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  1. Oh yes this old one. Give it a rest Goat Fucker. you might have a British Passport but you´re not a real British man and you never will be...grips your s**t ..eh?
  2. at least he´s not a goat fucker like you bro
  3. It´s thanks to people like you we are losing our culture. i will ask you a question bro. Do you think the Islamic people when in the majority will they then be so liberal and giving like you?
  4. well i have been given a warning for saying my opinion on here. piss poor
  5. yes why not bring us back to the middle ages.
  6. no you just did not read it properly bro.
  7. yeah...everyone who is against Islam is a Nazi. what an idiot you are.
  8. you had to convert? why you fu**ing pussy.
  9. learn to read bro...
  10. yes..i am laughing at you bro !
  11. yeah i know guys who got serious trouble because some bitch went to the police telling stories.
  12. Liberal attitude. no wonder the UK & Europe are f**ked. you do read about sweden, France..etc ? or do you just live in your own Lib Tard world?
  13. bigger guy who is a bully does your chick you just smash him with a fu**ing tool.
  14. bet you would shag your sister you filthy c**t
  15. do what you want mate. I don´t care. I only dislike the radical filth. you know what i am saying. Gym i work in we had a muslim come in who was ranting on about his wife should not be trained or spoken to by a male trainer. told him to get his arse out the Gym. fu**ing filthy bastard.