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  1. I would get rid of superdrol. What doses are you taking? Try lowering the dosages.
  2. You gotta confuse your body with different esters, right babe?
  3. Steroids for distal tendonitis

    None of them work and what I've read, it can even make it worse. Procollagen 1 is what will help build and repair muscles I think GH will do it. I've also read that using GH with one of those drugs that you mentioned will work better.
  4. week 1 to 12 testosterone enanthate 500mg e5d week 1-3 dianabol 50mg I was already big before I started the cycle but I blew up on that cycle. But it was a lot of waterweight also. Probably gained 12-14kg. For lean gains I'd say 50-75mg test prop ed (or double dose eod) and 50mg Oral-Turinabol for 6-8 weeks. Recovery is fast from these short cycles.
  5. 2 weeks for prop. Don't know about new tests though.
  6. Test/ Tren ratio

    Yeah I agree, specially when I already have problems with eating enough food. Tbh best cycles are just testosterone. I like prop, hate pinning if it's not slin pins though.
  7. EQ - endurance/RBC

    If you're already doing endurance sports and training, EQ will make a huge difference. Even dianabol will. Some friends that played soccer used to take dianabol (not the best drug for endurance) but it worked for them because they didn't want to inject. They got really strong and got noticeably better endurance. If you're a big bulky and muscly guy, I think it will do the opposite. It will take a long time before you notice anything though. It's bad for you to have high RBC, it's really bad for some organs if you have it for a longer period.
  8. Every 5th day is the most common. You will get less sides if you inject more often since the hormone levels will be more even. If you hate needles like me, try slinpins but with a long needle. Those are usually just 1ml but you can do 2 or 3 shots instead or inject more often
  9. Test/ Tren ratio

    What dosages did you take? I'm skipping tren then, my appetite is already bad
  10. " Novitzky also cited an October 2018 study from The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism that measured the urinary excretions of 12 athletes who underwent a 30-day recreational cycle of clomiphene, a banned estrogen blocker that netted Jones his first USADA violation in 2017. He said six of 12 males demonstrated a pulsing effect as the clomiphene appeared and disappeared in their urine up to 260 days after ingestion. " They can go down to picograms which is overkill.
  11. I can help you out if you want. Stick to test propionate and test base if you get tested. I'm not sure but I believe MENT has a very short detectiontime as well. I'm going to look in to it.
  12. Jon Jones is reckless. I believe his gear was contaminated with other things, this is very common when it comes to UG. I also think that he pissed "the big guys" off, so they had to scare him a little. They only catch people that they want to catch. Look at the Armstrong case. Everyone knows that cyclists are juiced to the gills. I don't think you should worry about the drugs. If clomid comes up in the test, say that you've been taking supplements and dickpills (viagra, cialis) capsules that you got from a friend.
  13. What did you use before the nolva and clomid? If you listen to that JRE pod, "the golden snitch" talks about clomid and how it stays in the system for a very long time. If I remember correctly, a year or more. If what he says is true or not I really don't know. But O-T and winstrol can be detected for a very long time now because they found some metabolites that stay in your system for a very long time 6-8 months or something. You guys should really listen to that pod when you have time:)
  14. What did you use? If WADA is testing you, you're f**ked. Clomid stays in the system for a very long time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR7IqzwgGeU They talk about detection time of clomid, oral-turinabol and winstrol. If it's your job or something they don't test for steroids.