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  • Occupation
    PhD Researcher at the University of Birmingham
  1. Who the fvck fvcks a chicken??

    And we wonder why there is a pandemic? Still hope she made him an omelette after?!
  2. #The mandalorian

    Absolutely, got me into Star Wars. Went 28 years without watching any of them and now hooked.
  3. Thor’s deadlifts

    Haha that's probably what happened. Those Iclandics are nutters. Still one hell of an effort no matter what has been said in the Thor Hall debate.
  4. Lee Labrada's Lad

    He's in great nick
  5. Your gyms still quiet?

    They have restricted the opening hours at my gym, so it seems busy pretty much all day. Luckily as I'm now working from home I can get to the gym at quieter times, but I'd say overall it's very busy.
  6. Definitely eat more and don't train through injuries, torn pec, slipped disks and iliopsoas tears are not the one.
  7. Watched it last week with the Mrs, yeah I totally get what you mean about heart breaking. The bit where the Orangutans were left wandering around areas that were once dense jungle was a tad eye watering. Definitely would recommend. Just started Mandalorian, not a massive Star Wars fan but thought it's pretty decent.
  8. New Lockdown Monday Announcement

    Just praying they stay open in Brum... Close the bars and pubs all you want but not the gym!!
  9. We're clearly screwed as a species now.

    At least if you got the short straw for a prom date you wouldn't have to look at her during the slow dance.
  10. Has the UK lost it’s way?

    Hahaha yeah this is true. Was more shocked that he decided to be a bobby due to hating being told what to do and authority at school
  11. Has the UK lost it’s way?

    That's what scares me about American doctors, they degree is 99% multiple choice.... Worrying.
  12. Has the UK lost it’s way?

    Have a load of mates who have had to get jobs in areas they didn't do a degree in. One did a degree in history and is now in the London Met
  13. Hot lady’s of the world!

    Shania Twain And yeah Georgia is hot.
  14. Steak steak steak

    Iceland for the win, treated myself to one of their £5 steaks after moving house... 94g of protein and tasted alright. Was a biatch coming out the other end though haha
  15. Best chat up lines you ever used!

    Was once asked how many Lego bricks I could fit up my ass..... Got the convo started. Well played lass, Well played.