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  1. Like others I would say just stick to the Test only for this cycle. 600mg is a decent size dose so should be able to make really good gains in strength and size. I doubt a bit of Var will make any massive difference.
  2. What pins and size to use?

    Yeah I know what you mean. Most people hold less body fat on their delts than they do their glutes, so shorter needle can be used.
  3. What pins and size to use?

    I defo think you can use Blues for delts but a lot of people seem to get away with just using Orange 5/8 inch needles for them.
  4. Blood Results

    Would expect levels to be more than double that on 300mg Test.
  5. What pins and size to use?

    Green 1.5 inch to draw the oil. Orange 1 inch needle to inject. If you are using smaller sites like delts can probably get away with shorter needle to inject.
  6. Life cover and steroids

    Have you got Life Assurance via your employer? Corporate schemes have no Underwriting (no forms, or medical declarations) unless you are being insured for a huge amount of money.
  7. Decline vs incline?

    Never really liked decline. Always felt a bit tougher on the joints for some reason. Defo incline for me.
  8. Test/Tren Ratio

    I always preferred Test a bit higher than Tren. 500mg Test E 400mg Tren E Enjoyable cycle.
  9. Alpha Pharma used to be popular years ago but really anymore. Never heard of the other two labs.
  10. Feeling Ill and Sore

    That’s a crazy high concentration, I have been using gear over 10 years and never even heard of a 600mg per ml Test product. I would sack it off and buy some Test E 300mg. On the wider point that others have mentioned running 500mg per week long term is asking for trouble. Drop down to at least 200mg per week for a few months. You will probably feel a lot better as you are guaranteed to be carrying some water weight at the dose you are using.
  11. Feeling Ill and Sore

    Do you say their Test E is 600mg per ml?? If so that could be the problem.
  12. Take 4 months off. Keep training hard and eating well, you won’t lose too much of your gains then consider going back on. Personally I would say stay clear of 19nors like Deca and Tren at this stage as well, will make recovery a lot harder. Just stick to Test only. Or Test + an oral.
  13. Pharmacom / ROHM

    Yeah I have always used quads but tend to rotate upper/ lower quad so I suppose technically 4 sites. Not really keen to go back to doing glutes! Haha
  14. Pharmacom / ROHM

    Just an update on this. I pinned another ML of Pharmacom Test on Tuesday night in the other quad. No PIP, so I am guessing the previous jab I maybe just went through a vein or something!