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  1. Forced to stop cycle

    There's people dipping the fu**ing test swabs in puddles and getting positive test results back. People are losing jobs and lives over this bollocks. Not saying the virus doesn't exist but testing needs to be 100% accurate. Massive f**k up by all involved since march.
  2. Forced to stop cycle

    Just stop.
  3. A year probably. Possibly longer.
  4. Emotions wise I was fine but I'd get a bad cold that'd last a few days then I'd be fine for a week then bad cold for a few days and it carried on like that. Took about 3 months for the colds to start.
  5. Can a house be too big?

    Just be cleaning the c**t all the time. f**k that.
  6. That's what happens anyway. This is for food during the holidays mate. That's what the argument is about.
  7. My wife works at a school in a deprived area and she said at the school fair, the parents don't think twice about spending 20 quid on the tombola to win some chocolate but won't buy their kids a fu**ing coat in winter. Those who have never worked for anything have their priorities backwards. I feel bad for those who's incomes have taken a massive hit because of the lockdowns etc. Must be awful. To be honest, I feel awful for kids who are born to absolute cu**s of parents too.
  8. If your income hasn't been affected, you shouldn't be given more. If it has, you should be given everything we can give. Why should someone who's worked all their life be worried about losing their home etc when some c**t who's never lifted a finger be given more?
  9. Tren gyno?

    Some on here used to say if you control estrogen you won't have prolactin/progesterone issues but I used to run letrozole at 1 tablet a day and I'd still get gyno. I used caber a few times but over did it I think and used to feel like s**t off it.
  10. Tren gyno?

    Yep. I get it. Even with an AI. Same with deca.
  11. I used to take 1 letro a day.
  12. Why? How many mg of label you do take a day?
  13. So go pharma. But you don't follow your own advice. Got it.
  14. Fake gear

    Sorry 100-150 yours seems to be. Approximately.
  15. Fake gear

    I'm sure people get around 20nmol per 100mg test. Maybe 22ish?