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  1. Var effect on Kidneys

    Would you say theirs a risk of masking a underlying problem using astragulas? Only ask as I take 8g daily year round, and it did improve all my kidney values massively, but before I used it my values weren’t the best, nothing crazy but always floating with being out of range, eGFR was always a bit low but read this is normal for anyone carrying more muscle mass than your average person.
  2. Nexus labs

    What ever lab is top of that scale.. Nexus is that lab on steroids
  3. Mass 450

    I didn’t mention anything about looking good for the beach You made a broad statement about not knowing why people use more than 500mg of test and I answered for the same reason virtually every competitive bodybuilder and strong man use more than that, to get bigger and stronger than they would on 500mg. Just because YOUR goals don’t require more than 500mg of test doesn’t mean anything to everyone else, which is why most pros cruise on more than that.
  4. Mass 450

    Same reason people that are winning the Olympia and other shows are on a lot more than 500mg a week. Don’t think the OP is in that bracket but that’s a very broad statement to make.
  5. Any gyms still open?

    Exactly this, I don’t know anyone who actually bothers, news are just making a big deal as always, everyone is still flying Dubai I live in London, police haven’t got a chance policing it. My brother flew back from Spain a week or so ago and just carried on as usual, no swat team has taken him yet
  6. You’re on a forum where people openly inject a hormone made for beefing up cattle, bottled by a drug dealer in a storage container, I think that answers your question on if people are worried
  7. Any gyms still open?

    Pretty much that, my best mates been going to the gym years and the owner didn’t pick him to be allowed in as he keeps to himself, I’ll talk to anyone so when lockdown was being rumoured he pulled me aside and said I could come in along with about 15-20 others. Dubai have offered to pay anyone’s healthcare if they get sick out there as they wasn’t tourism, so basically one of the few places you can live a normal life right now, have 3 mates that moved there just due to this 3rd lockdown, just sit on the beach with their laptops and go gym as they all “work from home”
  8. Any gyms still open?

    Gyms still open, all 3 lockdowns and tier 4 shite, just switches to back door and closes windows. All depends on location and what your neighbours are like I suppose on if you can pull it off. Fingers crossed he maintains it again as I’m literally training for 5 days a week atm through boredom Soon as wife finds someone trustworthy to employ for her business I’m fu**ing off to Dubai until this blows over, which I never thought I’d say as not a country I’m interested in, but seems to be one of the few places where you can live a normal life atm.
  9. Got 180kg of plates EZ bar Squat rack and bench Olympic DBs lat pull down/tricep extension/Bicep call Various attachments But gyms letting me in so my training carries on as normal, but decent back up incase neighbours decide to snitch on the gym
  10. I’ll check tonight if mine are actually vac sealed, I’m not sure now but it’s definitely not vac sealed like Ansomone that literally pulls the plunger in the second you put the needle in I think they’re vac sealed but it’s just a lot weaker but will confirm tonight. As I’ve said mate, yours look identical to mine and bloods always come back sky high so for me it’s irrelevant what anyone says on here when they’re doing what they should in the real world
  11. No idea at all but would get money you inject a vial before bed you’ll feel it the next day for sure lol If you’re still unsure book a hgh test on medichecks, when you see the results you can buy a few more boxes. Said it in another thread, plenty of people want to chime in but they ain’t got a single blood test to back up what they say, I’ve had 3 now on different Hyges and always been good. You and me both know where the Hyges came from so you know I don’t benefit tell you this mate.
  12. Wouldn’t worry, some of mine are some aren't, and that’s in the same box, bloods always come back good, They’re definitely legit
  13. Nexus sust bloodwork

    One of the most knowledgeable people on here as given a solid answer and I don’t think he uses Nexus. But you’ll still see lads that have done 1 of 2 cycles blurt out “I got this number so yours is under dosed “ My brother gets twice my readings on Test and we’ve shared the same vial before
  14. National Lockdown

    I thank what ever god is up there that my gym owner in London has let me and Mrs in the last 2 lockdowns With nothing else to do I’m just gona train 6 days a week, eat and sleep and come out the other side fu**ing stacked f**k Boris, Old or people with medical conditions stay inside until your vaccinated, anyone else who is fit and healthy should be out keeping the country going and just build up immunity, me and loads I know have had it and it’s fu**ing nothing to worry about if your healthy, was tired for about 2 days, Mrs lost her taste but felt fine, would happily have it for a month over food poising for a couple days
  15. Not a wind up, but nobody has actually used it to give feedback.