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  1. Are any sarms worth trying

    This is another vote for LGD. Really good pump and gains. I stupidly didn’t do any PCT after and felt like s**t for a few weeks. Even more so than a low test cycle. You may not get that if I’m trt not mixed with test though so can’t speak on that. can I ask if youre on TRT why don’t you up your test and go with what you know?
  2. pct-lab

    Thanks for that... And no lasting issues? I’m a similar age and people I know that have been on and off like you have said similar things. Never have done PCT so why start now. Plus adding more chemicals if it doesn’t always help seems pointless. what about adding stuff like HCG? Again that all seems pretty new. (for reference I’ve only done 2 oral cycles, years and years apart both with no PCT. felt fine with one and gash with the other one then was fine after a week or so)
  3. Ah glad I saw this... as been looking into this its also being used as an anti ageing drug and decent evidence for it https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5943638/ and https://fastlifehacks.com/david-sinclair-supplements/ thanks for the above links. Will look further into it and thinking of adding it. Been trying to find a source though so haven’t yet
  4. pct-lab

    Can I ask why? Apologies sure you’ve explained yourself a million times
  5. pct-lab

    Can I ask why? Apologies sure you’ve explained yourself a million times
  6. Joshua is a disgrace

    Thought it was a good fight and he boxed it well to to his strengths
  7. Low test results

    Ha ha I think that’s all of us over 40 move inwards towards the scrum lol
  8. Dr Stevens or Dr Savage

    Most of those answers are on this site and also On their respective websites. Dr Savages one is pretty comprehensive got to the ledger clinic site and look at the FAQs. This includes costs. Most guys really rate the clinic on here. Personally a but far for me to go. ive also been looking the same time as you with same symptoms. My test scores have been about the same. NHS won’t consider these low. Also spoken to my GP who’s not interested and spoke about mental health etc which I think is chicken and egg. He was though happy to do bloods. At our age though those scores aren’t optimal but not super low from my limited understanding. after researching I personally will be looking at other avenues to gain optimal test scores
  9. How to get over the mental part of losing weight

    Have you found with that amount of deficit you plateau at all? I’m in around 1200 deficit and last few weeks only lost a couple of pound. Upped the cardio as well... thats the mental part for me that wants me to just say f**k it!
  10. Blood test

    Really helpful advice thank you @aqualung
  11. Blood test

    Yes but at a minimum of £55 a pop it’s not going it be cheap and if get tests done by Gp, not hard to track it manually... I suppose every 6 months won’t break the bank. Also depends on how supportive/flexible your Gp is. Mines a bit of a bell end lol...
  12. Blood test

    I was going to ask my GP but Are the tests thorough enough ? Seen some of the private ones on here and they look really comprehensive
  13. Hi all

    Rugby... now playing old farts
  14. Hi all

    Thanks guys
  15. Hi all

    Hi all! nice to meet you all. I’m soon to be 40 (mid life crisis in full swing) and ex semi pro athlete who has been out of shape due to kids etc... really enjoying being back in the gym... have a background in nutrition and sports science so hopefully can offer some advice.. but more looking forward to learning from you guys.. cheers