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  1. Everything mate, I've reduced cals too so I'm going to start back up on low volume and build it back up
  2. I've had the same thing for last 2 weeks. Only I've put it down to dropping my e2 too low. Having this week off, going back monday and hoping I'm back to normal
  3. I've not had cyp before but I've had prop and it looks so similar. Is it meant to be so clear and so thin, like water? Test e is usually thicker and seems more yellow Just want to make sure ive not accidentally been given prop
  4. I would've thought it wouldve been out in 8 weeks no?
  5. I hope so, although the cyp I've just got looks really thin almost like water and it's clear also, not had this before but I trust the lab
  6. So just the one 0.5mg? Will I notice improvement of high prolactin sides immediately if it has lowered into range?
  7. Just looking on rotating injection sites, preferably small muscles I can use a slin pin with so I can avoid scar tissue. Obviously bigger muscles can handle more oil volume so I'll use them more for blasting. Need to give the delts a break
  8. I ran deca test 300/300 for 4 weeks then stopped because 0 libido and deca dick, been on cruise for 8 week now and no deca dick but still 0 libido. Done bloods last week e2 in range, test is dosed good prolactin very high in 900's almost 1000
  9. Would that dose not be too high as I'm not taking anything that's increasing prolactin? I'm only trying to lower prolactin that's been elevated through a previous cycle
  10. Im going to use 0.25 twice a week for a week then get prolactin checked again, and continue use if still high
  11. What gauge pins and needle length do u use mate?
  12. Just 120mg week so half a mil test e250 mate. Then go back to pinning delts and quads/glutes maybe when I next cycle so i can pin more
  13. Looking specifically for sites I can use with slin pins mate so preferably smaller muscle groups, but I could give thighs a try with the 25g pins I've already got. Just see alot of bad stories about pinning quads so not sure