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  1. What do you want for Christmas?

    Secret squirrel movies are my favourite
  2. What do you want for Christmas?

    A new tablet, so I can watch movies in work, in HD with a 10" screen
  3. Anyone else been in this position?

    Well obviously he can do something that you can't do...........
  4. Does that mean you've visited every neighborhood across the UK and interacted with millions of families to ask them their personal situation????
  5. Very broad statement! I'm sure there are 10000s of families genuinely struggling and could only dream of treating their kids to a McDonald's, never mind as decadent waste of cash
  6. Shift work

    My current view, so I know it's true
  7. Free streaming apps or website

    That's quite expensive compared to so e, but if your happy with it then it's still much cheaper than sky etc I get IPTV, Plex, surfshark and VOD for £50 for the year and it's faultless
  8. Shift work

    They have a decent canteen with plenty of choices of food mate £50k plus wages as well on shifts 44hr and above
  9. Shift work

    I supply them with axles and gearboxes, our place is sooooo much better than there thankfully
  10. Shift work

    Not Rocester by any chance??
  11. Shift work

    Been working shifts for 23+ years now. I prefer nights as there is no management in to look over you. And the added benefit of shift allowance bumps the wages right up
  12. Cutting Cycle Review

    So, you've paid a coach and don't follow any of his advice. You run your own workout and diet plan and all he's done is advise you to take way to much gear. Is this right or am I missing something here????
  13. Best lab for orals

    I've used rohm and nuero pharma plenty of times and would use them again
  14. Free streaming apps or website

    Potatostreams has all sports, movies etc on