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  1. Diet and bf advice needed ?

    i wasnt cheating but the break up was sort of coming for a while , i really liked my new misses when i met her years ago plus all my pals that know her really well used to say how nice she is etc , she's already showed me how lacking my relationship was in comparison and although neither of us was cheating it wasn't nice the way the brake up came around my X misses said ? it's done for good so I moved on instantly it may not be ideal but it's worked I'd never go back so I'm definitely over it
  2. Diet and bf advice needed ?

    Im Not getting over it I'm well over it I wouldn't go back no chance the new misses is way to good
  3. Diet and bf advice needed ?

    We have loads of mutual friends and she used to go out with someone that worked for me I added her on Facebook ended up taking here out 3 days later
  4. Diet and bf advice needed ?

  5. Diet and bf advice needed ?

  6. Diet and bf advice needed ?

  7. Diet and bf advice needed ?

    I started seeing somebody the day I moved out but I upgraded now , the new one is unreal my last misses was obviously really pretty but the new one is pretty , bubbly , kind and would educate most porn stars ? yeh I think so what do u reckon she's 5 foot 1 size 3 feet and has e cups
  8. HCG help

    Yeh I have bac water I bought it addionally thanks for the help
  9. HCG help

    Thanks I've herd u can just keep it in the fridge ?
  10. Diet and bf advice needed ?

    Yeh I know there awful I don't look good enough to go all out for clear photos yet
  11. HCG help

    So I've recently finished my first 14 week cycle of 500 mg of test e a week I'm not coming off I've been cruising at 150 mg a week for a month im gonna start using HCG any help would be appreciated I have bac water so I'm gonna add 1 ml of water to this .01 ml is. Gonna be 250 IU ? Should I pin this twice a week and how long for ? I'm gonna cruise for 14 weeks total then blast again then consider coming off , I'm in a new relationship so don't wanna come off just yet thanks
  12. Diet and bf advice needed ?

    I'm 80 kg now and just joined kings in Croydon
  13. Diet and bf advice needed ?

  14. Diet and bf advice needed ?

  15. Diet and bf advice needed ?