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  1. Have you since apologised to the labs in question?
  2. Tried sphinx SD and it's strong stuff. 20mg had me pumped up but feeling rough after a few days. Got hygene Winny for when the gyms open and heard positive feedback on them
  3. Car buys, wait a bit or buy now?

    Bought one 2 days before covid-19 caused chaos. Have had my other one up for sale since then. Autotrader have advertised it free since my initial advert expired. Have dropped the asking price £1k to try and spike some interest
  4. Just for reference
  5. I can vouch for that ^^^
  6. Both have been very good
  7. Would you like to do this as a job

    I get paid £3 more than the digger drivers, but I actually make the diggers!
  8. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/307146 Sign up if you think it's the right thing
  9. Half is grey and depressing, the other half is modern but seems out of place. Went over Christmas period, so obviously not a true reflection. Wouldn't return to Warsaw but would go to Krakow again
  10. Only been for a long weekend. Preferred Krakow to be honest. Nothing else to add
  11. Boxing bag gains?

    Put it on your shoulders and squat with it and also use it for OHP, floor presses as well
  12. I'm sure that isn't the only reason......
  13. Who has lost muscle in lockdown?

    Well done Blueberry