invested into it by pharmaceutical companies, as it wouldn't bring in as greater economical return compared to a drug repeatedly used by a larger demographic. One of the sad truths about modern day medicine/science. Good movie though.
  25. How do I tell an electrician to go away

    Sounds like going full Bronson was a bad idea