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  1. Human chorionic gonadotropin

    here you are http://gtoul.com/beta-human-chorionic-gonadotropin-βhcg/ http://gtoul.com/pct-post-cycle-therapy/
  2. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Hello joaquin!! question about high ranges of CRP can arachidonic acid lower it? in a dosage of 2000mg's per day for 1 month cause it's a supplement thats why im curious
  3. AMA: the ultimate guide to everything

    yes with @rbduk the snitch!
  4. AMA: the ultimate guide to everything

    1nd isnt my home there we met with friends and smoking sniffing sh1ts years ago * PS do you believe that u insult me at all? ;p the big head fella is a MARK u newbie !!! video has a description also ! this shinny non gold belt weight more than the dumbbell that u curl with love <3
  5. AMA: the ultimate guide to everything

    what eva!!! cheers!
  6. AMA: the ultimate guide to everything

    relax yur butt bro peace and chill!
  7. AMA: the ultimate guide to everything

    LOL chill bro dont act like a girl on period
  8. AMA: the ultimate guide to everything

    you're make studies to be a lawyer? i can make a meet with my lawyer saved my ass many times in the court cause selling drugs 10 meters away of a police station is legal Peace!
  9. Sleep problem!

    5htp is good for sure or smoke a weed blunt
  10. AMA: the ultimate guide to everything

    @AncientOldBloke ask the thread owner to give u a solution for ur bitch tits always friendly
  11. Cycle and workout

  12. Gyno after PCT?

    when you're on pct as i notice in my self E2 will grow up but not so much when you're on roids so i decide to take 1 aromasin each week and now everything runs OK again with my tits
  13. Gyno after PCT?

    make blood tests and run nolva for 2 weeks more take an AI ew i had some gyno probs again while i inject HCG in the first 2 weeks of my pct
  14. Confessing to your worst dirt.

    worst dirt? lol tones! but mostly the drug dealing sharing 100% death xD for moneyz
  15. 1st time ugl

    you never had a same issue with fever or a friend? from a dirty UGL or even the syringe Dr. Testosterone George Touliatos have many threads about injecting and caught BUGZ fever may be from hyper thyroid issues as i read some ROIDS can hypertrophy your thyroid