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  1. Any good films on netflix

    You subscribe to somebody else's account and have access to all their media.
  2. Any good films on netflix

    Get a Plex subscription off someone. Has all prime, Netflix and so much more. All the new movies, literally 1000s of old stuff. Pretty much has everything on it. Movies and series
  3. Any good films on netflix

    Serpent is good, BBC IPLAYER
  4. 15st - 15% bf Not training for a while until gyms open so most likely I'll soon be 14st - 15% bf
  5. Maybe ask a tattooist and not some half baked gym monkeys
  6. Typical meathead........ Thick as f**k
  7. Wow... been a while!

    BubbaT and diggitydog are some of his newer aliases
  8. Wow... been a while!

    Unfortunately, he ain't the only bell end recently But yeah, he's f'kin non stop
  9. Wow... been a while!

    Must of been a long time since you last logged on. The site is mostly full of idiots/trolls theses days
  10. Ovaltine is maybe acceptable.... Imagine doing it on days though, proper freaky
  11. Why is it such an issue for you? What bit are you missing that it's the person having a drink after work? Surely the time is irrelevant in this case
  12. Bit like saying champagne is wine I enjoy bourbon but not Irish/Scottish whiskey/whisky Bourbon is sweeter and smoother I find. Recently been having Makers mark and Woodford reserve, and a Gentleman jack is pretty easy drinking