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  1. I’ve got 17.5” biceps flexed. I’m 6ft4 though.
  2. Yeah apologies for the photos. Thanks everyone for your input. @daringhorse can’t thank you enough for the information. I forgot to mention my PCT. I’ve got Novaldex ordered alone. Do you think I should get Clomid too? A friend told me you can use Novaldex as an AI. Was he talking trash? Thanks once again.
  3. Hi all, This may be a little lengthy but I just wanted to get some advice and ensure I'm doing things the right way before I start my first cycle. So after doing a lot of research I came to the decision that cycling Test E alone on your first cycle is the best thing to do (right?). So here's few details about myself first: I'm 6ft4, I weigh 235lb, and I'd say I'm roughly 15-16% BF. I'm 24, and I've been training since 16. I'd like to say I'm an experience lifter, and my knowledge of the general fitness industry, and working out is very good. However, being natural, my knowledge of Steroids up until now has been zero! My plan is to cycle 300mg Test E alone, for 12 weeks, injecting twice a week, 0.5ml each shot. (1ml=300mg). Does the above sound ok and right with you guys? Here are some pictures of my current shape: