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  1. Guerrilla labs as well BSI They were the days...... And black widow labs
  2. I've heard this as well a while back from my source who always stocked NP
  3. I’m about to squat heavy :(

    140kg??? Same size as Anthony Joshua I bet
  4. I’m about to squat heavy :(

    For reps???
  5. Aaron lambo

    Yup, and proud of it Ps, it's you're
  6. Clothing

    There are some grade A weapons in this thread
  7. Aaron lambo

    Worse than OP?????
  8. Moncler & sizing

    No lockdown in Wales but still can't try any clothing on and all changing rooms are shut
  9. Sphinx

    You are a tw4t of the highest order!
  10. White DNP pressed tablets

    Very much doubt it'd be white. In its purest for its red/orange. By the time it's been processed and sold it's usually a bright yellow that stains everything. Can't see how they'd be able to get it to be white
  11. British Mums

    Don't confuse irony with stupidity
  12. Underground raves.

    They are scrapping the £10k fines now as they got contested in court and didn't need to pay them
  13. Set a timer so the little fella gets some action but still needs to put some effort in
  14. What are your plans for Christmas?

    Will celebrate it like every other Christmas and visit friends and family
  15. Bragged he had got himself an Audi RS5 I think it was, turned out he was full of sh1t and got called out. One of a few classic ukm threads to go down in folklore
  16. Some of your recent posts are so unlike you
  17. White goo sounds like an infection. Injecting in to it sounds like absolute stupidity
  18. Shouldn't have to admit it, she should already know already by looking at you...... If she doesn't, they you've obviously not been trying hard enough l, and have no place to be using them anymore
  19. Anavar

    @TALBOTL you know all about women's steroids. Can you advise OP
  20. Equilia can anybody help

    I'm slightly homo so I use semi in cravendale but blue top in fresh Fridge is set at No 2 Feel free to ask for any more info