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  1. That’s quite a low dose too? I’d double it to 2ml 3 times a week pal
  2. Have I got Gyno?

  3. f**k alcohol get yo ass in the gym!!!!!
  4. Have I got Gyno?

    Looks ok mate but I’d raise the weight and focus on, Squats, Bench, deadlift, pull ups, dips, glute bridges, RDLs, high pulls, power cleans, dumbbell lunges, hack squats, military press, barbell rows, trap bar and as much core work as you can eat...rep range 6-8 and eat in a 200 calorie surplus. Get your diet in check, prep meals every 3 days and eat good food! Work out you macros and hit them constantly everyday! f**k steroids don’t touch em!
  5. Mate I just read the bottom section of you post! no AI on 1000iu HCG a week with 222mg Test p absorbed? DO YOU WANT TO BE IN THE ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE Get some Adex in to you.
  6. Have I got Gyno?

    Best way is to get lean pal and get some muscle mass built
  7. Is the prop 100mg/ml
  8. Have I got Gyno?

    Looks like fat and no muscle?
  9. Prop will spike e2 and HCG isn’t all its cracked up to be either HMG is a better option. How much of a deficit are you in also as you may need a decent cheat meal to give you energy and restore glycogen...are you looking flat?
  10. Me to I only hex bar now no more conventional
  11. Points based immigration system

    No you can’t say that as that’s racist and xenophobic...
  12. I know this sounds weird but it made me want to be inviting criminal activities...performance wise it’s the best drug going imo, strength, sex, cardio all through the roof! Be need to keep a lid on aggression. For me adding a little caber and masteron helped massively!
  13. Decline benching?

    I love it...so did Dorian Yates!
  14. Quitting test e

    Good idea! Sense has prevailed...so many have screwed themselves up at a young age. Have kids first then if you want to later in life have a little dabble? Stay away from booze n reccies
  15. I have been known to order a peace pipe and some moccasins...