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  1. Valuetainment on YouTube has some very good interviews with Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman and Shawn Ray, amongst others!. They are long at roughly 2hrs each but the detail they go into and the honesty of their answers is remarkable. I would definitely recommend watching them as all the interviews are really interesting and get into the untold history of the subject in hand.
  2. HS2 gets the go ahead.

    Have to start somewhere, I assume upgrading the entire network simultaneously would be frowned upon so start small and build it up. With the ever increasing number of vehicles on the road network, trains have never been used so much, if it is not invested in and upgraded it will soon not be fit for purpose. The highest percentage of delays on the network are caused by the infrastructure, not the operating companies.
  3. HS2 gets the go ahead.

    Good news, the UK rail network is Victorian and has been neglected for decades. This will bring a small portion of it up to the same standard as many other countries.
  4. Watching newbies with bad form and fearing them hurting themselves. People hogging equipment between sets by sitting on their phones. Timewasters.
  5. Training

    I second that, I used the 5x5 program after being away for a while. It can be a slow starter but it soon picks up. Work out your target lift weights and then use an app to track the weights and increases. I never finished the 12 weeks as work interfered with my time, but it set me up for moving forward into different training approaches.
  6. Pec Flys

    Just back from a local gym/spa where most people go for a swim/sauna rather than using the gym, although there are a few serious gym users there. Anyway, one guy came in and went straight to the fly deck for some sets then moved onto the pulley machine for more sets of chest fly. What can I say? he was using far too much weight, the rollers were set too low and his ROM was tiny. The best part was his front foot was pretty much always off the ground, impressive as he was almost horizontal. The good thing was he did get a huge feeling of fulfilment from it though. Any other crackers from anyone?
  7. Can’t straighten either arm past 90 degrees

    Nothing to worry about, I have experienced this a couple of times, it slackens off in a few days time and takes about a week or so to get fully back to normal. It's just the result of a very strenuous arm day. If after say 4 days it's no better then look up rhabdomyolysis, highly unlikely but better to be informed than not.
  8. Dad Body Time

    Potentially daft question...................... Can I maintain a protein intake of 1 gram per lb and gain muscle while dropping weight from reduced carbs? I am about 25% body fat based on my estimation at weight of about 220-225lbs. I'd like to drop down to about 200lbs and that is my primary focus for the next three to four months. however I also want to increase the intensity of my training and gain as much lean weight as I can. Ideally I'd like to drop about 1.5lbs a week which will be a combination of a diet deficit and increase of cardio, but while trying to add muscle. Is this possible, i.e. can I feed my muscles with the protein to grow while also dropping the fat weight through a calorie reduction? Or do I have to pick one, either grow muscle or drop weight/fat? Thanks in advance
  9. Who’s active?

    I've got to agree with the sentiment here, I joined about 8 months ago to learn more and get back into the sport. I appreciate the site is all about banter and it's good to read at times but....... I would suggest that the majority is about what pharma people are using and what cycles to change etc. I'm not into that so for me there is limited interest. Not complaining at all, just a general observation of the topics over the past few months. It can be off putting for new people, but by the same token,that is what the majority of users want to chat about.
  10. Dad Body Time

    Well, A change of work location resulted in a few months lay off with no meaningful training going on at all. However, as of this week it's back to business again. I know progress was made but I feel like it's starting from the beginning again which is frustrating. I'm done with 5x5 so going to have a think about what program to try for the next few months as see how I go. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I could try?
  11. Dad Body Time

    Advice please. I am six weeks into StrongLifts and I am about to hit the plateau with the bench press and upright row, I have maybe 1 more week before I fail to hit the 5x5. Should I persevere and try to get past it or perhaps move onto something else? Is it worth trying a pre workout supplement to help at all? I still have plenty to go in the other lifts before I hit a plateau I think so happy to keep going, I’m interested in opinions from those who have perhaps been there themselves and what they did? Thanks
  12. Dad Body Time

    I did a cholesterol test yesterday from Boots. It came in at 5.9 which is slightly high but nothing to be overly concerned about I think. I will check it again in a few months to see if it has changed at all. I appreciate it is not the most accurate of tests, but it seems to be fairly accurate according to the reviews I read and it's not a horrendous level.
  13. Dad Body Time

    Four weeks into Strong lifts 5x5 and it's going well. All lifts are progressing well and I can see a big difference in my shape. I think it will start to plateau soon though, I maybe have 1 or 2 more bench press days I think I can manage without hitting the limit. Quite happy with that as I have gave myself fairly high targets to reach over the program. I'll need to buy more plates soon as I will run out of the bigger ones soon. Jeans are now the issue, I need a pair with the equivalent thighs of a 38in waist with the waist of a pair of 36'....
  14. Dad Body Time

    Fair point, originally I was eating under and then I changed to eating over. In fairness a few months has passed between the posts and my approach had changed. Eating over was not providing the results I was hoping for in that I was beginning to look more fat. Yes there was more muscle too but it didn't look good so I switched back. Even after a few weeks of hitting the TDEE and training hard I can see a better progress towards what I want to achieve. Basically I am looking to drop the fat look from my stomach and add a bit of muscle. See how that goes and then take it from there. What I am enjoying at the moment is the next day soreness, be it a psychological impact or a physical one, its helping drive me forward. The plan is to stick to the stronglifts 5x5 for the twelve weeks and then move onto a more size building program from there. I think by the end of the twelve weeks I will have landed at the calorie/macro level that suits my lifestyle and is improving my wellbeing. On the humorous side, a few more shirts are getting tighter.... it's an ego boost for sure.
  15. I train alone, I used to train with someone but they were too stubborn in their routine and not willing to change what they did, so it ended up almost being two people in the gym doing different things and pointless for both of us. I agree with the clock thing, I go in and work as intense as I can without looking at my phone between sets like I have seen loads of people do. I used to be able to go in, complete my sets and get out while some people were still messing about on their first/second exercise.