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  1. Oversleeping on cycle?

    Im almost finished on the tren and Starting the 5wks dbol soon So itll be interesting to see if it was tren related, atleast then i know if i ever decide to run tren again. when you mention lifestyle, i could try going to bed earlier, for some reason this has worked sometimes in the past and has me naturally awake after 7/8 hours, no idea why though
  2. Anyone else oversleep while on? I sleep for 10-11 hours and almost cant get up before.. any ways to fix this or can it be a sign of something being elevated? 500mg test/150 tren ace
  3. Pharmacom test cyp

    Pharmacom is reliable always, ive used their test for like two years now for trt, bloodwork always looks good, also blasted with their products, always great results
  4. Ranting like this post, sure you smoked weed not meth?
  5. Test Deca EQ or Test Deca Tren

    dont mix 19nors
  6. What is your favorite steroid?

    Have about two weeks left if my eye measurment is correct
  7. What is your favorite steroid?

    150mg paired with 500mg test has been amazing for me, ive had minor sideeffects for short periods but nothing major or longterm
  8. What is your favorite steroid?

    low dose tren a, over the last 8 weeks ive gained 10 pounds and gotten leaner, with mininal side effects, never experienced anything like it
  9. My level was 10nmoll, starting self prescribed trt changed my life so much i cant even describe it
  10. Dianabol (info)

    i dont know, but what i do know is that i lost iq points from this thread
  11. Test Prop + Tren Ace cycle

    Stop being a dumbass is my best advice
  12. Best labs

    Pharmacom, used their teste250, teste300, teste500, tren ace, dbol, anavar, deca, all been spot on, never made better gains before than on 150mg of their tren ace
  13. Test/tren to test/dbol?

    Awesome, thanks for the reply
  14. Test/tren to test/dbol?

    Only problem i have with dbol is lethargy after week 5, therefore only 5 weeks
  15. Test/tren to test/dbol?

    Always good to consult more experienced users when in doubt