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  1. Calories

    I have lots of dirrahoea and loose stools , I get lots of bloating I go toilet about 6-7 times a day majority of it being loose stools like I have to rush to the toilet . I also have to wipe loads of times after going . And I just have this feeling in my stomach that feels like food is just sitting there.
  2. Calories

    Yh 100 percent getting 5000 calories Ive tracked calories for years so I know I'm doing it right . Typical day is like this Pea protein,oat power and banana shake X2 2 quarter pounder burgers with a pouch of rice . Litre of goats milk 2 cheese and ham toasties. Greek yoghurt Noodles Will normally throw in junk to get the calories up as my appetite is s**t. Yes I'm on 240 testosterone atm . I'm not on T3. I do have digestive problems.
  3. Calories

  4. Calories

    Is there anyway to somehow eat less to gain weight? I'm 84kg and I'm barely even putting on weight while eating 5000 calories if I eat less I start to lose weight . I don't have excessive activity or anything so I don't understand why I need so many calories to gain weight . Long term goal of mine is to be about 100kg but to be at this weight I would have to eat what 7000 calories maybe even more?
  5. Tren Flatness

    Dam you bulk on 4000 calories at 102kg? I'm 84kg ATM and struggling to put on weight with 5000 calories lol
  6. Received anadrol yesterday took 50mg in the morning , all night my libido was sky high lol and today it's the same I haven't had this high libido in a very long time possible for anadrol to work this fast lol? Also my appetite is down pretty bad today wasn't expecting to get this so soon went with 25mg today .
  7. Problem tensing biceps

    Thing is though I've never had this problem before ever since I was like 12 I could always tense and feel that tight feeling lol only couples week I haven't been able too.
  8. For a few weeks now I haven't been able to really feel my biceps tense like if flex my biceps they of course get bigger like when you flex but I just can't feel the flex feeling that sort of tight feeling, if I tense any other muscle I can easily feel the tight feeling but some reason I'm not feeling it in my biceps anymore . Anyone have an idea what could be going on ?
  9. How long before workout is good?
  10. Yh might do superdrol but I've heard it's very harsh so I'm still undecided lol
  11. Thinking of trying out one of these, which one of these is less likely to cause problems with libido and erections? Or can they increase them? Also going with southern ghost so if anyone has experience with their superdrol and anadrol would appreciate feedback .
  12. Test and fatigue

    It doesn't matter how much sodium I have I still get the fatigue.
  13. Test and fatigue

    Out of these I'd think heavy days would be likely but I only get this if I go over 300 test
  14. Test and fatigue

    Definitely not undereating lol
  15. Test and fatigue

    Yh could be something I should look into.