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  1. Bet you're the only one that enjoyed you being on that!
  2. Isn't dimensions 450? 375, my bad.
  3. Deca as a second compound

    500 test 500 deca I did last bulk. Loved it.
  4. Social media

    fu**ing hell, brilliant!
  5. Social media

    You mean the one with the pregnant woman in and that silly bitch with the massive head band thing? Make me wanna kill myself that s**t.
  6. Gym Characters

    Torched in petrol. fu**ing hell that made me laugh.
  7. Gym Characters

    I love the people who do a load of mad stretches then jump up, do 1 pull up then more stretching again.
  8. Social media

    There was a petition thing going around about racism etc. Only half the amount had signed it that did the black screen thing. Just goes to show people just post s**t for likes etc. I fu**ing hate social media for all the bandwagon bollocks that's constantly going on.
  9. HCG - MSD Pregyl

    Stick that sticky label under a sunbed and look for the hologram.
  10. Social media

    Insta. Deleted every person who posted a black square.
  11. Nolvadex... Pharma or UGL

    I thought Nexus nolva were spot on. Sorted me out when I was using anadrol before the lockdown.
  12. What are good tattoos to get to become more hard?

    You can't claim to be hard if you've never been arrested. That's a fact!
  13. Test 450 & Stanavar Cycle

    1350mg tnt and asking for advice on your cycle?
  14. Stone Island

    Owned 1 t-shirt once. Fit isn't right for a big c**t like me.