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  1. I would suggest not adding anything and just increasing trt dose
  2. 100mg Anavar vs 50/50 winstrol/Anavar

    Nice cutting stack ? Won’t see much difference out of the 2. Stick with anavar 100mg.
  3. how things have changed

    Sg is still about
  4. Thor retired?

    Thor is a cry baby sore loser. Hope Eddie smashes him.
  5. Conspiracy theories

    I can’t wrap my head around the protecting and sympathising of pedos. A film on amazon called: I, Pedophile. It’s f%%king insane. A lawyer in California is trying to revisit a law that gives consent for gay men to have sex with 14-17 year old consenting boys. Lets hope ghislaine stays alive long enough to spill some names. The world cant continue down this path.
  6. That’s already happening. They have started defunding the police departments, police being told to stand down, giving riots a free pass to burn loot murder. Check out Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, crime has skyrocketed In these cities.
  7. Hi the same corrupt district attorney in the links below - https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.fox5atlanta.com/news/paul-howard-ousted-after-serving-more-than-2-decades-as-fulton-county-da.amp Different news source if you don’t like fox’ version - https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.theblaze.com/amp/paul-howard-ousted-as-atlanta-da-2646972621
  8. Sphinx Cyp is it Prop?

    Sphinx doesn’t make 200mg test prop and it would be very obvious when making it.
  9. Any bb? Sounds like there could be some moisture in the raws. Surprised you haven’t hadn’t test e arrive solid before. Happens when it melts and cools.
  10. Call me 'Crazy' but.....

    People have found a way round it, it’s called BLM.
  11. Twitter has been hacked

    It’s a shite platform, much larger in the USA. Still it’s a big deal, being swept under the carpet.
  12. Twitter has been hacked

    I’m surprised this has gone unnoticed by ukm. Some big accounts hacked, Obama, Biden, Elon musk, bill gates, warren buffett, apple, Uber...The accounts were used to scam bitcoin from users.
  13. You are looking to source a new lab due to a lack of gains, but won’t accept it is lack calories. Seen it all to often.
  14. Says the person who isn’t gaining in a supposed surplus and has managed to find supposed fake gear lol.
  15. Best Brand of Anavar

    That really isn’t what magnesium stearate is used for, it used as a flow agent at about 1% of the mix.