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  1. Intercostal muscle strain

    I have a intercostal muscle strain It’s like to the left of the pec by the ribs, feels like a razor blade stuck in there, Coughing and breathing can hurt. Anyone else had the same how long did you rest, I’m a boxer and noticed it after sparring last week.
  2. Boxing: AJ vs Ruiz - Pick a winner

    Joshua wanted out, those last two knockdowns where not even hard shots he was looking for the canvas! hope he recoups and wins the rematch as I’ve always wanted to see fury v aj.
  3. Fury v shrawtz

    Predictions ? im going for a fury by lethal body shot round 4.
  4. Supplements for a boxer

    Thanks will look into it.
  5. Supplements for a boxer

    What’s the benefits of beta aline ? Don’t know much about it how do you take it etc.
  6. Boxing: AJ vs Ruiz - Pick a winner

    Was close to putting a bit of money on a Ruiz ko, but I’m so tight I chose not to. Kicking myself now lol
  7. Supplements for a boxer

    Thinking of using creatine, I’m in a low weight category and from what I’ve gathered can make you gain water weight, am I better of using beta aline over the creatine ?
  8. Boxing: AJ vs Ruiz - Pick a winner

    You’lld like to think but wilder now fighting Ortiz again seems like a big duck pushing the aj fight further away.
  9. Boxing: AJ vs Ruiz - Pick a winner

    Aj obvs, but the odds for Ruiz are worth a cheeky fiver or tenner boxing anything can happen I suppose.