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  1. Used keifei a few times without any pip.
  2. Prolactin from tren

    Using arimidex at 0.5mg mon/Thursday could probably get away with a little less but I’m quite prone to estrogen tbh so prefer to play it safe.
  3. So am coming up to week 3 on 600mg test e and 400mg of tren e and have noticed libido is starting to disappear. Ive ran tren twice before it past with the same problem but caber solved the problem, just with everything thats going on atm my source for caber said he might struggle to get it to me ( from bulgaria). Read online that vitamin b6 could help? Anyone used this and it worked for them ? If so what dose did you use worst comes to worst ill order caber from another source.
  4. Nexus problems?

    I was the same few months back, switched to there test c and had no problems.
  5. Hcg on cycle

    I’ve just tried that Ovigil and didn’t seem to work I even done a 5000 shot still nothing
  6. Hcg on cycle

    Anyone reccomend a brand of hcg currently using ovigil and its two snap vials bit of a pain to get out .
  7. The tri tren is spot on mate no pip at all and definately g2g
  8. No pip mate but i i did get pip from there test e 300 and also nexus test e 300 and the pip was really bad so decided to go for there tri tren 400 as its similiar esters to sust.
  9. I’m currently using there tri test 400 and seem to be doing as it should.
  10. Hcg on cycle

    I’ve always ran it 3 week prior to ending a cycle then nothing for 2 weeks then tamoxifen at 40 40 20 20 and it’s just seemed to work for me, now am wondering would it be beneficial taking it 500iu 2x a week all through cycle ?
  11. Southern Ghost Test E 300

    There’s test e 300 gave me horrendous pip so switched to there tri test 400 and it’s been spot on .
  12. Hygetropin 100iu

    This is the one i get and it verifys as real
  13. Anyone used it on cycle to help with shrinkage etc got a few boxes lieng around and think of using it at 500iu 2x per week , is this a good/bad idea/ any benefit to it.
  14. Xanax to lower anxiety

    Ye i have about 7 left going to start taking down , they are good but feel when im on then i lose all emotions so time to stop i think
  15. Xanax to lower anxiety

    I’m on other anti anxiety tabs called duloxetine so kinda hoping it won’t hit me as hard .