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  1. After a pin I would get a sense of "Thank f*ck that's done" Never really liked pinning, happy that I've made my mind up to be natty going forward.
  2. VPN's

    Sorry to jack the thread but, has anyone heard of https://www.necroiptv.com/
  3. My first big bleed!

    There's always going to be a difference of opinion, there does seem to me more going on in the quads in respect of veins, nerves than delts, doesn't mean you cannot pin them as loads of people do. I was just aware of other people issues.
  4. Dianabol advice

    After 3 weeks I was definitely full of water. Gained weight, after 8 weeks I couldn't do dead lifts, so I know the stuff worked. Once I came off I lost all the weight.
  5. My first big bleed!

    From the users I know of, 1 guy nearly lost his leg from a quad shot, partly his silly fault, and another chap had a quad post injection infection, but he also messed his delt up. The general online consensus says, don't pin quads.
  6. Question about ampoules

    I've always used green to draw and then Orange to pin, no issues there.
  7. We're off to Amsterdam tomorrow with some friends, felt worse tonight, so I just came clean to SWMBO and felt better straight away. Not sure what was going on but, didn't want to hide from what I had being up to any longer. Need to mention PCT next.
  8. Over the last few years I have put on belly fat, one of the symptoms is I have had to take in large inhales of air. But over the last two weeks this has come back. So sat typing this I need a big breath every few minutes. It's been three weeks since last test e pin, and I started PCT at the end of last week. Could any of this be down to the gear and PCT? I don't feel unwell, but right now this is more annoying than anything else. My blood pressure seems to have risen as well from 124/82 to 145/93 and then back to 135/83 Unless I've had a drop in test levels and I'm just tired and yawning more?
  9. Is it worth getting a 4k telly?

    Is it worth buying an 8K tv now or wait for 8K to be more mainstream. By the time there is decent content this tv will be out of date in some respects.
  10. Water retention?

    Thanks for reassurance bud, I had a similar things 10 years ago but I was on 750mg test e. I think we all the stupid issues I've had I've become too paranoid now.
  11. Slin pin - Glutes

    I've used Orange this time round, and they were 1" 25G.
  12. Water retention?

    without making this too weird, and to put this into perspective this is what we're talking about.
  13. Water retention?

    Thanks mate, is that the same protocol for tender nips, I suppose gyno is gyno?
  14. Water retention?

    Fingers crossed and because of the efforts of someone else I might be getting the Nolva tomorrow. Any ideas of dosage? I've read 80mg day one, and then 40/40/20/20 etc.