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  1. Covid - long term plan

    Social distancing until an effective vaccine is in play.
  2. Working from home.

    The team I work in have always had an element of flexible working, allowed to work 2 days from home and 3 in the office per week. I didn’t really realise until all this how rare that seems to be tho. Majority of office workers are still doing 5 days in the office with no option to work from home. Be interesting to see if that changes going forward.
  3. Would go Pharmacom out of that selection.
  4. Dbol

    ROHM in general is g2g mate. Never used their Dbol specifically but would have no reason to believe it won’t be decent.
  5. Nexus Injectable Dbol

    Kinda off topic to an extent, but what is the benefit of injectable Dbol, Winstrol etc over taking it orally?. Is it less liver toxic or something?
  6. Antibiotic Acne Cream

    Go to your GP? They will prescribe you.
  7. 44yr old best steroid cycle

    Yep. I think that Test range is the best for sides versus gains.
  8. 44yr old best steroid cycle

    I would just run 300-400mg Test a week. Could throw in a low dose of Anavar/Winstrol for a few weeks if you want.
  9. Should be fine. 3ml is usually the Max I would do in quads or glutes.
  10. Test E and Var

    If you don’t want massive results/to be too ripped. What is it you are looking to achieve?
  11. I think a lot of people avoid it as it is not as strong as the likes of Tren and Deca, but it does give noticeable sides like anxiety and increased RBC. I have noticed for whatever reason that it seems more popular on US boards rather than UK ones.
  12. It’s gym eve today

    Yeah it’s a possibility, but TBF we have been opening back up from lockdown now for about 2 months, and things haven’t seem to have got worse, or even stayed the same. Deaths and rates of infection just seem to keep declining. I think you could be right that between now and the end of the year there may be a few spikes in deaths and infections, but not to the point we will go back into any serious lockdown.
  13. It’s gym eve today

    Nobody can really answer that one, mate. As it stands tho would say it is looking fairly unlikely. Everything broadly moving in the right direction.
  14. Verbally abusive relationship

    @Test-e any update on your situation? Hope you are getting on ok.
  15. Should be fine. If your new Test E was bunk, after 3 weeks you will be way below levels you should be at on blood test.