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  • Occupation
    PhD Researcher at the University of Birmingham
  1. The media have played a massive part in this. Stigmatisation on any level always causes a lot of different views and opinions. Like a lot of the comments have already said, it seems that anyone using a needle will get tarred with the same brush as a "Junkie" or "Addict", even if you just injected saline people would look at you weird. Personally I think use of gear is fine, I'm more for safeguarding and helping people use safely. I'm presently putting together studies for my PhD which I hope will help with harm reduction services, as well as trying to educate healthcare "professionals". Hopefully if there's more unbiased info out there people will be equipped better to understand the ins and outs of steroid use before they jump the gun and yell "FIRE".
  2. Home full body workout

    Looks good. Have you done for single leg rdls? Maybe throw in some single leg hip thrusts (add as much weight as you like) and cannonball squats too (slow eccentric movement and a quick concentric motion)? If you use those as a finisher on a leg heavy session you'll 100% feel it the next day. Looks like a sound plan though
  3. Back/Biceps workout at home?

    Sounds good, have you tried any Bird Dog Rows? If you do them slowly and squeeze at the top they will get you good. I'd use it more as a finisher as they target the whole posterior chain and your abs and glutes too.
  4. Low cal sweet tooth treat options

    No euphemism meant, but candied nuts are pretty good.
  5. The gym I trained at have been pretty decent to their members, they had cancelled all memberships for the duration of lockdown. Hoping they won't ramp up the prices of the memberships too much when we get out.
  6. No Whey

    Yeah that's class, always got time for that or some Jewish penicillin, will start to give that a go. Thank you. I've started to add beef stock or chicken stock to my rice (from joints or birds I've already cooked) makes it taste a hell of a lot better and hope it has more of a protein content too haha.
  7. Running

    Run on the side of the road where you can see on coming traffic. If its a tight bed hog the middle or the opposite side. The roads are shite down here in Devon, super narrow so have to hog the middle all the time but helps to be seen.
  8. Power rack in stock here

    Very tempted to train at home once me and the mrs find a new gaff... so long as there's a decent space to train. Have a feeling it's gonna be a ball ache to get back into training properly once lockdown is over and done with!
  9. Glutes

    Weighted step-ups recruiting more glute muscle activation vs more traditional glute based exercises. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7039033/pdf/jssm-19-195.pdf
  10. No Whey

    Awesome, thank you. I'll give that a try
  11. No Whey

    I know man haha its frustrating the hell out of me too. No, nothing new to the shakes. I take creatine any way and that's never given me an issue. What's frustrating is that I love to eat and I eat A LOT!! Like 3500 to 4000cals a day, my weight is maintained at 105kgs so there doesn't seem to be an issue there, its just the DOMS and very slow recovery that's a pain. Started to take more magnesium to help on top of the recovery protocols I already use (i.e. foam rolling, hockey ball rolling, stretching and yoga), so hope that'll help.
  12. Recently read these articles on lumbar strength exercises vs squats, RDLs, deadlifts and barbell hip thrusts to improve lower back strength. The were pretty interesting, so I thought to post them here. Hope you guys find them useful. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/325229427_A_comparison_of_isolated_lumbar_extension_strength_in_competitive_and_non-competitive_powerlifters_and_recreationally_trained_males https://www.researchgate.net/publication/335055555_The_effects_of_a_4-week_mesocycle_of_barbell_back_squat_or_barbell_hip_thrust_strength_training_upon_isolated_lumbar_extension_strength
  13. No Whey

    Yeah and that didn't seem to agree with me. It's annoying as it's a relatively new issue and had been using all sorts of whey based protein for years. Was tempted to try the vegan blends but they're so expensive for what they are, I know beggars can't be choosers and all that, but you don't get as much protein per serving in a lot of them.
  14. No Whey

    Yeah I agree with the diet, usually I wouldn't have an issue with getting enough protein in. I've upped the amount of running I've been doing as i'm training to do a three peaks event whilst carrying a rowing erg and 50kgs of tin. There's a team of 4 of us so not impossible, but been training my ass off so the even doesn't kill me and feel my recovery could be better, so thought protein powders may help. Unfortunately i'm lactose intolerant
  15. How to beat the feeling of hunger.

    I've always found boredom and not drinking enough water makes me crave food, as well as lack of sleep, ghrelin is a bugger. If you keep yourself stimulated mentally and distract yourself by watching tv/gaming/exercising/gardening it may help you take your mind off your food craving. Also necking a pint of water can fill your stomach easing off that hunger feeling for a little longer.