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  1. Advar

    Seems like a decent brand with good feedback. Can't see why it's not allowed. Maybe the people who decide aren't getting no kickbacks off it???
  2. Your favourite exercise in the gym ?

    Deadlift, DB incline press, calf raises
  3. Masteron dose for sex drive

    I like equal mast and test doses
  4. Dbol inj only needs EOD jabbing
  5. Where is the Manlet....

    I never got anything as it sounded off to me anyway. Thankfully only a small number lost a few quid
  6. Where is the Manlet....

  7. 14 Days Quarantine for Spain reinstated

    Me neither mate. I think the whole thing has been greatly exaggerated to try to justify the world governments reactions. It's been proven in this country the cases of covid have been recorded for deaths that have happened months later after total recovery. I'm sure we all have our own views on the situation though, chances are we will never now the whole truth anyway
  8. Gold

    Bling bling
  9. People add HCG to aas jabs in the same syringe with no issues Can't see a problem myself
  10. Any old skool ravers?

    I was thinking WTF is this as well. Proper crappy bounce music noise that hurt my ears
  11. Any old skool ravers?

    Your feeling looks like something from the matrix....... You still off your nut???
  12. 14 Days Quarantine for Spain reinstated

    Probably, "the new normal" bollox We will all most likely come in to contact with covid at one point or another. Isn't it something like 85% show no symptoms anyway? And in reality, how many people have actually died from covid-19 alone, without underlying issues???
  13. 14 Days Quarantine for Spain reinstated

    In small isolated areas, as Leicester and Blackburn
  14. 14 Days Quarantine for Spain reinstated

    Going to Paguera, Treff Boutique hotel