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  1. So it begins

    Congrats for the effort and results. Taken your time, stick to your meal plan and be happy.
  2. Anavar with herbal diuretics?

    By the wat, some water retention is part of the process given to the increase of protein synthesis. I'd rather use low dose vs. longer period, as 5mg-10mg for about 12-16 weeks, as long as duly followed by blood work to check hormones, lipids, kidney and liver function (including direct and indirect bilirubin as this is the most important exam to check liver health). Also, I'd include vitD 10.000ui/ed + vitC 1000mg/ed + vitE 400ui/Ed + multivitamins and minerals. The vits C,D and E plays an important antioxidative role. And, the most important: none of these meds/supplements (including var) will bring any results unless you eat and train properly, and by eating properly I mean macronutrients counting, eating clean (real food), and respecting the daily energy intake needs.
  3. 62 year slow gainer

    Welcome and congratulations for the effort and for being an example to others.
  4. Anavar with herbal diuretics?

    Why do you want to do diuretics along with oxandrolone (var)?
  5. New, skinny but motivated 😁

    ... And of course, listen to Anna.?
  6. New, skinny but motivated 😁

    This is good IMHO. 3 advices: 1- eat properly... Clean meals, real food, balance macronutrients and reach the daily kcal requirements; 2- train properly... If you wanna transform your body, you need to take it seriously... Keep it simple (old school) and make weight progressions 3- rest... Muscles are built while you rest/sleep. Welcome. Ps. Don't be lazy and look for learning materials. UKm is full of good content ... or, hire a coach ...lol.
  7. Yes, I asked to change username so ppl won't think I'm a personal trainer... Lol.
  8. By amplitude I mean "range" of movement, perhaps. Like, a deep squat explores maximum amplitude of the movement. Sorry, it's a word that makes sense in portuguese... Lol. Sometimes I do have a hard time to make myself understandable. Thank you for the tips on RDLs. ?
  9. I didn't really understand this part. What I meant was if there is any range of movement amplitude (or wide stance range, or feet positioning) of any of the complex muscle groups exercises (squats, legpress, rdl etc) that helps to prioritarily target the hamstrings. My wife has a hard time to get hamstrings bigger
  10. From Brazil, but living in Portugal. Check the below vΓ­deo. Agachamento sumΓ΄ step.mp4
  11. I mean range of motion, even though wide stance influences too.
  12. Hmm it's not mine too... Lol. Where are u from?
  13. @anna1 @Endomorph84 How about amplitude, specially for hamstrings grow purposes? I know that different amplitude when doing sumo deadlifts emphasizes vastus lateralis or vastus medialis. Is there such a thing for hamstrings?
  14. Oh, I apologise for not making myself properly understandable. By the 45Β° execution, I meant the leg movement. Not sideways, not straight back, by right in between, at 45Β° angle. I didn't mean the leaning position... Sorry for that. I'd be greatful.
  15. Thank you for the idea.