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    Whatwhat reacted to godsgifttoearth in Are any sarms worth trying   
    lgd and rad are the best I've found. rad is very good with 19nors as it seems to combat the mental sides.
    careful on TRT test as they cause SHBG to crash which can often cause your exogenous test to clear quicker, so you might need to change your try doses.
    there are no "mixed" reviews on their effectiveness, its medically reviewed and shown to work. mixed reviews on effectiveness would be CBD oil or cold water immersion. if you're a big lad you will need bigger doses than normally cited in the literature. 15-20mg lgd, 30-40mg rad usually does the trick.
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    Whatwhat reacted to Sasnak in New lab cenzo pharma   
    You’ve asked this before. As someone who’s used steroids on and off for 25 years in all of this time I’ve never been able to “feel” anything. In the case of testosterone I get strength and weight increases from the start of week 3. I don’t subscribe to this “test-e” takes 5 weeks to kick in. I always get and increase in spots which I’m prone to anyway. If I don’t run ai I get greasy skin and spots. If I run ai I get dry painful pimples instead but spots either way. I find it makes my libido erratic. The only compound that I ever found to increase it is tren but not to the extent that some people suggest as far as I can tell. My libido is generally at its best on a trt dose. I never get anxiety, mood swings “roid rage” or insomnia but then again I never use more than half a gram ish (2 mil per week)
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    Whatwhat got a reaction from Sasnak in Low test results   
    Ha ha I think that’s all of us over 40 move inwards towards the scrum lol
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    Whatwhat got a reaction from Sasnak in pct-lab   
    Thanks for that...  And no lasting issues? 
    I’m a similar age and people I know that have been on and off like you have said similar things. Never have done PCT so why start now. Plus adding more chemicals if it doesn’t always help seems pointless.
    what about adding stuff like HCG? Again that  all seems pretty new. 
    (for reference I’ve only done 2 oral cycles, years and years apart both with no PCT. felt fine with one and gash with the other one then was fine after a week or so) 
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    Whatwhat reacted to Sasnak in pct-lab   
    I use hcg. I’m going to keep on top of psa measurements over the next couple of years and if that’s still in range then I’ll stop using it. I’ve got children/had a vasectomy so fertility isn’t an issue for me. I use hcg just in case I need to stop using exogenous testosterone 
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    Whatwhat reacted to Sasnak in Low test results   
    Yes, half a mil of test e every 7 to 10 days. I tend to blast steroids 10 weeks on 10 weeks off. No large doses. Up to about 500mg a week on a blast 
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    Whatwhat reacted to 39005 in Blood test   
    GP tests are thorough enough and check whats needed , i guess it depends on whether or not you dont mind paying for things you dont need doing and /or what the tests are actually for in the first place.
    if you have already been diagnosed with hypogonadism and have a protocol in place all you need is a FBC /PSA /total test a few times a year.
    be aware that if you use a private blood test clinic then take the results to your GP expecting a test script that the GP as well as the consultant you go to in the NHS are going to be doing (and using) data from their own blood tests - making the private one you paid for pointless.
    to sum up if you are going to be paying for your tests and scripts and dont mind doing so go private and use their test services
    if you expect the NHS to do it go to your GP and start from there
    some people will pay for tests and get a diagnosis privately and if they have a sympathetic GP the GP will prescribe off the back of the private tests - however imo this is pointless  - you either need TRT or dont and if you do the NHS will do it for free. (i dont want to get into a debate on NHS VS private prescribing, it been done to death on here many times and is usually started by some prat having a hissy fit who doesnt actually need TRT and has been told so by a GP/ NHS consultant)
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    Whatwhat reacted to swole troll in pct-lab   
    It's good to see posts like this 
    So many have this misconception that serms are an on switch 
    At best they're that helping hand on your back as you learn to ride a bike before slowly releasing you and allowing you to (hopefully) cycle unassisted 
    However for some once that hand is removed they instantly fall on the floor showing that the only way they can maintain their balance is with a hand to support them.
    Is it possible to recover the same level of HPTA function with or without serms? Yes 
    Is it easier to recover with serms? Yes 
    Do serms always work? No, true hypogonadism cannot be cured through serms or patience, temporary steroid induced hypogonadism can be cured by either 
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    Whatwhat reacted to Sasnak in pct-lab   
    I’m in my mid forties. Pct is a relatively new thing and wasn’t around when I first used gear in the nineties. Back then short cycles of 4-6 weeks were more common, mainly orals. I have used gear on and off since I was young but these days I stay on permanently.
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    Whatwhat got a reaction from MickeyE in Joshua is a disgrace   
    Thought it was a good fight and he boxed it well to to his strengths 
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    Whatwhat reacted to Sasnak in Best appetite suppressants?   
    I just take 20mg at around 9am. It stops me feeling hungry all day but it’s quite subtle. Weekdays only. It seems to kick in more in day 2. Zero sides.
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    Whatwhat reacted to swole troll in Current Opinions on SiS Labs   
    Oils are fine 
    Orals are junk 
    Mine and several others experience 
    But if a lab is willing to put out bunk on any product it does make you question all their products 
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    Whatwhat got a reaction from MickeyE in Joshua is a disgrace   
    Thought it was a good fight and he boxed it well to to his strengths 
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    Whatwhat reacted to MM84 in Joshua is a disgrace   
    You must have been watching a different fight than I was ....
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    Whatwhat got a reaction from Sasnak in Low test results   
    Ha ha I think that’s all of us over 40 move inwards towards the scrum lol
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    Whatwhat reacted to nWo in What do my ukm buddies do for a living   
    Audio engineering, got my own little home studio so I do most of my work from home.