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  1. Anyone on nebido for trt ?

    Ive been on Nebido now for 6 months, injection frequency between 9-10 weeks, NHS nurse does it, hurts a bit straight afterwards but then its fine Starting to feel better on it although realise it can take a year to stabilise Seen muscle growth (I'm 47), better sleep, calmer, more focused etc no need for an AI unless you want to supplement with more test (I won't personally but have done a SARMS cycle)
  2. Can I ask if you used an AI on that does (like Anastrozole) and what your dosage was?
  3. Sarms

    I’m just considering options really , obviously more test means more AI and more injections whereas SARMS are simpler - don’t seem to have as good a following here as they do elsewhere ...
  4. Sarms

    Ok ok , what were the gains like ?
  5. Sarms

    Has anyone done a Sarms cycle on TRT (Rad-140, LGD etc)? Wondering how it went gains wise and if the test base negated any suppression ?
  6. Fair enough but you could pay 200 quid to see an nhs endo privately and they’d give you an nhs prescription if all adds up i did that (went in with the 2 x blood tests pre 9am , 3 weeks apart) and she wrote to my GP who then gave me a repeat nebido prescription 3 days later ...
  7. Is the prescription he gave you not an NHS one ?
  8. DBol and AI

    Thanks - so if they are 1mg tabs just split them? Be easier to half them I suspect so would .5mg e3.5d be ok (that’s something I saw recommended elsewhere )
  9. DBol and AI

    I’m debating starting a new Dbol cycle - last one I did I felt sides inc sore nipples and high blood pressure pretty quickly but enjoyed the size and strength I got would I be better running an AI like anastrazole 1mg eod or 20mg nolva ed alongside (or both ?) have a Test Base ...
  10. Trt options

    I wonder if this is just a simple case of over-training ? I used to do that level of exercise and then in my early fourties realised I just couldn’t do it any more and had to focus on being a lifter with muscle who did 3 or 4 hour long weight workouts and 2 or 3 light cardio sessions a week (no more than 30 mins LISS). And get diet and sleep in check obviously any more exercise than that killed my CNS esp if my weights sessions were hard , you need to give yourself time to properly recover otherwise you are always just tired
  11. 50 year old Trt on NHS

    One thing to bear in mind if you have anything wrong with your prostrate they might not give you TRT. I know I had to pass a prostrate blood test before they give me a prescription ...
  12. Guidance on blasting when on TRT

    Interested in this too - you inject the nebido yourself ? fair play! I can’t even look when the nurse sticks that harpoon in my Glute !
  13. Controlling E2... It's actually a little difficult

    Appreciate this is a suck it and see type approach that you have to amend as you go but for someone who has been prone to Gyno symptoms in the past on Orals, then if going with 300mg Test E ew is a good place to start say 1mg of anastrazole eod and tweak from there? Tks
  14. Nolva Advice

    out of interest (and for future cycle support) in your experince does running Nolva alongside Dbol diminish it in any way (i.e no estrogen is a bad thing) or is it better than say Aromisin ? As I say I'll likely go this route next time I run an oral cycle
  15. Dianabol advice

    Yeah Pharmacom worked for me. Maybe too well .. I quit after 2 weeks due to possible Gyno (my fault for not running Nolva alongside) but personally I didn't really like the bloated feel I had from it. I felt 'fat' and it hurt my joints - so I'll run a less watery compound next time tbh