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  1. What is my body doing?! Cut gone wrong

    I'm similar in height to you and weight 160lbs. People have said I'm about 20% body fat in this picture and im trying to cut. I've the same problem as you I store a lot of fat around belly. It's a nightmare because you never know whether to cut or bulk but for me to get to 15% I'm gonna need to drop down to about 150lbs. And again il look skinny. Always seem stuck between rock and hard place.
  2. Yeah I still am holding a lot of fat around belly and lower back. Trying to work out with dumbbells so can do quite a few things like. Unfortunately the maximum weight is 24kg which I can comfortably do 6-8 sets of 12 in chest db press. Shoulders are easy enough to train too. I'm 73kg and think probably need to cut down to 70kg then hopefully when things gyms open can try go on some kind of lean bulk. If I drop below 70kg I'm gonna look too skinny even if you think my body fat is 20%.
  3. Quick update. Have tried to do a good bit of dumbbell weights and cardio at home. What do we think body fat is sitting at now. Scales say 17.8% but they wouldnt be the best. I'm still trying to cut. Down to 73kg from 76kg in the other photo. Height 175cm.
  4. Unfortunately not. Best other gym is about 20 minute drive which sounds reasonable but the other gym is a 1 minute walk from where I live and work. I'm self employed so my schedule is all over the place but I do have 2 mornings free a week and maybe able to squeeze in a 3rd depending. It's part of a leisure centre so has some old school opening hours basically 9-9.
  5. Again thanks for the feedback. I can definately go 2 days a week as I have 2 mornings free. I work mornings and evenings the other days and saturday morning so its crap as my gym is one of those outdated ones that opens 9-9 and closes at like 2pm on a saturday morning. Doesnt open sundays either but that's no excuse for me doing nothing. Cardio is easy for me to fit in mainly because where I live theres a 5km route that I can do in 22-23 minutes and I also have a treadmill at home. Well the missus has one but I can borrow it. Key would definately trying to drop 3 of 4kg but will need to do weights as my natural build would be that of a "skinny fat" person. I tend to either look too skinny with little muscle or like the above photo a little stocky but with high levels fat.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Probably best option is to get the excess fat of and slim down abit say 3-4kg and then take it from there. As my goal isn't too specific would you suggest 2 full body routines a week along with cardio would be best or some sort of a split like push/pull/legs.
  7. Hey folks. Need to get back into training and looking for some advice. Stats are below. Age-31 Height- 5ft 9 Weight 75-76kg depending on day. I'm an irregular gym goer. 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks then stop for 4-5 with work or holidays then back again and the stop. Never consistently. I am planning on starting back again for the 100th time but I was wondering if anyone had any advice. Should I cut or maintain and workout. Also what % body fat would you think I am in this photo. Personally I reckon somewhere between 18-20% but I'm not sure. Thanks.
  8. Hello folks. I'm 30 years old and have always messed about in regards of the gym. Basically 3 weeks on 6 weeks off etc. I have never really stuck to a plan and consistent changes in work hasn't helped me form a routine. Bottom line I just haven't been dedicated enough. I'm 5'9 and weight 76kg. I would guesstimate my body fat being around 20%. I have tagged a photo for you to see. Should I cut or bulk or maintain? Would a 3 day split like push/pull/legs be enough to make a decent difference. I would like to do what everyone does which is lose fat and gain muscle. I have quite a skinny fat body type (a few years ago when about 65kg). I also have mild gyno which makes my chest look like crap. Any advice is welcome. Sorry for the long post and questions.