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  1. Meat macros cooked or uncooked

    Raw unless stated otherwise. To use OP's example 170g raw gammon fills the full pan and is 8mm thick and reduces down to 70g cooked. 18g protein per 100g ish Raw 18*1.7=30 Cooked 18*0.7=12 Theres no way that gammon has only 12g of protein in it
  2. Meat macros cooked or uncooked

    What im saying is take the label at face value as sold unless stated otherwise. Whey, gammon, chicken, crisps etc nutrition as sold unless stated otherwise.
  3. Meat macros cooked or uncooked

    Nutrition as sold or stated otherwise. Weighing s**t after its cooked haha If your eating gammon steaks from tesco 170g raw what seems more likely it has 12g of protein or 30g
  4. Increments with cable machines

    I use the pin to hold on a 1.25kg plate onto the stack. Having had similar problems on lateral raises
  5. Best trainers for gym

    Get crossfit trainers they are designed for weightlifting and cardio. I use nike metcons as they look the part and have a stable flat bottom. Bit of a compromise on running due to heel slip tho
  6. Putting macros up but weight coming down

    Dont track my bi monthly energy drink or my 2 a day black coffees
  7. Putting macros up but weight coming down

    Ah yes embarrassing I just checked numbers against barcode reading on MFP didnt notice the units had changed Ive had 75g of them so its not the greatest loss made up the cals on an energy drink.
  8. Putting macros up but weight coming down

    Yeah it seemed a bit fishy. How can we not be protected from this kind of thing as a consumer
  9. First post here from a natty boy.... Im currently 188cm 83.8kg and roughly 13% BF. Ive been religiously eating 3350 kcals a day with the help of myfitnesspall, i track accurately and have hit protein goal of 210g aswel as the kcals for around 45 days. I have expected my weight to trend upwards and it hasnt. I bumped the kcals up by 100 for the last 3 days and have woke up 83.8kg the lightest ive been in years. I want to lean bulk but i do not understand why im losing weight is there something im missing surely these macros should have me increasing in weight? I run a PHUL split and train 5 days a week, admittedly probably over kill my volume but the numbers go up and i deload evry 4th week and it feels good man If anyone could offer advice on where i can take it from here it would be appreciated. Side not im suspicious of Bulk powders protein pancakes ~700kcals for a 50g serving wtf.