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  1. Boxing - fights I'd like to see

    spencer vs crawford is a big one Aj vs Fury
  2. Beard getting healthy

    04/09/20 Pull Gyms are defo getting busy or maybe it looks cuz a few of the machines and bences had to go. Another good session and my diets been good defo seeing changes even though ive lost 10 pounds feel bigger lol PULL Barbell Row 60-5, 65-5, 65-5 Lat Pd Wd 60-8, 60-6, 60-5 Pull Ups 57.5-12/12/12 Ez Bicep Curls 22.5-10, 22.5-10, 22.5-10 Pinwheel Curl 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 Bent Lat Raises 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 Make sure u all have a good weekend
  3. Beard getting healthy

    engine gone car completely stopped its at my bro in law garage but luckily i got my mrs car as she working from home
  4. Beard getting healthy

    3/9/20 Push So not been a great 7 days my car gone got really drunk on that sat then was feeling ill most the week. Good news is still 191 so diet still been good. PUSH DB Press 22-8, 22-8, 22-8 Shoulder Press 16-8, 16-6, 16-5 Incline DB Press 16-8, 16-7, 16-6 DB Skullcrusher 8-10, 8-8, 8-6 Tri Pd 20-10, 20-8, 20-7 Lat Raise 10-10, 10-10, 10-7 Strengh is going up some lifts still. Defo noticing difference on my stomach.
  5. Beard getting healthy

    28/08/20 - forced rest day What a day so my good mate steve is leaving work today so he brought in cakes and stuff all i had was smarties and ring doughnut lol. So on my way home my car engine starts playing up and car broke down. Had to call recovery my engine looks gone. Didnt get back till 8.30pm but missed my meal wasn’t in the mood. What a start to my weekend. But im still healthy and loving life. Anyway we keep smiling and move forward tmoz im in brum my mates leaving party. Gunna be abit messy but after 1 month of what i think has been good work i deserve it
  6. Beard getting healthy

    thanks keeps me motivated lol although ive just broken down in brum so sitting in car
  7. Beard getting healthy

    27/08/20 Rest Day So was a hectic day plan was to go gym had system problems at work and had some work to do before bank hols so didnt get home till 7.15 and by time i had eaten it was 7.30 my gym closes at 9 so thought id rest. Diet was great again other than couldn’t get my veg in for lunch as our electrics went down so had to eat cold turkey mince lol. Did have salmon instead of venison has ran out so got some extra cals to make up. Next few days will be fun my good mate is leaving work so he is bringing in treats on fri and we are going out on sat drinking. I will enjoy a treat and drinks on sat as you still gotta have fun
  8. certain streches can help build ur tendons but they take time and you have to be persistent. steroids make u stronger so u gotta make sure ur tendons can handle them
  9. Bro dont be stupid and waste your time doing a cycle. You need to spend time on here visit the training and eating sections get your bass right 1st. If u have bad tendons then u need to sort them out streches and learning how to lift properly. I wanna jump on its so tempting but why waste your 1st cycle if everything isnt in place. Id say start a journal ask for help and ull see progress ive shed about 8 pounds already and love doing my updates.
  10. Beard getting healthy

    i will bro thanks for motivation
  11. Beard getting healthy

    26/08/20 Legs Midway through working week man it goes fast. Atleast weather was good today. Im finding my sugar cravings have gone which is good. I see chocs sweets they don’t bother me. Diet was on point again had a few coffee but no more than 20 cals each. Im gunna take my mint green tea tomoz. Legs went well lifts are still going up LEGS Squat 70-4, 70-3, 70-2 Leg Curl 35-10, 35-7, 35-5 Leg Press 120-15, 120-15, 120-15, 120-11 Calf Raise 72.5-15, 72.5-15, 72.5-15, 72.5-15 did abs to finish off progress pic ill do 1 a week same time same pose lol
  12. Beard getting healthy

    Ended up getting dyson hair styler my cuz gets discount didnt bother with perfume her sister gunna get it lol. Then theres this website called sweetzy im gunna get the birthday box. lol
  13. Beard getting healthy

    25/08/20 - Pull Week is flying was busy at work thinking what to get mrs for her birthday lol. A good day again food wise stuck to my diet although did have to coffee no sugar so not that bad but trying to cut my caffeine out. PULL Barbell Row 55-8, 55-8, 55-8 Lat Pd Wd 50-10, 50-10, 50-10 Pull Ups 57.5-12/9/7 Ez Bicep Curls 22.5-10, 22.5-10, 22.5-10 Pinwheel Curl 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 Bent Lat Raises 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 Lifts went up feeling really good so motivated going in right direction just gotta keep it up and not get inpatient. Steps 7100 / Cals 1500 plus my 2 coffee so did 8 mins on treadmill lol Nite all
  14. Beard getting healthy

    24/08/20 - Push Start of another week feeling alot more active and energised than i used too. Funny how cutting crap out and eating well makes u feel like that lol. Diet was on point again im ticking all the boxes most days so results are gunna show. Im not overthinking too much just following my training plan i knicked off manlet and following a simple food plan. I think sometimes u look at different ways of training and diets and end up in a mess when all this is so simple. I used to do that but hopefully doing basics and ticking the boxes will pay off. PUSH DB Press 22-8, 22-8, 22-7 Shoulder Press 16-8, 16-6, 16-5 Incline DB Press 14-10, 14-10, 14-10 DB Skullcrusher 8-10, 8-8, 8-6 Tri Pd 20-10, 20-8, 20-7 Lat Raise 10-10, 10-10, 10-7 Im about my maximum for push so just gotta hope my fat falls off and i can get stronger but im cutting so lets see how that works out lol. Steps 9536 1500 kals. Funny story left work early by 10 mins cuz there was no venison luckily found some on lunch so told my manager im going to pick a pregnancy pillow for mrs lol. Didn’t think me wanting to go home early to make that was a good reason. Normally my wife has it made as i get home 6.45 eat go gym 7.45 and it closes at 9pm. Things u gotta do lol Anyway nite all