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    PhD Researcher at the University of Birmingham
  1. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    Haha hazing that atlas stone into believing it's a pebble.
  2. UK charities...

    I raise money for FragileX.org as often as I can. It's a great one and does so much for families with kids who have the disability. Currently raising some money for them with a 3 peaks challenge with a twist (carrying a rowing erg and 50kg of weights to the top of each to lift and row the height of each peak with 4 mates), COVID allowing it'll be in April.
  3. Hahaha yeah. Not going to lie, when I first started doing them I was not landing softly. Annoyingly they do help with sprinting, so have kept them in the routine.
  4. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    Wouldn't fancy trying to explain a small crater sized hole in the garage floor to my landlord haha
  5. Love a glute/ham deck. Trying to do Nordic falls on your own is a pain in the ass. At least if a gym has one of these you can beast your hammys good and proper!! Would also be useful for the managers in my gym to order in enough pates to match the amounts of squat racks. If we have 4 people squatting/deadlifting heavy then all the plates are gone!! It's a joke. I know they get some stick, but a decent hex/trap bar would be a good addition too. Nice to throw in some dead variations every now and again.
  6. Pictures of your home gyms since lockdown

    That's a solid effort. Terrified to try it encase I drop the bugger on my feet
  7. Gyms are opening next monday

    It's such a shame, especially with all the links between exercise and mental health out there. I have a paper in review atm about the impact of COVID on strength athletes. One of the findings was that it severely impacted strength athletes mental health. From open responses we gathered this was seemly caused by the inability to train sufficiently due to gym closures. Hopefully gyms will be the first to open once lockdown is eased again.
  8. Gyms are opening next monday

    Amuses me that the Government were happy to discuss the 'keep gyms open' petition but nowt happened about it.... Classic politics, all fart and no poo.
  9. I mean if it'll send me off to sleep then 3 doubles of whiskey will do... I'm a cheap date
  10. Don't drink much at all now, was like a fish back when I did my Undergraduate degree. Just have a dram of a single malt or G&T on a Saturday evening with the mrs while we watch a film but that's about it.
  11. Who plays a musical instrument?

    Easier in terms of you don't have to press down too hard on them, haha but after a while they'll smart just as bad. Yeah it never totally goes, you just can go on for longer finger tip gains for the win.
  12. When has a drink been considered a picnic?.... Well I suppose if they had Guinness it would be...
  13. Who plays a musical instrument?

    Amazing track and so awesome live!!
  14. Who plays a musical instrument?

    Yeah, all the settings are great fun to mess about with when you have a tune down and can try to replicate Angus Young or Brian May. But I agree about them being a little overwhelming at the beginning. Acoustics also have an awesome tone to them, really nice to listen to. Haha no way, that's epic, I was put off "by the way" by the RHCPs for the same reason. How are the fingertips holding up? Remember them hurting like feck when I started aha.