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  1. s**t loads of Malay clen about, I’m taking 2 tabs with some yohimbine as week speak, bloody good combo, take both with a black coffee in the morning and don’t eat till 12 so I effectively fast for 16 hours, really gives the yohimbine the chance to shine from my experience.
  2. Finally, felt like I was crazy I had Proviron that I took up to 200mg a day just to finish the pack and had nothing in there, 50mg of Legit proviron I can feel. Was from their main distributor too, but everyone falls for the fancy marketing lik they’re not just another illegal drugs lab set up in a company with lax laws which allows them the freedom to promote so openly, but they’re far from pharma that’s for sure
  3. Cialis

    Definitely legit, faking vidalista would be as useful faking a Tesco’s plastic bag, the price on a strip at wholesale ain’t far off a Tesco’s bag actually
  4. Best labs currently

    @Chelsea rated it but think it got him too big so he can type on his phone anymore as ain’t seen him around in ages
  5. Best labs currently

    Don’t know how I didn’t catch that and replied seriously was in between 180kg squats in my defence
  6. Best labs currently

    Was sarcastic, there are other good labs but they’re my go too labs. Inone are probably the only lab that’s not pushed and I don’t think you can find a bad word said about it anywhere yet it’s been around ages if you search up threads on it, just seems to tick along without any drama.
  7. Best labs currently

    Can we just close the thread now and leave it at If it’s not Nexus or Inone then throw it in your frying pan and fry your eggs with it as that’s all it’s good for. Thread closed
  8. New Triumph Range...

    Yeah proper shame mate, not like there’s any other good UGLs about, real gutted for ya
  9. Galenika test E serbia

    Mine are defo legit but have blue dots not white. Does the other side of the box have a hologram?
  10. How was it mate? Was it bulk or cut? I’ve managed to get to my leanest ever and decided the massive bulks are over, can’t use Tren and DHB is just too painful unfortunately, so was gona run a gram of primo but then thought why not just high test and mast, keep it simple but still unsure.
  11. Medichecks are crap lately imo, going to do a thread later today, I’ve had some bloods lately that I know for certain are wrong
  12. Tren Replacement

    You wouldn’t notice primo if you was on Npp pal and for what it costs I wouldn’t bother. I ran a test pp and Npp blend last winter and was the best bulking cycle I’ve ran to date, throw in some mast and it’s my favourite stack test Npp mast
  13. Source I along with virtually 90% of the forum use has loads
  14. Tren Replacement

    Nothing really comes close. For gaining I’d say NPP is better though. For cutting DHB was very close but pip was unbelievable so had to give up eventually High dose primo, I’m doing this now but will hurt your wallet!
  15. I shrunk it years ago and was fine when I stopped the nolva I was taking so reckon I’ll be fine once I stop this. Providing my E2 is in range I’d be very surprised it comes back. Mines about 13 years old so was gona take some serious work to get rid but lockdown gave me the perfect time to commit to taking my Ralox each night and it’s defo paid off