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  1. just picked up some sibutramine, im on 2 t5s a day atm @ 55omg caffeine 150mg asprin 100mg ephedrine. should i drop one t5 and replace with sibutramine or is it g2g ontop, never used sibutramine before grabbed it to try out of curiosity while i cut im on 1700 cals a day atm and could do with the apetite loss especially if i drop to 1500 cals. also on 475 mg test e/c got both cos he run out of e, 375mg mast e and 50mg of var but gonna bump var upto 100mg the last 6 to 8 weeks of cut
  2. Fake Pharmacom clen

    how much the hair transplant set you back, ive got dreads down to my arse, family isnt prone to baldness but obviously aas could get me a few years down the line
  3. which do you guys prefer
  4. anyone put there amps in vials to make easier dosing without wastage or what do people do if their amp dosages don't fit there cycle dose requirements?
  5. Malay tiger tested

    Didnt realise was just browsing for reviews on clen and got carried away ??
  6. Malay tiger tested

    not doubting your knowledge or experience, but just out of curiosity do you think not just in your scenario, that during the injetion process some form of bacteria managed to make its way in to cause this, like you said 50-60ml is a fair amount to pin and then one day you randomly get an abscess, i know we use sterile pins, but what if there was by chance a manufacturing fault with the medical equipment, and it passed quality control and then bam. i know its very very slim but people are to quick to blame gear and not other potential factors? just a curiosity, i pinned about 40ml of there sus 250 and was alright no pip either.
  7. Malay tiger tested

    my mate stocks malay just got the clen his guys cant handle it so they drop it, rumour has it legit clenox has a class a substance in it also, but thats just rumour from word of mouth if anyone has seen test results hit me up id like to know ahahah
  8. just been prescribed lymcycline by my doc today as a first step in acne treatment. anyone used this if so what was there personal outcome.
  9. Mass gainer for weight gain with cancer...

    interesting but such a sad think to read. hope all's well
  10. CRS research

    how did you get on mate just grabbed test e all they had so
  11. AestheticManlet's Log

    how are you finding the npp twice a week, i always here people running 3-4 times a week mate.
  12. whats peoples experiences with these labs. cheers
  13. Jason Genova

    the delray misfits, if you don't know genova look up lenny lol, it like a union of bodybuilder failures.
  14. Sis labs (oils)

    what labs are in there prime at the minute in your opinion?
  15. Sis labs (oils)

    ?? no wonder rats running round these days bigger than humans ?