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  1. Steak steak steak

    Iceland for the win, treated myself to one of their £5 steaks after moving house... 94g of protein and tasted alright. Was a biatch coming out the other end though haha
  2. Best chat up lines you ever used!

    Was once asked how many Lego bricks I could fit up my ass..... Got the convo started. Well played lass, Well played.
  3. Any decent autobiographies to read?

    No, not yet. I've wacked it into my notes so will have a look for it this evening when home from work. Cheers man
  4. Any decent autobiographies to read?

    Think you'll like it man, he has written quite a few, but that's one of his better ones. Pretty sure he's run 7 marathons in 7 days 2 weeks after having open heart surgery?!
  5. Ronnie Coleman

    It's really sad to see him in pain like he is, "The King" docco was a good one but to see him hobble about like that isn't nice. Really felt for him when he started peddling fat burning creams, was like "Ronnie noooooooo". But yeah like a few of you have said, he must really love to train to push through all his pain to get some sets in. Still a legend.
  6. Yeah seen a fair bit on there too. Very tempted to start buying more kit.... seeing as we are heading towards another lockdown
  7. Any decent autobiographies to read?

    I have two that I've re-read loads and would really recommend. Mad bad and dangerous to know - Sir Ranalph Finnes (the explorer) - dude cut off his own fingers with a saw because they had frostbite. On the move - Oliver Sacks - Really cool neuroscientist/powerlifter/bodybuilder/all round genius
  8. Gym shart w***ers Thumb day warriors Poor form Not re-racking weights Gets me in the feels every time.
  9. Whisky/Whiskey

    Tennessee honey is like juice, accidently drank a bottle neat with the Mrs while watching Venom .... Well sleeping through Venom.
  10. Whisky/Whiskey

    The more peaty the better, such a good flavour.
  11. What’s you 3 faves and 3 worst exercises

    3 Fave: Barbell Deadlift. High Bar Squat, Hammer Curls. 3 Worst: Bicep Curls (fatigue weirdly fast), Bench (messed up pec), Millitary Press (buggered rotator cuff).
  12. BBC salaries...

    Been doing this for a while now, never had an issue with the TV licence people. Don't think I'll ever pay for one as most shows on normal TV channels are rubbish and most things end up on Prime or Netflix anyways.
  13. Whisky/Whiskey

    Famous Grouse Glenmorag Laphroaig Talisker Some of my favourites priced low to high (I think).
  14. Would you snitch?

    That's a joke mate, went back to rugby training last weekend and all we had to do was scan a QR code, no social distancing at all. Surely taking pics is a breach of privacy no? Especially of kids?!
  15. Would you snitch?

    Heard this earlier on the radio... whole lotta Karens are going to be killing that hotline.
  16. Best Childhood Console Game

    Nintendo 64 has to be 007 Golden Eye, PS2 definitely GTA San Andreas, Wii was Mario Kart without a doubt.
  17. Worst job you ever had?

    100% the worst job I've ever done was being KP too, would come home reeking of deep fat fryer grease and couldn't get rid of the smell.
  18. Major dilemma!

    Could have knocked off a blumpkin off the ol' to do list.
  19. Jesus, my old school all the teachers looked like sacks of coleslaw..... Mad story though.
  20. One of the ladies in my office is from Saudi Arabia, never seen such an assured woman in my life. Seems nice enough but wouldn't put it past her to beat you with her shoe if you pissed her off.
  21. Also a bit hot watching your own mrs crush her session.... maybe just me haha
  22. Hahaha think you have invented a new extreme sport there man!! That's brilliant
  23. Hahaha amen to that brother
  24. Did a bunji jump a couple of years back, like you I don't like heights but an ex bought me the jump as a bday present.... think she was trying to claim an insurance policy tbh crazy Brazilian woman. Hated it, got whiplash and worst of all when I got back down the chaps who had sorted out my bunji cord and harness had an argument with each other as they gave me a bunji rope that wasn't suitable for my weight...... Horrified doesn't come close. B*stards!!
  25. 100% bench, was stuck at 130kg for the best part of a year when I was 20, was so frustrating but totally a mental issue. As soon as I got over that hump it shot up, a little too quickly. Got a ruptured pec now, so benching heavy is a little tricky haha.