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  1. Does having high/low prolactin or estrogen have any effect on actual progress you make in the gym, or only sexual problems??
  2. So I've been doing squats for just over a month, started with just the bar as my problem was i couldn't get low enough, could get to like 45 degree at a push. Finally can get low now , below 90. Done 3x10 3 days ago with heaviest I've squatted, 100kg, and even now 3 days later my lower back still gives in when i bend down, its the worse when I'm trying get weights off the piles and racking them on the bar Any solution to this? Is it worth investing in a belt or can it be sorted with a trick with my form? Need to sort it quickly as it stopped me doing bent over rows today and after squats and extensions i couldnt train hams
  3. So I've just made a quick shake and put some sort of milkshake powder in that was lying about. Guess my brain ain't In gear yet as there's me thinking I've just added 50cals when I've just figured it was 600. f**k sake man Basically just wondering if I'm going to have to drop this out of tomorrows cals or if it's not worth fussing over as trying to cut at min. Would just take out today's but would be more manageable tommorow as not got many more cals to spare today
  4. So I've finished my first week of cut, very easy not really a cut yet only at 2800 cals and no cardio yet(excluding 5 min cross trainer pre workout) I weigh myself every morning and my bodyweights have had a range of 6lb in the last 7 days so must have dropped below maintenance I'm guessing. Weights mon-sun were: 198.2lb 196.0lb 192.8lb 195.7lb 194.9lb 192.6lb 192.3lb I train hard and 4 days on 1 off so burning alot through workouts, but I cant see myself losing weight much longer at 2800cal Is there a good way to keep the weight falling off?I'm starting incline treadmill walk only 15min post workout this week. Then I was thinking to drop cals by 100 every 2 weeks and add 5-10 mins cardio every week or so. Plan on cutting until May hopefully not any longer! Just wondering how everyone else likes to keep the weight coming off, btw this is my first cut want to get down to 15%bf about 25% now. Is 10%bf drop possible in 4 months??
  5. Everything mate, I've reduced cals too so I'm going to start back up on low volume and build it back up
  6. I've had the same thing for last 2 weeks. Only I've put it down to dropping my e2 too low. Having this week off, going back monday and hoping I'm back to normal
  7. I've not had cyp before but I've had prop and it looks so similar. Is it meant to be so clear and so thin, like water? Test e is usually thicker and seems more yellow Just want to make sure ive not accidentally been given prop
  8. Can only source this caber cant find any others will it do?? Not used intex My prolactin is in the 900's so also how would I go about getting it in range I'm cruising on 160mg test
  9. I would've thought it wouldve been out in 8 weeks no?
  10. I hope so, although the cyp I've just got looks really thin almost like water and it's clear also, not had this before but I trust the lab
  11. I've only done delts as was wary about trying other sites as I find with delts you cant really f**k up, as people who end up with a bad jab I see tend to have jabbed quads/glutes. I think I've built up scar tissue, so I'm wanting to switch to insulin needles to avoid further damage. Just wondering which sites are best? Thinking rotating bis, tris, pecs and back to delts. Two more questions: What gauge slin pin is preffered for IM injection and what length? What sites require you to aspirate before injecting?
  12. So just the one 0.5mg? Will I notice improvement of high prolactin sides immediately if it has lowered into range?
  13. Just looking on rotating injection sites, preferably small muscles I can use a slin pin with so I can avoid scar tissue. Obviously bigger muscles can handle more oil volume so I'll use them more for blasting. Need to give the delts a break
  14. I ran deca test 300/300 for 4 weeks then stopped because 0 libido and deca dick, been on cruise for 8 week now and no deca dick but still 0 libido. Done bloods last week e2 in range, test is dosed good prolactin very high in 900's almost 1000
  15. Would that dose not be too high as I'm not taking anything that's increasing prolactin? I'm only trying to lower prolactin that's been elevated through a previous cycle
  16. Im going to use 0.25 twice a week for a week then get prolactin checked again, and continue use if still high
  17. What gauge pins and needle length do u use mate?
  18. Just 120mg week so half a mil test e250 mate. Then go back to pinning delts and quads/glutes maybe when I next cycle so i can pin more
  19. Looking specifically for sites I can use with slin pins mate so preferably smaller muscle groups, but I could give thighs a try with the 25g pins I've already got. Just see alot of bad stories about pinning quads so not sure
  20. On cycle I understand as test will be high even at e8d, but how about cruise when dosing at a trt dose? Like 120mg, I'm guessing it would be less favourable then as dosing e8d could perhaps leave you with low t levels close to your next jab couldn't it?
  21. So I see on this forum people suggest taking ai maybe 2 times a week and stuff like enanthate only once per week, whereas other sites and vids suggest sticking to dosing around the half lives of the drugs used. I was wondering how much difference it actually makes taking say enanthate once per week as oppose to e5d, and taking ai eod as oppose to twice weekly?
  22. Is there much difference than dosing it e5d mate?
  23. I have found one by Pfizer which I believe pharma So you're saying the one week will do mate?