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  1. UGL proviron

    I regularly use proviron for libido and better mood and it certainly helps give my cycle a boost so great results all round. I did use bayer for years but the cost was crippling me, I took the plunge in to ugl proviron and have found Dunning the best by far for both effectiveness and value for money ,others I've used when Dunning not available are Nexus and SG , both did ok but can not beat Dunning in my opinion.
  2. What a great thorough reply mate. Thank you
  3. I know it's a bit off topic but why never run decca again please, after reading many good reports about it's worth at relatively low dose max 300mg I have just got some in, now I am doubting myself . Can you share your thoughts please. Thanks .
  4. Ione pharma

    Vidalista are 20mg tablets you are right dunning are 30mg capsules, funnily enough just got a pack of dunning cialis and they are labelled 50 X 50mg .
  5. Ione pharma

    These are 20mg, I use a pil cutter and chop them into 4 pieces use a quarter e very day, gives me great results on demand and knock on effect is it keep blood pressure in check.
  6. Dnp brand

    Agree , have used and spot on and properly dosed 200mg. ?
  7. Southern ghost, nexus , dunning and dimension all gtg .
  8. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Hi @ElChapo, can suprdrol be ran for 10 weeks along side Ttm, im planning on doing a 15 week cycle Ttm @250ml each and suprdrol and or Anavar, would you please advise me on which to run and at what dose please , a general guide would be great the suprdrol or anavar or both,I am after leaning up for june holiday, done lots of cycles been training 40 years, I'm 57 and in good shape and good cardio and diet. Never used superdrol but the others on various cycles. Many thanks.
  9. Ione pharma

    Vidalista the one with the pic of the horse, it is excellent and standard good quality, however, as I mentioned the best ugl one that compares is Dunning, But you are right in saying pharma can be just as cheap as ugl so why gamble.
  10. Ione pharma

    Dunning labs not donning
  11. Ione pharma

    I've used nexus labs cialis and rubbish , started using the Indian pharma brand with the pic of the horse on and they are spot on but ran out if those couldn't get any when needed so tried donning 30ml capsules and they are just as good as the Indian ones and great value too . Hope this helps.
  12. Anyone use Nebido or Test D?

    I used them as trt mate, 4 mil every 6 weeks , not exactly nibido protocol but worked well for me .
  13. Anyone use Nebido or Test D?

    Dunning and dragon pharma I've used both recently and both gtg.
  14. Nexus problems?

    Totally agree I have had no problems with any of there gear, except cialis , I tried doubling the dose and still nothing. I source the 20mg ones from India they are the dogs.
  15. Excellent reply, thank you .