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  1. tadalafil / cialis dosage

    Yep I’m with most of the above I find 10mg every 3rd day is good for me in terms of pretty much sides free and basically I’m rock hard when ever I need it to be , personally find it helps a bit with pump in the gym and also thins the blood a touch helpful on EQ . just my experience is that I can tolerate it a lot better than viagra
  2. Advice on bulk cycle progress

    Sorry for the delay , that level is fine and shows no signs that you are insulin resistant, anything up to 5.6 is considered within a normal range
  3. Advice on bulk cycle progress

    From what I know of metformin I’m sure it would be a good idea but I don’t have any personal experience with it myself
  4. Question About Steroid Blends

    That is the point I was trying to get across to the op I personally don’t like blends for that exact reason , but once again only going on my own experience. lets be honest we are all free too try what ever we want in terms of labs , pharma and compounds
  5. Question About Steroid Blends

    My exact point all my experience with blends is there clearly under dosed compared to pharma grade single compounds
  6. Overall it’s not the best option in terms of digestion and gut health , if I’m reading right based on your calories and the size of the big meals .. you would only eat 3 times a day ? that alone does not put your body in an optimal spot for gaining muscle or losing fat try and keep you biggest meal for post workout or if you leave suitable time ( at least 90 mins ) have your biggest meals pre and post and space the others accordingly for your other macros
  7. Currently 30% less fat ambrosia rice pudding is doing me a treat
  8. Question About Steroid Blends

    Just going off my own personal experience if I run the same amounts from single compounds that are in blends I get better results always have . that’s even with the exact same diet and sups in place and same training style , if you want my opinion it’s because blends are never really dosed Compared to single compounds, but that again is just my opinion on my own findings
  9. Superdrol & Anadrol

    Running that exact cycle at the mo and just hit week 8 and added in anadrol for 4 weeks , love to add an oral as a boost mid cycle I’m sure you would be fine running anadrol and superdrol together but I would just keep a close eye on BP and run sufficient health sups to try and help with any potential sides from running them side by side
  10. Question About Steroid Blends

    On the whole blends have improved over the years but you still really won’t get the results you get using individual compounds do think blends have there place nowadays n but if you can afford it and don’t mind pinning just a bit more often stick with single compounds in my opinion
  11. Advice on bulk cycle progress

    Sorry I meant too add as side side not on your current calories have you maintained high carbs or the same carbs every day this can stall gains on a longer bulk due to blunting the Body’s insulin response and also have you used a GDA on higher carb days which can also help greatly to keep gains coming
  12. Advice on bulk cycle progress

    Trust me any one who is in your position feels the same way most of the time , it’s path of the course with bodybuilding and that will never change if you looked in the mirror and was over the moon you wouldn’t continue to drive forwards, this sport is as much mental as anything else you sound like your doing well to me lifts up , weight up maintaining a decent body fat , there is no hard and fast rule of what you should or shouldn’t gain we are all different and there are too many factors to take into account why everybody’s results differ . i would say it’s been a good result and if every cycle went that way within 3 years you would be a beast this sport is a marathon not a sprint and that doesn’t matter what age your are I’m currently making great gains mid bulk cycle and I’m a 50 year old man age is really not an issue in the chase for your goals if you have everything in place and the right mindset only good things will happen stick with it and we’ll done I say
  13. The dose is fine and the length of cycle is also fine what I haven’t heard you mention in your post is getting blood done first to see your starting point or getting blood done at the 6 week in mark to see the effects the testosterone is have on your blood panel and also bloods at the end . to many people forgot to get bloods done at baseline before you start so you have an accurate point of reference it’s all well and good getting blood done at the end of a cycle after a pct but it honestly is a waste of money by that point . Also in terms of an ai at the dose you are suggesting this really is not needed contrary to popular Belief estro is not the devil it’s actually essential to building optimal amounts of muscle there are many studies which have proved this over many years , it’s only at higher doses do the use of AI have its role at your suggested dose I personally would have nolvadex on hand in case of any signs of gyno if you do feel the need for an AI I would suggest aromasin over Adex as adex will play havoc with HDL and LDL and lastly if a lot of what I have said has gone over your head I would suggest you do a lot more research into the whole subject of PED’S before starting a cycle of anything Good Luck
  14. 300mg primo worth it

    honestly no not worth it given the fact of price and it’s a mild drug in its make up compared to many other compounds your bang for buck so to speak is just not worth it with that dose in my experience of primo through me and others I know it’s really 600mg or above when it starts to come alive
  15. Dangers of cruising

    Says it perfectly , there is no right or wrong way to do this , we are all our very own since experiment only by trying these things and getting bloods done properly can we see what’s going on in our own body my opinion on your situation is at your age why are you using this protocol , Are you a serious competitor ? Is your ambition to turn professional ? . If the answer to these is no then I don’t understand your need to follow this protocol when you could easily do 2 cycles a year and still run a full pct to recover your own natural test .