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  1. ticker arms

    my arms aren't small in comparison to an average non gym goer 17'' cold. but because of the size of my torso they do not look in proportion, interested if theres any other people out here in/ was in the same boat and what they did to help equal out proportion i've tried training arms more consistently and heavy weight f**ks my elbows up, open to other peoples ideas to expand my current knowledge. current splits for arms are chest bis, back tris, delts and tris, with the occasional arm day. used to do full arm day but since i stopped my compound lifts have shot up, would like to keep it this way ideally but just different training methods on those days, do a lot of negatives/super sets. any ideas guys.
  2. Dating a single mother.... (updated)

    Perfect post, my mrs has a 3 year old and she still shares the same bed yet wants to move in with me but i said not until her daughter can sleep in her own bed and she refuses to try to make her sleep in her own bed any advice?
  3. Clothes rant

    some xls fit me just perfectly, some donet, some xxls fit me perfect some too big, armani, hugo boss stone island etc. on the verge of 3xl so these days i just buy 2 quid vests of ebay and baggy shorts or joggers always fit, just find a brand or compnay that works for you and stick by it easiest way man
  4. Seriously hench woman

    id deep throat their enlarged clits
  5. Seriously hench woman

    even if its man, if you dont push back or reach around its not gay
  6. Seriously hench woman

    my bird gets disgusted when i get hard ons over natilya kuznetsova... let her pick me up and carry me to bed and abuse me any day
  7. add/adhd

    i find putting your energy into things you enjoy is the best way, if you have 0 interest in an activity etc ill just give up if i love it i give it as much as i have to give that day. still have to balance things, i dont dislike my job i go there every day but i do minimal. but finding a job you like is seldom seen unfortunately imo. just grind away bro all you can do
  8. 40 dead from Covid in UK yesterday.

    i agree could be a way to increase medical negligence to depopulate nhs dependant people. less patients less money invested... anything can be done with the excuse being its because of a pandemic.
  9. eggs on toast legit cant go wrong, adjust yolks to whites accordingly to your macros easy meal for me
  10. i like to start with ' see we have a lot in common, tits, long hair and like to be fingered'
  11. First GHRP experience, tired like crazy

    i find when i run it within a couple weeks my complexion seems to look a little healthier and i sleep slightly better, i.e less broken sleep. but its not all that ime only slight changes.i would only recommend it for the grelin spike it causes, personally id use 1 or 2 units of the real deal gh it will be alot more effective than peptides. also alot of bunk peptides out there too, now tb500 is a great peptide helped me recover faster from a broken hand i had a few years back fixed a few pains i used to get from th bone not healing properly, still not 100% but definitely helped, other than that i wouldn't buy peptides again. if you want good skin organic African black soap is the s**t
  12. First GHRP experience, tired like crazy

    ghrp stacked with ghrh will have a better effect, ghrp 2 e.g i read somewhere only increases gh pulse by 4% or something daft, waste of money ime only use ghrp for appetite increase if i need it to get the extra meals down
  13. Injections getting harder

    ive gone white doing this before lol
  14. Newbie in need of advice

    liv 52 and 5% nutrition liver and organ defender. but f**k all them lol 8 weeks of dbol or var to start its what i done and as everone else is saying its probably right to do so. 1 compound rule makes sense.
  15. Goodbye BLM

    dont be sexist whats wrong with cvnts i take being called one as a compliment. you know the old saying you are what you eat ay
  16. Goodbye BLM

    i agree either this or to start a war/clamp down on blacks to publicate them as what they beleive they should be seen as to turn more heads against equal rights
  17. Horrible experience with PWO

    full as fck 5% for your non stim
  18. Horrible experience with PWO

    80mg of niacin is just mimicking the cheap s**t it is by giving you fake beta alanine tingles, absoute con imo. only 2 off th eshelf preworkouts ill use, 5% rich pianas, and redcon1 total war, ive used many snd there all dog s**t imo
  19. Coming off drugs

    my experience with drugs is mate, i used to take alsorts, mainly smoked green daily non stop. was broke as f**k and this is what killed me, over time now i learn if you wanna do something, you wll. if you do not truly want to do something you will stop, i woke up one morning and said f**k it. now if i smoke its because i want to and i wont if i dont simple as that if you wanna do something just do it and dont beat yourself up about it, if you really want something you will make it happen. sometimes we just need a gentle nudge though i understand
  20. crack it on the kitchen side and neck it like an egg
  21. Stomach bloat

    i suffer bad from acid reflux, i use otc isoemprazole, reduces any bloat i get to some degree. sometimes drinking water during meals gives me bloat and i heard nasser claim it slows digestion if you drink during meals as it neutralises stomach acids, dont know how true that is though ive never looked into it tbh. did you manage to clear the bloat @stuey99