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  1. One more thing Stu , HCG if i remember correctly , i can mix it in a vial, load up the slin pins and freeze them to use weekly and the slin pin size should be 29g 0.5"for sub q ?
  2. Cant fit in skinny jeans bro lol, sounds decent , thanks for your help stu
  3. 100% sure people use 29g for test oil based, ive read this many times and people in my gym also tell me face to face but yes it can take longer then using 25g etc buts apparently they use it for ED injections to avoid scarring etc
  4. Id say my hair has thinned out from the top of my head, falls out here and there but i am nearly 32 now lol.
  5. Roger that bud, will keep that in mind , so in terms of joints pain from winny i will be using omega 3 6 9's daily but with this hair loss issue , what would i do if i ecountered this problem?
  6. Aight guess ill stick with 25g LOL, i had a feeling thats the answer i guess people use the insulin needles as they have a fear of needles maybe? ive always slid the 25g like im sliding down a water slide lol
  7. looks like Sg , Cipla and ovigil are good to go for ordering, thanks for the feedback guys appreciated. Great stuff, ive already ordered tamox and clomid from cipla and ovigil now , thanks for everyones feedback
  8. Plan was mast , then yday i was thinking all day about NPP, buy you have put a very valid argument forward about 19 nors which i can relate to so im back on the mast bro, i agree with you 100%. Great ill just take the winny once a day AM . Secondly ive always used 25g 1 inch for quads for most Oils, but ive read recently people use 27g and even 29g needles , do you think thats doable with test e and mast e or shall i just stick to 25g needle size.
  9. I agree 19 Nors have done alot of damage to me in my early years even though i didnt run very high doses , and id feel like shite, lethargy, loss of apetite, headaches etc. Definately a few lb's of more muscle / mass and bloated look isnt worth the extra headache. Right let me tell you why im choosing the approach of test e 250mg - 300mg max pw , mast 200mg per week and winny starting at 25mg and working my way up per day. Ive been prepping my body over the past 8 months, understanding my calories, what works, what makes it worse etc etc, and doing more research i am now a firm believer that i will grow and gain way better on this low dose cycle and not only that, i wont need AI, i wont need Letro or other shite extra drugs , compared to my previous heavier 19 nor cycles. Plus exactly as you said im a married man now so i need to think wholesome and i dont need extra side effects, like anxiety irritability etc etc. I rather gain slow as i said before say 1lb a week then adding 5lb of water in 2 weeks that weighs me down and affects my performance as after all im after performance enhancement + muscle gains. Hope this makes sense lol But ya winny i guess i havent used before along with mast hence why this is another reason why im staying low on them, but with winny TBH i could do it 50mg per day for the first 6 weeks as you said. Would i need to break the winny dose in 2 servings per day ? same as dbol etc. and im not going to lie the 600mg test 400mg mast seems so testing for my next cycle but for now i want to experiment on these doses and concentrate more on my training / food / cardio
  10. what are the reasons why you run mast ?
  11. Oh Gosh Guys , where do i start , so ive been finalising my cycle , ive already ordered my PCT, still reading up on winny and mast as ive never used them before and 2 things - Winny will dry my joints possibly Mast works best on people below 10 to 12 percent BF , im at around 16 percent so i dont think ill see much gain at all and cant agree with the cost, Which has me thinking that i should add in something medium ish nothing heavy like Deca or Tren but NPP only because it will help with any joint issues, it carries less water compared with deca and i can run it on my low dose cycle and should see good benefits with LBM and ive used NPP before lol. So what you guys think if i dash out the mast and go for : Test e week 1 to 12 250mg pw NPP week 2 to 11 150mg PW Winny week 1 to 3 25mg to 50mg per day and week 10 to 14 25mg to 50mg a day - PCT starts week 15
  12. looks like Sg , Cipla and ovigil are good to go for ordering, thanks for the feedback guys appreciated.
  13. was it the SG Test e 300 ? any PIP ?
  14. Have you used winny , test e and mast e your self or generally speaking about the brands? ovigil seems decent, ive always used pregnyl before but ive read they are easily faked and i cant be risking getting bent over on my recovery lol.
  15. Good to know ive been out of the game for a little while hence why i was asking.