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  1. Someone who makes gear might have an idea but it could have moisture in there, had a t400 look kinda similar, seller told me bin it and sent a new, but yours might just look that way
  2. Like most other steroids, a vial of oil. Colour will vary based on what oil is used, considering at most you have 25mg in a whole vial the colour of the raws won’t have much bearing I’d imagine, seen yellow ones, clear ones, already posted a pic in another on your threads which was quite self explanatory
  3. Pharmacom / ROHM

    Yeah if I remember rightly the test wasn’t crazy, but I use mast Npp etc etc in all my cycles so makes it pointless for me as the few pharmacom bits I have tried have done no more for me than a solid Uk lab. I think if I’d had bad experience with labs maybe I’d use it but from apollo to triumph to nexus I’ve never had anything not work exactly how it should (The old triumph not the new crap with codes on etc) Main point was pip for one person doesn’t mean labs dirty or produced badly, just means that one person doesn’t get on with it, loads of lads couldn’t use Zafa sust, was pharma but just gave bad pip. But obviously if you sell 1 lab and a thread comes up with someone getting pip from a lab you compete for business with, them certain lads like to blow it up as if the labs selling acid in a bottle lol
  4. Pharmacom / ROHM

    While you’re right pharmacom are overpriced and no better than any other illegal steroid lab. What people don’t seem to be able to comprehend is loads of people get pip from pharma grade gear, people love to just parrot what they read and say the gears made bad, when I doubt pharma companies are putting out dodgy gear Pip can be caused by the oil used, solvents, trace amounts of by products from the manufacturing process of Test e etc etc, doesn’t mean the gear was made bad, just a percentage of users might not get on with it. but it fits people’s agendas to blow bad pip for one person out of proportion to make a lab look bad this is from somebody who would never pay pharmacom (don’t comment “it’s cheap if you know where to look, no, it’s not, you just have no idea what others actually pay for gear)
  5. Aromasin

    The top sources on eroids just pay to be ranked that high That’s where most new lads will go and as such prices are extortionate as they know new lads don’t know any better After a while you’ll find more discrete sources which are 30-50% cheaper and the gear is better, not sis Intex and bloody pharmaque
  6. Aromasin

    I take it the guy charging that much is the same one saying it’s about right
  7. Aromasin

    Get a better source, that’s extortion even for pharma
  8. This any good?

    The whole forum can assure you you’ll be fine, be riskier drinking 2 red bulls ffs
  9. 2 reasons 1. (Main reason) I feel 10x better on it than enanthate, sex drive has been an issue with most my cycles lately, since switching to this I feel amazing in all aspects associated with injecting test. 2. When I drop to cruise my levels will fall a lot quicker so a larger percentage of my cruise will be spent at test levels I consider optimal for recovering health markers, compared to Enanthate where levels will stay higher than I would like for a large part of my cruise. Id use Test p if I could but just won’t bring myself to pin EOD, twice a week is max for me personally apart from the odd mtren with a slin pin lol
  10. Like 70 euros if I remember rightly, and yes 1ml or 3 tablets
  11. Because anytime anyone posted any lads that sell other labs called the test fake. Was. Just a s**t show, it’s really not expensive to get gear tested as people make out, I’ve had a few bits tested and the results match all the test results on my sources site so I’m happy enough.
  12. This any good?

    Well you would be wrong. Take 5 of those tabs and then tell me it’s unlikely to be fake, I’ve had fake mtren twice and tbh fake gear is hard to find in my opinion but mtren is definitely faked a lot as it’s not your run of the mill steroid
  13. This any good?

    I remember that thread, can’t remember the forum, he was being a bit silly if I remember, was using like 4/5mg a day? But still makes you wonder. on the other hand when I was young and stupid I took a pot of mtren away on holiday with me and was taking 1mg a day just too look good round the pool, liver values were only slightly elevated when I had bloods after coming home.
  14. This any good?

    I just do 1ml mate, possibly not needed but I’m on a heavy blast already and just chucked this in my order as I’m right at the end of a long bulk and motivation to keep pushing heavier weights is lacking a little now, this has give me a whole new kick in the gym. You don’t sit there buzzing like some people say from my experience, but you’ll notice you’ve done your normal workout and don’t feel like you’ve done anything so end up smashing out a lot more sets etc, I’m only two weeks in but I’ve been hitting a PB every time I’ve remembered to take it. I think it would be great to add at the tail end of a long cut too when strength starts to dip and again motivation can start to waiver but I wouldn’t want to use it every workout for the duration of a cycle
  15. This any good?

    Dosage - I’d say if legit 1mg is good, 2mg is max I went purpose - strength and aggression increase pwo Definitely one of the strongest But there’s no chance they’re real, sis wouldn’t even get standard orals like dbol and Oxy right, let alone mtren which is largely faked. This on the other hand is legit mtren, 60 minutes pwo and you’re flying