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  1. Struggling to find syringes

    I guess it depends on the exchange. I get a box of all of these (so 100 of each) each time i go Greens orange 1” orange 5/8” 1ml barrels 27g slin pins swabs
  2. Bristol bodybuilder

    Hey bro! Yeah i used to live in Bath (Weston) so know radsrock! Where are you now?
  3. Struggling to find syringes

    Local needle exchange - asmany as you want for free! if you can’t or don’t want to go there, you can buy them from exchangesupplies.org. About £3 for 100
  4. Recommended high stim pre WO?

    I wait 1.5 hours after pre WO meal then have it. I walk for ten mins or so after meal to help digest it. ah ok maybe i need to try the break for longer....
  5. Ive developed a real tolerance to the general pre WOs (grenade .50 caliber, USN B4 bomb, Applied Nutrition ABE etc) and am currently taking 4 servings and not getting a lot from it this is like 800mg caffeine so dont wanna be taking this much i tried not using any for 2 weeks and also i dont have any other form of caffeine at all but made no diff i miss the tingly ‘high’ feeling and thinking of getting a high stim one preferrably without a bad crash recommendations?
  6. Bristol bodybuilder

    Really?! Fuckin jokers yea its annoying coz only use my phone so no way to amend the size where you from bro?
  7. Bristol bodybuilder

    Really?! I thought the name of the site was self explanatory! i don’t seem to be able to post any pics, says all mine on my phone are over 4.8mb
  8. Struggling to find syringes

    I get all mine from needle exchange - free! theyre the same ones as can be ordered from exchnage supplies so if you dont have an exchange near you (or dont want to have to go there!) then they are very reasonably priced - about £3 for box of 100
  9. Mirtazapine??

    I have been on SSRIs ofone type or another for nearly 20 yrs docs switched me to mirtazapine to see if that helped with my poor sleeping after 2 weeks i was way more depressed/ angry/ annoyed etc my wife noticed a big (negative) difference in behaviour went back to sertraline which seems to suit be best of all those ive tried (citalopram, fluoxetine etc) hope you’re ok man and recommend trying diff pills and doses to find one that worls for you alsp mindfullness if you don’t already practice, its had the biggest positive diff on me good luck!
  10. CBD oil

    Theres diff types (strains) right, any recommendations? Im interested in these too, want to be able to relax and fall asleep (currently take melatonin each night) and would like to feel chilled without paranoia or munchies of weed. I suffer from depression and anxiety so hoping for the positive effects and thc ain’t an option coz too many negatives have tried vaping, drops and gummies and didnt notice anything so wondering if smoking the flowers that seem to be the new thing are worth trying thanks man
  11. THC pens?

    Did you try this yet bro? would be interested in your experience so far I’ve been considering trying too but for the relaxation and sleep rather than appetite i did find one source but was more expensive that i expected
  12. Bristol bodybuilder

    Hey guys none of my friends are into BBing so have joined here to meet like minded people (#nohomo!) ? going into another lockdown now sucks but i have a pretty decent home gym so can still train but hope to find a training partner for when gyms open back up currently on a cruise and coming to the end of a cut ready to hit a rebound phase to gain some mass when lockdowns over i’ve been training for 15 years have no desire to compete but just live for BBing looking forward to interacting with you guys ?? Richie
  13. Cheers bro. I don’t have any real knowledgable guys IRL so it’s coming on here and various other forums and trying to work out ‘who is right!’ So based on feedback, I am thinking: 1-12 400 or 500mg TestE wk 6 get bloods done: If estrogen is high, start taking half a 5mg Adex (or Aromasin at ? ) likewise if gyno symptoms. If neither, don’t bother taking any. If balls shrink, start hCG 250iu x2/week. Continue until 3 days before PCT. if not, start hCG week 10 at same dose. 2 weeks after last Test shot: clomid @ 100/100/50/50 & nolva @ 20/20/10/10 Sounds good? i’m torn between a. doing everything needed b. Seeing how i get onwith just test then nolva as all the others may not be needed for me, will not know until run..... ?
  14. Lol 196lbs (wishful thinking...) ?