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  1. Can gyno creep up on you?

    But you don't know how much you aromatise. 500mg pw of test cyp could have your e levels way high. Or it could not.
  2. I can taste a sort of tin taste some times.
  3. Test / Tren blend 1ml per week

    2ml of ttm a week here. 250 test 250 tren 200 mast. 5 weeks done, happy so far.
  4. Sphinx pharma with hologram

    Also with a 2 year exp date I'd say that's not so new.
  5. Sphinx pharma with hologram

    New stuff is s**t too, apparently.
  6. Funny he goes marching over and the 2 guys don't even budge. The guy is a fu**ing t**t. Bet if his crew weren't filming he'd have got chinned and that's probably the only reason he did what he did.
  7. No I probably wouldn't mate. He's got his headphones or he usually does cos he's always chewing on the cables so just close your eyes and crank up the music.
  8. Pay your membership do what you want. He doesn't own the place.
  9. Missiles from Gaza destroying Israel

    Didn't the palastinians invade Israel in the beginning? Let's not pretend there's good guys and bad guys here. They're both as bad as each other.
  10. Platinum Biotech anavar?

    100 tablets? Must cost a fair bit.
  11. Orals

    I honestly thought copd was a spelling mistake and the guy up there was taking the piss. I've nothing interesting to add.
  12. Vasectomy on cycle

    You're not gonna be wanting to lift weights when you've had the op.
  13. Vasectomy on cycle

    They cut your ball bag, fish the tubes out and cut them. Why on earth would steroids help or hinder that?
  14. Vasectomy on cycle

    Yes. I died.