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  1. Regal labs are great. They do other stuff as well
  2. Tbol + Var

    It's a nice med, minimal sides and steady strength gains while looking dryer. Will use it for 25 days, today is day 10
  3. Tbol + Var

    I'm using it now at 40mg a day. Nice dry gains
  4. Chest demolisher

    I'm riddled with injuries but still train effectively. Had a shoulder decompression operation, torn bicep tendon operation and a winged scapula that won't fully reactivate. Oh and 2 snapped wrists..... Non gym related either Every session hurts somewhere and I can't get full mind/muscle connection which is so frustrating, but I do my best and work around things the best I can, without adding further to the problems
  5. Tbol + Var

    But why add in more drugs just to cut??? Surely more drugs is for building muscle
  6. Tbol + Var

    Why you using more gear to cut? Usually people lower the dose
  7. Orals

    Nor me
  8. Pretty much what Paul has said. Your approaches are all conflicting with watch other. You won't achieve your ultimate goal with the current plan you are using
  9. And if they DON'T lock us down again, where does that leave your conspiracy/delusional thoughts?
  10. How many miles has your car racked up?

    Way too much infrastructure to establish before it's all, if ever electric. Haulage, agriculture, shipping etc wouldn't be able to operate without diesel
  11. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    The most homo cheat meal EVER....... Would you have salad and skinny ketchup with the burger??
  12. How many miles has your car racked up?

    Only new diesels will stop being made. They won't just remove all vehicles from general public
  13. Any lab that sells it will have primo in it. Extremely difficult to get fake gear