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    Rwhulkster reacted to swole troll in Anadrol strength alternative   
    Best oral there is at that dose. 
    The sub 80kgers like the dbol and anadrol bloat but when you start pushing calories into the 4-5-6000+ range these drugs are just counter productive. 
    The only time I'll use either of these orals now is either leading into a meet or when I've just finished cutting, usually around 3500ish kcal.
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    Rwhulkster reacted to swole troll in Performance enhancing drug discussion: Equipoise   
    I'm really on the fence with EQ as a standalone anabolic but i have a cycle lined up to start in december for 20 weeks at 800mg eq and 700mg test 

    ill give a true verdict to myself on it after that cycle and report in here with my results 
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    Rwhulkster reacted to G-man99 in What is your favorite steroid?   
    Test and mast combo for me 
    All the benefits and no sides 
    Proper feel good cycle 
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    Rwhulkster reacted to nWo in What is your favorite steroid?   
    Anadrol. Great results and makes me feel good.
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    Rwhulkster reacted to invisiblekid in What is your favorite steroid?   
    In my limited experience NPP or Anadrol. It wasn't for the gastric sides, Anadrol would just edge it. 
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    Rwhulkster reacted to gwswag in tadalafil / cialis dosage   
    IIRC the half-life is about 72 hours so every 3 days is about right for dosing.
    I recently got some of the super cialis (cenforce) which are 20mg cialis 60mg dapoxetine. My wife wasn't too pleased!
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    Rwhulkster reacted to Malin in tadalafil / cialis dosage   
    I have no idea how people take cialis every day,  5mg taken on friday gives me state of semi permanent boner for the entire weekend
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    Rwhulkster reacted to gavzilla in tadalafil / cialis dosage   
    Asking for a friend lol
    i use 10 mg on a Friday to get me through the weekend, I found 20 mg knocks me a bit. It makes me not feel so good. It’s good stuff, it just give you extra blood to your cock when aroused. I’m my opinion I feel I lose sensation during sex From cialis or or it could be the tren. I’m still trying to figure it out. My girlfriend is in a lot of pain by Sunday though bless her.
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    Rwhulkster reacted to MrBrightside in Good Deca?   
    Any of them. 
    Love deca. 
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    Rwhulkster reacted to Ironman TS in Calorie dense foods low fat and no prep   
    One of my favourites too!  Mixes great with protein powder as well.
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    Rwhulkster reacted to Ironman TS in Calorie dense foods low fat and no prep   
    Yoghurt wise try Skyr.  A 450mg pot has almost 50g protein.  I like the vanilla and also the plain mixed with your favourite protein powder.
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    Rwhulkster reacted to Bensif in Calorie dense foods low fat and no prep   
    Most cereals, flavoured rice cakes such as caramel rice cakes, bagels and jam.
    Tbh though, rice with jam or even some sweetener makes it far more palatable and it’s very easily digested. The issue with things like bagels is when you start eating 2-3 a day it does bind some people up.
    I recommend rice based cereals for sure.
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    Rwhulkster got a reaction from Ironman TS in Superdrol & Anadrol   
    Running that exact cycle at the mo and just hit week 8 and added in anadrol for 4 weeks ,  love to add an oral as a boost mid cycle 
    I’m sure you would be fine running anadrol and superdrol together but I would just keep a close eye on BP and run sufficient health sups to try and help with any potential sides from running them side by side 
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    Rwhulkster reacted to strong_man20 in Superdrol & Anadrol   
    Hi there buddy,
    both drugs as you have no doubt heard are the harshest compounds there are.  Without regurgitating what others say, (as I have personally tried both) I would have to advise against combining them together as each cause considerable amount of lethargy although appreciate that the dosage your using is a modest amount.
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    Rwhulkster reacted to Simon90 in Question About Steroid Blends   
    Would rather pin the individual compounds. That way you can dose things the way you want. 
    especially if you are just after test n deca then deffo just get em individually. 
     I don’t trust the blends to be accurately dosed but I’m just a paranoid c**t. 
    saying that, nexus rip blend was fantastic. So was the N.p. one. As I only use a small dose they were perfect and convenient for me. 
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    Rwhulkster reacted to Ironman TS in Advice on bulk cycle progress   
    Sounds like dropping your BF % would go some way towards dealing with the body dysmorphia issue.
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    Rwhulkster reacted to Bensif in Advice on bulk cycle progress   
    It’s very hard to gauge progress without seeing the body. With that said, if your lifts have progressed in the manner they have, assuming form has not changed, then it is a fair assumption that you have gained lean tissue.
    Its hard to be any more objective than this without knowing how you look though. I recommend taking weekly pictures if you can as when you look at day 1 versus day 120... you will know just how much you have changed.
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    Rwhulkster reacted to Sasnak in HGH Experience   
    None at all. I’m just over halfway through 200iu.
    Waste of money from what I can see. 
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    Rwhulkster got a reaction from Ironman TS in To masteron or to not masteron   
    Mast is a  great addition too any cycle in my opinion no matter what phase you are in , the bottom line is you will grow from it and it gives a great sense of well being and overall Helps with the mental side .
    i don’t run a cycle without it I have played with doses and found my sweet spot @ 300mg which of course will be different for everyone, and last but not least there is the positive effect it has on libido 
    for me it’s one of the most underrated compounds out there , just be aware at high doses it could possibly contribute to hair loss once again person dependent. 
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    Rwhulkster reacted to makesure in To masteron or to not masteron   
    Thanks mate really helpful. 
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    Rwhulkster got a reaction from swole troll in Dangers of cruising   

    Says it perfectly , there is no right or wrong way to do this , we are all our very own since experiment only by trying these things and getting bloods done properly can we see what’s going on in our own body 
    my opinion on your situation is at your age why are you using this protocol , Are you a serious competitor ? Is your ambition to turn professional ? . If the answer to these is no then I don’t understand your need to follow this protocol when you could easily do 2 cycles a year and still run a full pct to recover your own natural test . 
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    Rwhulkster reacted to swole troll in 300mg primo worth it   
    Why not just run 450mg for 14 weeks? 
    20 weeks is a long time to keep your bloods shitty, especially since there is a point of diminished returns from being on. 
    Yes you could argue primo is mild but you've said you're going to be running orals intermittently throughout which completely negates the mild nature of the proposed cycle. 
    Personally I think you'd be better served using a higher dose for a shorter period of time, same for the orals, either something to tie you over whilst you wait for the injectables to take off or a short blast on the tail end for when gains start to slow.
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    Rwhulkster reacted to Cronus in 300mg primo worth it   
    I think you would be better off cutting the cycle down to 10 weeks and running 600mg of Primo or stretch to 12 weeks
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    Rwhulkster reacted to swole troll in Dangers of cruising   
    Could drop dead in your 30s or possibly your 70s, 80s or beyond.
    It's like asking how dangerous it is to drink a certain amount of booze or smoke a certain amount of cigarettes per day. The answer will simply be
    'more so than if you didn't'
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    Rwhulkster reacted to Tricky in Dangers of cruising   
    Prob would cruise on an actual cruise dose around 125-150mg test get bloods done and go from there