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    Andyjmc got a reaction from TERBO in Prolactin from tren   
    Using arimidex at 0.5mg mon/Thursday  could probably get away with a little less but I’m quite prone to estrogen tbh so prefer to play it safe.
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    Andyjmc got a reaction from Mr-modster in Hygetropin 100iu   
    This is the one i get and it verifys as real

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    Andyjmc got a reaction from Mr-modster in Hygetropin 100iu   
    This is the one i get and it verifys as real

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    Andyjmc got a reaction from Charles Moore in Hgh brand   
    what brand of hgh has everyone been running , something I want to try and see what results I can get from it, can currently get my hand on green top Hygetropin or Chinese Jintropin .
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    Andyjmc got a reaction from Quackerz in Xanax to lower anxiety   
    Ye i have about 7 left going to start taking down , they are good but feel when im on then i lose all emotions so time to stop i think 
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    Andyjmc reacted to 18557 in 10 weeks of Deca & Test = nothing   

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    Andyjmc got a reaction from SAW in 10 weeks of Deca & Test = nothing   
    eat big get big
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    Andyjmc got a reaction from GMme in Is southern ghost back?   
    Friends been using there rip blend and said it’s g2g, I’m 2 jabs in to there test e and so far so good , really smooth no pip.
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    Andyjmc reacted to Mylittlepony in Is southern ghost back?   
    Used ws without issues. Verified my old orders with tm. 
    I love to hear all these stories from people who are in the “know” lol. No but they are really in the “know”.  Hear it all the time with lab dramas. 
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    Andyjmc reacted to sitries in I’m done with pharma grade gear!   
    If its real you can’t get better test 
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    Andyjmc got a reaction from sitries in I’m done with pharma grade gear!   
    Your box is from Bulgaria so it’s sold in Bulgarian pharmacy’s,   The address on the box is pharmaswiss address,   The address in the leaflet will be in Poland that’s where it’s made.  Pharmaswiss took over from jelfa about 3-4 year ago but carried on making it in the same factory just put there name on the box.
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    Andyjmc got a reaction from sitries in thoughts on off season blast.   
    I’d stay clear of eq tbh unless you don’t mind having the sexdrive of a 80 year old and bp issues.5weeks in and I had to drop eq, wish I started dhb now.
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    Andyjmc reacted to darren.1987 in Medichecks test results   
    I'd personally wait for a week minimum.. you will soon realise within 4 or 5 days as you should feel improvement.
    then after 7-10 days try adex at 0.25mg on jab day. and then note if you get the same low e2 symptoms after using it etc
    takes around 7-14 days for e2 to rise for me but some who aromatise easier may notice earlier.
    I definately noticed within a week or so as the symptoms we mentioned began to subside
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    Andyjmc reacted to darren.1987 in Medichecks test results   
    go off how you actually feel.
    is your libido/appetite/skin decent?
    if my e2 was that low as per your results I would feel crap.. everyone's different so don't relate the blood test purely to if it's alright etc.
    mine came back at 131pmol and I had low e2 symptoms. dry skin, no libido and some ED. plus my appetite went down drastically.. struggled to get down 2500 calories.
      the test is dosed decent so that's a positive
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    Andyjmc reacted to stuey99 in Eq/loss of libido   
    Our bodies change mate. My need for an ai etc is different to what it was 5 years ago. Every cycle is different. I'd do as you suggested...lower your adex dose for 2-3 weeks and see how you are 
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    Andyjmc got a reaction from gavzilla in Eq/loss of libido   
    Had my bloods done oestrogen  is fine so unsure whats causing the problem.
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    Andyjmc reacted to Lloyd H in Medichecks test results   
    Yes they look fine mate 
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    Andyjmc reacted to G-man99 in Triumph or nexus ??   
    Decent stuff 
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    Andyjmc reacted to swole troll in Biggest cycle you’ve run   
    the magic starts when you get training and nutrition dialed in and realize that PEDs are simply supplements 

    take it from someone with many years of self experimentation at times to extremely excessive lengths 

    no one wants to hear this but 'you can only put on so much muscle per month' 

    once you've reached this threshold there is no benefit to adding: more gear, insulin, growth hormone, food, training volume ect 

    its like trying to fill a litre bottle with 2 litres of fluid, sure you can pump that extra litre in but all that excess fluid is just going to spill down the sides of the bottle and you'll still be left with the same litre of fluid only with a load of excess all over the floor 

    now imagine that fluid as PEDs and then everything spilling on the floor is just extra side effects

    TRUST me this is all that happens
    taking 1g of trenbolone did NOTHING more than 500mg did for me, in fact i gained worse because i could not sleep, my digestion was destroyed as was my appetite and systemic stress off the charts. 

    treat the gear like food, gaining 0.5 - 1lb per week is going to net you maximal muscle mass (provided all other variables are in place) with minimal spill over into unwanted effects (fat gain in this scenario) so eating enough to gain 3 - 4lb per week is not where the magic happens in fact its where the magic turns into unwanted effect
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    Andyjmc got a reaction from halfbar in Test + EQ or just Test?   
    If you got good gains from just test then just repeat the same cycle again no need to add compounds in especially since it’s only going to be your second cycle, but if your set on running eq then 500 test 400eq would be a good start I think.
    as for control I always run Arimidex at the start think I was taking 0.25 mg mon,wed,fri when I took 500 mg sust. Better to control it in the beginning then to try combat side affects when they occur( gyno being one of them).
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    Andyjmc reacted to ILLBehaviour in Any other good powerful steroids other than dbol   
    Am I reading this right op, you can make gains just natty but can't make gains on cycle ? are you being serious ?
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    Andyjmc got a reaction from Kirkyyahoo in Any info on sopharma sustanon 250 please?   
    Pics ? Never heard of sopharma sust before.
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    Andyjmc reacted to Jtomo2309 in Legit Rohm   
    To give an answer to the original question... looks fine to me, the older stuff had made and expiry dates, newer stuff just the expiry
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    Andyjmc got a reaction from Vince the Mince in Legit Rohm   
    Bulgaria mate 
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    Andyjmc reacted to TERBO in Arimidex with tamoxifen   
    Nolva might make the liver process the adex quicker... reckon you'll be fine