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  1. Ignore the goals I don't aim for that I. Just use it to track My calories and macros, il. Be having something after dinner to bump Up My protein if need be aswell
  2. Yeh that would be quality this is what I've had today, il be have pork with 100 grams of sweet potato a cup Of broccoli and salad for dinner
  3. Its easy enough with a decent chilli I eat loads I ain't got any photos of rice but this was my roast on Sunday
  4. Yeh my misses said I was getting fat so I took a hard look in the mirror thought I may aswell try lose a little weight at first
  5. Maybe but I'm gonna Work proper hard and be strict with my diet so hopefully this will Yield good results, I'm basing this on what some geezer I spoke to did hes transformation was unreal I've only been monitoring my protein and calories nothing else I would normally have about 4 lattes a day 100 grams of oats with 300ml of semi Skimmed milk Loads of wholegrain bread And about 500 grams of basmati rice with my dinner and bread so I think I always eat over 300 grams of protein a day Ive cut milk right out and now I'm. Monitoring my carb intake I think thiss is going to give me good results us in upping my cardio
  6. What do u think about the percentages I mentioned do the amount of grmas sound OK to you I defantly need to lose weight
  7. I'm not actually bulking I was looking in the mirror thinking I'm Probably carrying more fat then I should be so I'm gonna try send the month doing bundles of cardio then I'm Hoping I can spend the last 8 weeks proper building muscle when my gyms hopefully open, I'm 13 stone 12lbs today which is quiet heavy when ur almost a dwarf like me
  8. Is it worth a go, u ever Tried it?
  9. Basically I've seen good results from People saying they ignore calories and only pay attention to macro percentages and amounts? For example I was advised to eat 300 grams of carbs day 1 200 day 2 150 day 3 100 day 4 Then start over again all The while consuming 200-250 grams of protein every day and 80 grams of fat every day does this sound OK? Monitoring calories doesn't seem to be working that well for me so I'm up for a change
  10. Change of diet before test cycle ?

    Yeh I'm on it to be fair total change of diet plan for me, how do u suss yours I'm. Gonna try eat 250 grams of protein a day with 300 grams of carbs day 1 200 grams of carbs day 2 150 grams of carbs day 3 100 grams of carbs day 4 with 80 gras of fat and start over again every 5 days
  11. Yessss the gyms are opened from...!

    Nah new phone lost them
  12. Change of diet before test cycle ?

    I'm only 5 foot 6 ish lol so not much taller, I'm 13 stone 10 lbs I've been over 14 stone but started to get a belly
  13. Change of diet before test cycle ?

    I got a new phone and had the topless photos in a folder I posted some before. when I used the cloud from iPhone to huawei when I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago I lost them all, I'm gonna start taking new topless photos from today I don't know how much body fat I'm carrying I'd guess 20% I was gonna try shed a little before my cycle but the 2 blokes I train ( which are fatter then me) got on it so they was askkg me And it seemed to make sense to do it same time, to be fair I don't really care about abs I just wanna be bulky I'd be happy looking similar to arron lambo to be honest