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  1. This is probably the most plausible origin of the virus. More than likely accidental infection and spread unknowingly. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/mar/30/china-researchers-isolated-bat-coronaviruses-near-/
  2. UK Muscle Ride Out!

    Great touring bike and for strait lining!
  3. UK Muscle Ride Out!

    This was the cp4 I had it a few years then bought a new BMW S1000RR But hated it!! Rsv4 is quite simply the best bike I’ve ever owned!
  4. UK Muscle Ride Out!

    I know...
  5. UK Muscle Ride Out!

    Zx6r is a great bike! My first sports bike was Zx7r 97 plate! Had some good times on that.
  6. UK Muscle Ride Out!

    189mph on a tricked out R1! Got an RSV4 now and it’s quite honestly the dogs Nutt’s I love it!
  7. UK Muscle Ride Out!

    Is that a sexual innuendo?
  8. UK Muscle Ride Out!

    Yeah!! Had a lay off riding for a while as pulling 180 got silly and to close to death! Enjoying it again now though and hopefully get on track this year again but it’s not looking hopeful! Sunday looks like a good day for it!
  9. How much weight ya lost?

    I’ve come off completely and PCT, Feeling fine...no problem with depression or energy levels etc Stayed same weight and kept strength to a sensible degree
  10. Switzerland decided f**k 5G?

  11. Switzerland decided f**k 5G?

    So which is it?
  12. Looks like they aren’t impressed with it due to health concerns?? https://amp.ft.com/content/848c5b44-4d7a-11ea-95a0-43d18ec715f5
  13. Day 12

    Ooooohhh!!!! Did somebody say....BUMMING!!
  14. What’s everyone training today?

    Yeah if you’re challenging yourself you’ll make progress if not it’s a case of sitting in the comfort zone.
  15. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    Also most of the deaths that started with or had prescription meds involved are not counted. If they were injecting heroin but took too many pills for instance