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    PhD Researcher at the University of Birmingham
  1. Generation Iron 4

    Cheers man, I haven't seen that one. I'll take a look
  2. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Nice one, thank you for the pic. Is that lump hard to the touch, or does it feel soft/indents when you press it?
  3. Generation Iron 4

    Yeah it really isn't. Feel like i should watch it as made the effort to with the other 3 haha
  4. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Could be a ganglion, would need a pic to confirm.
  5. Generation Iron 4

    Awesome thank you man haha i realised what a dumb post that was once i hit enter. It's going to be an interesting one
  6. Good luck man, have a friend that did it for a few years up in Stoke. Unfortunately he's not a big chap and got beaten to s**t during a riot. He's now an estate agent haha.
  7. My nutrition lecturer during my BSc would rave about it so I started using it, I've been using this for a while now, and would recommend it too
  8. My first sarms cycle

    Really well put man
  9. Generation Iron 4

    Bit random, but does anyone have any idea when Generation Iron 4 is going to be available?
  10. Finally bought a rack cage

    Decent set up brother
  11. Does this fill you with Disgust or Delight?

    On an empty stomach delight, but disgust and immediate regret after
  12. Will covid 19 go away

    - "Why's Dave not at work?!" - "He's got a bad case of rhino" Yeah haha its much better, sounds pretty hardcore tbf
  13. It is a bit ridiculous, and the majority of masks you can get do nothing to stop aerosols entering/leaving the mask, the gaps between the fabric compared to a virus, even in a vesicle, are too big to stop it passing through. I think (and this is only my 2 cents) that the government and other global health organisations need to look like they are being active to "ensure the safety" of the people when COVID restrictions get reduced, mainly to prevent those at risk from feeling like no one gives a whatsit.
  14. Working from home.

    Yeah I can really relate to this lack of separation from both working environment and office colleagues. Even working in the sitting room or "office" in the house its hard to relax properly once you clock off, also gets a bit weird talking to yourself most of the day. Feels like I'm in the film "Split" half the time.
  15. Will covid 19 go away

    I should have highlighted I was looking at it with regard to its virility (i.e. speed of reproduction rate, damage to host, total deaths) from an epidemiology standpoint. Compared to the bubonic plague, Spanish flu, cholera, etc its relatively humble, so it will take a while to get out of the global population. Yeah you make a really good point and from the point of view of the survival of a virus and its reproduction rate I completely agree The common cold (rhinovirus) is an interesting one and like you said in terms of survival its awesome as it can genetically recombine and essentially mutate into strains we don't have the antibodies for, and thus we get sick.