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  1. Can I run a course just for precaution sake? Or just tell me what to be looking for to catch it early
  2. I don’t know if they r or not. Could you please just tell me the chances of infection with injections without swab
  3. She didn’t wipe with swab either, and when asked she said no , you wont get an infection
  4. Edit: sorry for the long post, but please just go through it It will go away by meds alone, right? Won’t have to have it drained or anything? As I had posted earlier asking if I could get away with sub q injections most said no. So like I had mentioned earlier I am afraid to inject myself . I went to the civil hospital to get the injection done. I was thinking if the nurse does it, then good or I ll come back home and inject myself as I had done so many times in the past. The nurse agreed. She pops the amp and pulls back at the plunger, she immediately takes off the needle and fills the syringe straight up from its mouth ( where the needle sits) in the ampule. Doesn’t matter I said, I give her the 1.5 inch needle to inject. She goes lie down I do. She heads towards the cotton container and I say no no and hand the swab I had to her. They are supposed to be proper trained nurses. And she presses on the lower part of my glute and I turn my head and tell her to inject a bit up. The touch my hip indicating the areas. She still injects in the lowest part of the upper putter glute. More in the middle and outer glute. I felt the oil going in so I relaxed thinking it’s going in the muscle . What shocked me was she used the swab to stop the bleeding and did not wipe before the injection. It has me thinking either I will start injections sub q or glute or anything but will do it myself from now on. As there in imo not a possibility to inject a vein by mistake. Anyway so she didn’t use the swab , will I get an infection? If I do will I have to get it drained and stuff or can it be healed by meds? Also the main problem I wanted to talk about. When junkies try to inject they struggle getting into a vein even though they are trying to. What are the chances of someone mistakenly injecting in a vein in the upper outer glute? Surely the nurse did not aspirate , nothing.
  5. Hgh

    What’s a Tm medication course?
  6. Night sweats

    It’s gone, happened only on the nights I vaped.
  7. Night sweats

    Not really, trying to cut down on sugar etc. loosing fat right now
  8. Hgh

    We should mate. If 20 years later you were given a chance to meet your old self , what all would you advise. I would definitely tell myself to quit smoking.
  9. Night sweats

    Also , i have been on 750mg yest before and never once got night sweats. It is a tren thing , right?
  10. Night sweats

    Yes, just test. Did mix 2 different ones. One is 110mg test e , german remedies. And 250mg either msd or oraganon sustanon.
  11. Never had them before. In 350mg test 2nd week going on and i wake up sweating after an hour or two of falling asleep. Sweat on arms and forehead. Is it normal?
  12. Hgh

    So 2units is a replacement dose? Its fine in the wallet, its pharma grade too. So all in all 2iu not worth it? Might just try and quit smoking only then
  13. Hgh

    Is 1 or 2 units per day even wirth it? I want to loose fat right now. Also i smoke , trying to quit . Some days i ll go without a single fag then i end up smoking. I am down to 6 7 . Used to smoke 10 to 15. Hgh and smoking certainly increases chances of cancer or no? Hgh promotes new cell growth, right? I am currently on 350+mg of test.
  14. I don’t think it works if you have had it for long. I have read people getting results if they take it within a day or two after noticing a bit of gyno. Surgery is your inly help i guess.