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  1. One of the best posts I’ve seen for in a while
  2. Had it before, goes mad for first few week then completely vanishes, had it on both oxys and var.
  3. Only annoying thing is you can’t microwave this new triumph, f**k knows what the labels are made from but they just bubble up and start burning , back on the hob like old times
  4. Test + DHB + ?

    Sounds a perfect cycle for what your goals are mate. All I would say is that if you was getting lumps injecting test and mast I would come up with some sort of plan to manage DHB injections as DHB will cause pip no matter what, but can make it manageable if you split it up enough and use smooth gear with it to dilute it a little
  5. Test + DHB + ?

    Are you cutting or bulking mate? Only reason I’m on that amount of test is I’m going to be bulking, if it was a cut I’d keep it down around 250 tbh 450mg DHB was still very good, 600 probably isn’t needed
  6. Test + DHB + ?

    Definitely doesn’t aromatise I’d keep mast in personally to try water down DHB pip Used DHB a few times now and it’s my next cycle 600mg Test 600mg DHB 400mg Mast
  7. 100mg Anavar 100% Will vary as some lads love Winstrol, I hate the stuff
  8. Rohm (advice)

    What are you on about lol Seen more Rohm and SG threads than either of those labs over the last few months, and only see positives. I was purely fu**ing about with the lad as it seemed a pointless thread which ended up him just telling everyone it’s a top lab randomly. There’s like 3 mods on this place and only 1 has mentioned he’s tried nexus, haven’t seen him mention the other 2 labs, are people really spasticated enough to think you can pay your way on here, Be telling me ‘most Anavar is Winstrol’ next ffs lol
  9. Rohm (advice)

    Loads of great labs.
  10. Rohm (advice)

    Meah I’ll pass, looks shite
  11. Rohm (advice)

    Tricky one but I’m gona go out on a limb here and say you have some Rohm Test E, could be wrong though so I’d wait for the more experienced members to chime in
  12. Towels bulking log

    Still here, about 8 weeks into a cruise now at 150mg a week, feeling great tbh, got blood donation booked for a week on Sunday. Will get a full blood test after that and providing that doesn’t throw a spanner in the works i’ll start my blast once I hit the 12 week mark. Preliminary cycle plan is 600mg Test E 600mg DHB 400mg Mast E Pharma Oxy kickstart DHB is like gold dust right now but managed to acquire some Chiron DHB, know somebody I trust who’s vouched for it and they’re known as a top lab just incredibly hard to source
  13. Garage Gym Power Building

    Only just seen this. I don’t think people realise how impressive that lift is your cycle is less than what some lads are trying to palm off as a cruise Yet you’re benching 180 on a deficit While there’s loads of lads on this forum running a couple grams of gear and don’t even look like they’ve been into a gym. Well impressed mate, you’ll be benching my squat soon enough ffs
  14. I’d tell newbies to be careful as there’s a site that has pictures of all of those labs bar Chiron and pretends to sell them, it’s all a scam, they’ve ripped a few people off, ffs they still pretend to sell D4net and they’ve been gone over a year
  15. All orals do this to me these days, obviously on a scale var is probably least and SD the worst but still get it to a degree Could run 100mg all year before but now orals just don’t sit well with me at all Only oral run I’ve enjoyed is a 20 tab box of pharma oxys recently but that was only about 2 weeks worth (50mg most days and off day at 100mg pwo)