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  1. My box says each vial contains the equivalent of 150iu LH 150iu FSH I just take a vial a week split into 2 injections. In my opinion, which I’m sure people will want to dispute, it will preserve my fertility better than HCG considering you need both FSH and LH for sperm production from my understanding. If you’re not fussed on fertility or already have kids I reckon it’s pointless
  2. As I said it feels better to me than when I was using 1000iu hcg a week
  3. I use it all year i feel it keeps the balls fuller
  4. I’m doing 75iu 2x a week and seems better than when I was using 1000iu a week hcg
  5. Got a squat rack, a foldable bench and some Olympic dumbbells so I can squat deadlift bench barbel row shoulder press loads of isolation with the DBs If I can’t get in top shape with that then my diet or training is wank, gona extend my cruise but still gona start my primo in next 2 weeks and carry on as normal.
  6. I’ve ordered a massive home gym setup so still gona run my primo blast in a few weeks, hopefully step back in the gym in the best shape I’ve been in If i couldn’t do that I’d probably stay on TRT dose and just up my hgh dosage, do some cardio and a decent body weight/Dumbbell routine
  7. EO oil ??

    Basically makes the oil a lot thinner and reduces pip. Some people are allergic to it but they’re the minority, if you’re not allergic it’s great stuff as makes pinning with a slin pin very easy
  8. Anyone using nexus test e

    Considering you mention the thinner oil, NP probably use EO, it greatly reduces pip in people that aren’t allergic (small percentage are) The site I use has 2 versions of the Test E, with and without EO, the EO version is pipless for me. To OP not using atm but always been good when used previously.
  9. Wow Just to confirm I’d be taking about 160-240mg iron a day.
  10. HCT says 0.53 L/L, take it that’s the same as 53%? Picked up some Iron bisglycinate with vitamin C, each capsule is 18mg of iron so take 4 (72mg), Would you say thats enough or should I be taking more Thanks for help
  11. @ElChapo Got bloods back after being on a cruise for about 7 weeks now Most markers are fine but my HCT is 0.53 so a bit high, planned to donate again but my ferritin is very low based on what I’ve read here Im not allowed to do at for another 6 weeks, Would supplementing iron while waiting to donate risk my HCT level go through the roof? Any advice appreciated
  12. Pointless question really Will get lads saying they got pip with X lab and others saying they were fine Not only will everyone react differently to each lab, they will also get on differently with each batch But to answer question never had pip with any of the labs I used, Nexus, Triumph, TM, SG, Sphinx, Inone Only bad pip I can remember is a short rip blend from Apollo, but if a 250mg short Ester didn’t hurt I’d be worried and DHB, from all the labs, they all give pip
  13. Ione pharma

    The Test p is spot on, only using 50mg EOD subQ and bloods came back spot on
  14. Sphinx

    Was thinking the same thing can literally put Sphinx in the search bar and stuff from yesterday pops up