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  1. Tren, anavar and Clen stack

    no need to cycle and cut, summer is cancelled
  2. cutting cycle fail

    not sure if you know but trt just so happens to be steroids
  3. Depressive grey thoughts

    try lowering your dose, might lessen the severity of the symptoms?.. I just did test/deca 500/400 and had no psychological issues, you could try that ratio but most likely if youre prone to psychological sides you might need to go lower, if even that helps
  4. deca and lasting longer

    have no problem finishing on tren, it made me an absolute whore though lol.. was single at the time
  5. deca and lasting longer

    hmm, ill look into getting some of that to try then
  6. deca and lasting longer

    not sure if i wanna push ssri's into my body, heard that s**t sucks
  7. deca and lasting longer

    well this thread sidetracked really hard lol
  8. deca and lasting longer

    yes nothing works, on deca i could last a long time on round one, then 20-30 minutes later i could go for round 2 and last literally forever. now me and my girl do round 1, went very fast, and then round 2 20-30 min later didnt last long either.,.
  9. help me save my sex life!.. (lol) Always had problems with managing to last, until deca. could last alot longer and it made my sexlife great.. but now that im off deca and back on trt the stamina has gone away again.. can someone help me understand what hormone the deca would elevate and how i can replicate it while only on trt? as far as ive understood its the progesterone? or any other supplement/product i could take to help with this, any help is appreciated as it has a pretty strong impact on my self confidence... blast was 500/400 test deca btw
  10. Blast to trt lethargy

    200mg per week is the highest you can get in a protocol so it is trt, ive seen bloodwork of people who only manage to get semi good levels of off 200
  11. Blast to trt lethargy

    I see i see, guess ill just ride it out for a couple more weeks then, if it doesnt better ill have to take a new look at my trt regiment. also sidequestion, due to decas long ester, how long should i wait until getting post blast bloodwork? 8 weeks ish?
  12. Blast to trt lethargy

    Slow as s**t.. good way of explaining it, how long can i expect it to take until feeling normal again?
  13. Blast to trt lethargy

    I never felt high on blast, i felt «high» (spaced) back when i was low t before ever starting trt (if youre reffering to my comment) How long can i expect this recalibration to take?
  14. Blast to trt lethargy

    Its been about 2-3 weeks maybe it needs a little longer from 500 to 150 rather than 350 to 200? i also have this feeling of being spaced that i did before i started trt, physically i am here but mentally i feel like im in a bubble, almost feels like spaced feeling you get from weed, think ill try 150 for 2-3 weeks more and if it doesnt get better ill go back to 200mg? also wondering if im not absorbing the test properly from subq? Ive never heard of people getting lowered test levels from subq compared to Im though
  15. Ended my test deca 500/400 blast and went back to trt and i feel very low energy and lethargic i changed up my trt from 200mg IM once a week (before blast) to 150mg split into twice a week subQ is it normal to have a couple of weeks of feeling down after a blast or maybe the trt regiment im doing isnt working for me?