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  1. s**t anavar

    I must be a feeble piece of s**t.
  2. s**t anavar

    Strength for me with anadrol takes about 3 weeks to kick off.
  3. Extreme caber sides

    It was a bit like a hangover. Not the day after drinking but the day after that. Head just didn't feel right, coordination seemed off. Dizzy. Like my brain was a millisecond behind my body.
  4. Just do 5g first cycle and remove the guess work.
  5. Extreme caber sides

    Same. I thought it was the tren making me feel s**t but reading some threads on here it was definitely caber. I used to run it quite high too.
  6. Fake Merck I didn’t order!

    They say that to everyone they don't trust.
  7. Fake Merck I didn’t order!

    Doesn't mean it's fake. If you look at the addresses on the danabol DS on Google Street view, that place doesn't exist, from what I can remember.
  8. Tren acid reflux

    Total, 250 Sus 350 tren e. It's definitely the tren. Starts within 2 days of first injection. Today I haven't been so bad. Yesterday I was walking to the car almost throwing up, trying to clear my throat or swallow. Whichever I could manage. I'll be in the gym, swallow, feels like something is stuck, swallow a few more times, stomach starts turning, obviously can't start spitting all over the gaff so go into a panic almost being sick.
  9. Tren acid reflux

    I don't know if it does help or not. I think it does a little but it says only take for 2 weeks and that's not long enough imo. I've had no milk this morning and had 1 very small episode after gym so it's looking promising. I think whey does it too even when mixed with water so might try some beef protein. I seem to be able to swallow fine today, my throat doesn't feel like it's lined with s**t like it usually does.
  10. Does DHB aromatise?

    Dihydroboldenone like Dihydrotestosterone does not convert to anything else past that compound.
  11. Does DHB aromatise?

    I don't think it does mate.
  12. Tren acid reflux

    Even if I've not eaten before bed, I get up, have a brew, brush my teeth and it starts. Feels like something is in my throat then my stomach starts turning then all hell breaks loose. It could be actually be milk. Before I train at the moment I'm having nothing apart from coffee.
  13. Tren acid reflux

    Thanks friend.
  14. 1 week in and eyes are bulging again because I'm almost sick every morning. What do people take for acid reflux? I've used that stuff in the purple box, nexium maybe but there's only 7 tablets in and they're about 10 million quid a box. Help
  15. Dimension Labs

    I used pro chem super tren or whatever it was called years ago. Was doing 3ml a time and felt f**k all.