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  1. Proviron

    No one know?
  2. Proviron

    I can get hold of two different looking provirons not sure which one to go with anyone know which one is legit or are they both good?
  3. Anyone used Their tbol? Any good?
  4. What dose did you use? And what difference from trt with test did you feel? Was it better running tren only trt Vs test?
  5. Anyone used this one before ?
  6. When is the best time to get test prop blood test done? Same day of injection or next day? And would the blood test show a smaller testosterone level compared to enanthate even at the same mgs a week? Because it leaves the body quicker so less build up of test showing less in the blood?
  7. Southern ghost

    Just use that site and order 25 or 27 g needles 1 inch should be fine or buy insulin syringes and order 2ml syringes to go with 25 or 27g needles . 27g should be fine as you are using thin oil. Use your 23s for drawing the oil up.
  8. Southern ghost

    Why are you using 23g lol atleast use 25g? Even 27g it's pretty easy to get test through Don't southern use MCT so 27 should be easy.
  9. Southern ghost

    Anyone also used Southern ghost aromasin, proviron and Cialis and t3 If so are they any good?
  10. Sorry I'll delete
  11. What's southern ghosts testosterone propionate 100/ml pip like?
  12. New lab cenzo pharma

    How did you get on with cenzo prop? I was thinking off giving their prop a try.