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  1. I took 20mg about 30 mins ago nothing lol if anyone had a good source for legit yohimbine could you please message me thanks.
  2. Might of been back then, I should definitely of felt something from 10mg I'm going to take 20mg in the morning fasted if this doesn't work then I obviously have a bad batch.
  3. Anyone tried sphinx? I can get their yohimbine
  4. Yh I took it fasted, I've taken yohimbine before and I got cold sweats and it made my erections real good lol so I know what to look for.
  5. Dam that's disappointing I thought dimensions would of be good
  6. Anyone used dimensions yohimbine? Took 10mg noticed nothing
  7. I literally don't even feel any different, it doesn't make me feel any different that even with blood tests showing very high testosterone I still have thoughts in my head thinking is this test fake lol
  8. What is better dimensions test prop or sphinx test prop? Or both good?
  9. Na this is the first time using HCG
  10. No just same brand one I used is new
  11. Hygene hugotropin 5000iu
  12. I've used this same bac water before for peptides so don't think it's the bac water.
  13. Thursday injected 500iu hcg , Friday had diarrhea all day and stomach pains and appetite gone down and feel off with nausea , not as bad today but still having diarrhea and stomach pains and appetite is still down could this be the hcg or just something else ?
  14. Hcg

    Did the test came back positive so all good .
  15. What's the right way to test if HCG is real with a pregnancy test? Should you mix some drops with water and dip the test in or just put some drops of HCG on the test?