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  1. Pharma tek!

    my mate bought 10 vials test e had 1 jab and is now selling 9 vials of test e tenner a pop id avoid lads, other than that never heard of it
  2. Behind the neck press rant

    ye man trueee same exercise really if you think bout it its just push an pull variations i think if behind the neck hurts, do it slowly coming down and lower gradually same with stretching out any body part thats stiff or has restricted range of motions
  3. Been doing some research about solvents degrading rubbers out if interest, and it seems vial stoppers are nearly if not well butyl rubber, and some solvents can cause degradation, maybe there was an excess bit of rubber on the stopper which the solvents broke it down and caused it to separate. But as stuey says who knows what the uck it actually is ahah
  4. Behind the neck press rant

    Behind the neck helps me stretch my pecs out, also helps the rear double bicep pose when you can contract you your back better imo
  5. Source said it could be part of the rubber stopper anyone had ant similar experiences?
  6. Lol well might not even pin it after my last comment theres a black dot floating inside lol
  7. just noticed my nexus inj dbol has a black dot inside floating about? bin it or pin it?
  8. with such a short half life how come?
  9. 2 for test Monday Friday 1 ed dbol injection
  10. cool niceone chaps 9 jabs a week it is then loool
  11. i smoke to much lol go way over board sometimes
  12. well say the oil surrounded the water, it would have to absorb the oil before the water so in that case yes it probably would hinder the absorption rate lol highly unlikely but it would
  13. ye im aware mate, just wanted to know if it could be done? i know oils and water dont mix but like you said they still can be in the same syringe in one shot instead of 2, was just wondering f the oil in one compound could potentially hinder the absorption rate, but from what you tell me its just best to seperate injections isnt it ahah
  14. out of curiosity, if you mixed e.g half a ml test susp/base with your 1ml twice a week shot, would this effect the absorption rate of the base comound? wondering if this could be a way of savin 2 extra inj a week?
  15. Injectable dbol

    Do you use slin pins or blues