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  1. Blood pressure and cholesterol

    Celery extract and hawthorn are great for lowering BP and also beetroot
  2. Intexpharma test

    How does var make you lose fat??
  3. BBW codes

    MEGA40 for 40% off
  4. Sphinx

    Post up a pic of your stuff and people will be able to tell you. Also, check out the steroid photos section, there is s fake pic in there
  5. Sphinx

    New labels are silver/grey/white and not red/black
  6. Sphinx

    They haven't. New labels are now on them as well
  7. Don't do any cardio really. When I look at cutting I'll do a little but but it wears off quickly I do walk between 15-20k steps when in work though
  8. Intexpharma test

    Intex seem like a decent brand. Had some T600 to try Gave PIP as you'd expect really, seemed fairly well dosed. No bloods to go off, just feelings etc
  9. filling vials from amps

    I make the amps fit my cycle
  10. 500mg will no doubt give much more PIP at 0.5ml than 2ml 250mg And then there is the question if the 500mg is really 500mg.......
  11. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Happy valentine's Day boys!!!
  12. New to the Forum

    Hi @CoachDJ
  13. Alright people

  14. Hcg fu**ing kills

    It's pretty common for water to be used IM