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  1. Gear should be room temp so around 22 degrees if not abit higher as keep it about 2 metre from a radiator in my box. I wouldve been pretty warm as i always jab after showering
  2. No always pretty steady with my jabs, did same as normal. Had pip before but not any swelling/firmness so wasnt sure so thought best to check.
  3. I Rotate delts and quads so every 4 week use same site. Will try the ibuprofen just want to be sure its not an infection
  4. No mate its not the pain thats the problem its just worrying me that its gone firm around where ive jabbed as this hasn’t happened before and ive only jabbed half a ml
  5. So this is a first, ive pinned half a ml of test c into my delt, been using this vial for around 2 months completely fine. My delt has gone very firm where ive pinned and hurts slightly when touched but only if i push onto it. Its like ive got a constant pump in my delt, never happened before. No change in temperature of where i pinned though. Pinned yesterday
  6. Agree but was watching JP and he was jabbing test e everyday?? Must be a shot volume thing for him in guessing as he was on around 2.5g overall aas at the time I think
  7. I can understand that with test e as it's only 4.5 days but cyp is 8 so once weekly is technically more than enough. Although I know its its probably a minor difference, but I use cyp as I dont see why, if pinning once a week, youd choose test e's 4.5 days half life over 8 off cyp. Apart from the slight price difference in the two, which is also minor.
  8. Whys it wrong to pin cyp once weekly, it has a 8 day half life mate?
  9. Hold on a second there mate its 55kg not 35!! Seriously though, i understand where you're coming from mate. It took me a good year to understand as well, I thought the problem was always I wasn't doing enough. The problem I was doing Too much! Ended up I think doing about 20 sets a week for biceps and like 30 for chest, obviously the more the better right??? Gave up for a month until I decided id jump on a program, cant remember what it was but it worked! Low volume and high intensity. I think hes best off just finding his maintenance, sticking to a reasonable surplus consinstently and training a simple program that's tried and tested. As you'll know it all just comes down to being consistent with diet and training, as long as your training allows you to recover efficiently and make progress, if your eating enough protein and calories you WILL get bigger
  10. Hes going to need to lift heavy at some point mate and says hes already doing sets of 8 which is still on the heavy rep range. 5x5 will require about the same weight anyway for him than a 3x8 to hit the same reps on every set
  11. I didn't consider 5x5 as others have suggested and I'd think that would be a much better option for you mate for you to understand how progression works. It doesnt get much simpler than that program.
  12. https://www.intensemuscle.com/forum/main-forums/the-dogg-pound/18355-new-to-dc-training-come-on-in Best place to understand the whole program very long read but worth it if you really want to use the program. It does say for advanced lifters but you can still use it and will make very good progress if you do.
  13. Oh I see, it just means 3-5 warm up sets. Warm up sets just need to be at least 4 reps from failure, and make sure you dont jump to quickly between warm up sets so your 100% for your working set. The 11-15 rep range is the reps combined between all 3 sets in the rest pause, so e.g. 8 reps, 12 breath pause, 5 reps, 12 breath pause, 12 breaths pause then 2 reps. Every set should still be until you cant push out another rep. It really is a simple program and eliminates any questions for when you cant progress, you switch your exercises when you fail to progress that lift twice in a row. If your failing to progress multiple lifts or the same muscle group on both exercises your either not eating enough cals/protein or you have a serious lack of sleep allowing you not to recover, or you just need a week off as you're over trained. The 11-15 rest pause rep range should be used for compound movements, or for squats and deads you do a heavy max set of 6-10 followed by removing weight and doing another sets of 14-20.
  14. I dont know about the submaxial sets or where you've read that so not sure, but how I do DC is very simple and works for me. I dont do the rest pause sets which is kind of the whole "DC thing" but it's not necessary. My workouts take me around 70mins but yours will likely be much shorter as you may only need 3 warm up sets for each exercise whereas I do around 5 warm up sets for heavy compounds before my top set, but if your top set for bench is say 60kgx12 your warm up sets would only be 20kgx16 40kgx12 and 60kgx8. If u want to train DC follow Dogcrapps actual guidelines on intensemuscle or I think it's the same on T Nation, however i do mine with a loading sets and back off sets, with some back off sets rest pauses depending on the muscle. If you dont want to do the rest pausing either, follow the same split as in DC, and do 1 all out set, to absolute complete failure for each exercise. Once you've made progress on that exercise add another set to it when you do and see if you can still progress using 2 sets. For some muscles you'll be able to progress doing 3 sets, for some you might only recover from 1. You just need to learn what your body can recover from. Just make sure you put everything you have into every set, it's all about beating numbers. Make sure you track every workout, write your numbers down everytime and every workout go in and try your best to beat them, more reps or more weights. You wont need 3 different exercises either at your level so I'd go with 2 as you can easily make progress doing exercises every 9 days with your current lifts. Just make 4 workouts for each training block, I do 6 weeks on 1 week rest, you will need weeks off if you want to keep progressing. Hope that helps and I really suggest you give that a try as if your diets good and you follow DC correctly and really put your effort into it you'll see what you can really do in 18 months! Ps sorry for rambling its 4am and my insomnia is at its peak lol
  15. I'd still say after 1 and a half years training your lifts should be higher than what they are mate. I recommend u find a training program completely based on progression of your lifts that's been tried and tested by hundreds of bodybuilders/powerlifters. Two I've used are 531 and DC training by Dante Trudel, or follow/read about Jordan Peter's and his methods as they're very similar,or even Dorian Yates. You could try DC but really stick at it for a year and follow the instructions exactly, they're pretty simple. On DC Everytime you go in the gym you've just got to beat the numbers of the last time you did that exercise on the rotation split and if you dont, you know the problem lies in your diet and/or sleep. I love training this way and imo u make alot more progress than standard volume training (setsxreps)