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  1. Will do, haven’t lost much till now.
  2. Turning 30 this September.
  3. Never did pct, always injected hmg post cycle. Hcg during.
  4. Its a 330i , due to taxes being high on India it cost me 4.5 million rupees close to 75k US dollars. I guess its priced very similarly in th Uk aswell. Do you want pics?
  5. Rather live to 50 like a Lion than a sheep for 100. ✊?
  6. Hi, i have decided to give up steroids. Thais decision was not made by giving alot of thought but all of a sudden mid cycle i just said i want to live longer. I have always loved fast cars , Tuning them and increasing their performance. Somehow my parents agreed to buy me a performance can and the day it arrived i have up injecting aas. Also been trying to quit smoking since then as it has and does more damage that steroids will ever do. Somehow, these days, i am very scared of dying and the thought of being a mortal sends a chill and heart sinking feeling. Maybe its because i am a father now, maybe its getting that new car i had always desired that made me want to live a long and healthy life. Then again, i have one cycle worth of aas with me, which when I discussed with mom about using the last bit or throwing away. Mom replied, no matter how expensive poison is, you should always throw it away. Maybe i will use it just the one last time to realise my dream of a huge body maybe i wont. One thing is for certain. I will cut naturally and gain naturally no matter how small i will be. I want to thank everyone who has helped me use safely and/or just given any advice. I wish all of you the same and a very very good set of genetics. After all arnold and franco lived a long life and one is still alive and the other dies due to drowning. I wish you very best at in everything you pursue and hope there is a GOD so that you guys can lift and get the best proteins in the afterlife. Bye, take care. Love to everyone.
  7. Not funny at all, i am worried. Should go and buy some condoms . I am an idiot for not using ine in the first place.then again cant control when the other head is thinking for me.
  8. She is pregnant already, if its a boy in there one pill wont cause him to have a half penis
  9. No, my wife is due in april. I mean hope it doesn’t stunt the kids genital growth
  10. I had taken one pill of duta. Had sex with wife and she is pregnant. But i did not ejaculate inside. Anything to be worried about? I am very worried that last time maybe a little bit of sperm went inside and i am very worried for the kid. Reading online is very scary saying the kid can be a gender neutral etc. surely it must be for people taking duta regularly and not just one pill.
  11. Can I run a course just for precaution sake? Or just tell me what to be looking for to catch it early
  12. I don’t know if they r or not. Could you please just tell me the chances of infection with injections without swab
  13. She didn’t wipe with swab either, and when asked she said no , you wont get an infection
  14. Edit: sorry for the long post, but please just go through it It will go away by meds alone, right? Won’t have to have it drained or anything? As I had posted earlier asking if I could get away with sub q injections most said no. So like I had mentioned earlier I am afraid to inject myself . I went to the civil hospital to get the injection done. I was thinking if the nurse does it, then good or I ll come back home and inject myself as I had done so many times in the past. The nurse agreed. She pops the amp and pulls back at the plunger, she immediately takes off the needle and fills the syringe straight up from its mouth ( where the needle sits) in the ampule. Doesn’t matter I said, I give her the 1.5 inch needle to inject. She goes lie down I do. She heads towards the cotton container and I say no no and hand the swab I had to her. They are supposed to be proper trained nurses. And she presses on the lower part of my glute and I turn my head and tell her to inject a bit up. The touch my hip indicating the areas. She still injects in the lowest part of the upper putter glute. More in the middle and outer glute. I felt the oil going in so I relaxed thinking it’s going in the muscle . What shocked me was she used the swab to stop the bleeding and did not wipe before the injection. It has me thinking either I will start injections sub q or glute or anything but will do it myself from now on. As there in imo not a possibility to inject a vein by mistake. Anyway so she didn’t use the swab , will I get an infection? If I do will I have to get it drained and stuff or can it be healed by meds? Also the main problem I wanted to talk about. When junkies try to inject they struggle getting into a vein even though they are trying to. What are the chances of someone mistakenly injecting in a vein in the upper outer glute? Surely the nurse did not aspirate , nothing.